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Introducing Eva Hore, muwahaha <--exerpts and buy link

She hasn't got her author info to us for the site page, but I googled her and got all this.

Australian born, Eva Hore exploded into the world of erotica while finishing her degree in Writing and Editing at the Centre of Adult Education in Melbourne. She attributes her good fortune to her short story teacher, Gary Smith, for drawing on her class exercises and encouraging her to delve into this genre and peruse submission guidelines, which she did exhaustively.
She is a prolific writer and through total perseverance has managed to capture many of the men’s and overseas markets such as Hustler, Forum, Desire, Penthouse, Newcummers, Leg Sex, XL Magazine, Naughty Neighbors, Scared Naked Magazine, For Women, Adult Spy FRM, Playgirl, In the Buff, Hot Spot, New Love Story Magazine and Swank.
Her work is also seen in anthologies and short story collections such as Seriously Sexy I &2 Accent Press, Ultimate Sins, Ultimate Sex, Naughty Spanking 1 & 2, Satisfy Me, Tie Me Up and Whip Me, as well as their Five Minute Fantasies. Also in Delicate Friction, Best Lesbian Fiction 2005 Cleis Press, Skin Deep 2 Alyson’s Publications, Mammoth Book of Erotic Fantasies, The Collective, Best Women’s Erotica Cleis Press, The Perfect Valentine Bella Books, After Midnight Anthology Cleis Press, The Sexiest Soles Alyson’s Books, Grass Roots Publishing, The Mammoth Book of Lesbian Erotica and Ultimate Lesbian Erotica 2007 Alyson’s Books.
Eva writes F/F elsewhere and I hope she submits a few to us soon. The title we have above is kinky het with some F/F episodes.
Dark Roast is lusciously rich, and with added Eva it has become even richer.

Some wise perspective on small press realities

This is a reprint from The Pagan and the Pen Yahoogroup, fomented by one of our authors, dismayed by ebook piracy and considering abandoning us for print, just as hackers took to chopping at our buy site this week. Happily the site is now up and running again and in the words of the Boss, 'fortified like Ft Knox' !

Re: Myristica--sharing books, piracy, ISBN's

Hi, A number of issues here:

When you lend a paper copy of a book to friends to read, you are not committing a piracy. An author recieves at most 8% royalty ona book, and that only after the advance has been paid off. For most authors,that means they only earn $5,000 on a book.

Most of the costs in paperbooks is printing, distribution (trucks! gas!), warehousing, and landfill. (If a new bookdoes not get sold in a bookstore within two weeks the cover is ripped off and sent to the publisher for a full refund to the store. The rest of the book is trashed, which means off to the land fill. Now walk into your local Barnes andNoble and imagine at least one copy of every book in the store going to a landfill every week, and this will give you a modest idea of the paper waste.)The publishers costs are editorial (a team to edit and proofread), design(jacket and print fonts) and advertisement.

If sharing print books was piracy the US would have no libraries. What I would suggest is that if you are part of a group that wants to read a certain book ask your library to buy it. Better still, ask your library if you can have a reading group and then give them alist of books you want to read for your reading group. If your group is big and your library won't buy the books raise Christians. (I've decided tosay "raiseChristians rather than raise Hell" when I'm among Pagans.) Publishers like me will adore you for getting your library to buy books. Libraries are great markets because they buy a lot of books at once, don't expect to return books,and don't demand impossible price reductions. They'll also keep buying the books as long as their patrons keep reading them into tatters. Libraries are not supposed to tell you what to read; it's a freedom of speech issue.

A library system for a big city, a group of towns, or a county will buy thousands of a book all at once. When a library system buys 10,000 books, all the costs of the book get covered with no warehousing needed because the libraries take all10,000 books. Even if a library only decided to buy three copies, the patrons will read it and get the word out. Books have suddenly become best sellersbecause of word of mouth started by library patrons. So if you need to share books, insist your libary buy them for you. That is the purpose of our libaries!

When you pass around an e-book, on the other hand, an author is getting a30%-50% royalty on every single e-book and does not get any advance, only theroyalties. Unlike the big publishers where the author gets the advance even if the book flops, the e-authors gets only royalites. The price of the e-bookcovers the publishers real costs of editing, design, promotion, and making available for sale. E-publishers are not filling up the nation's landfills with unread copies. E-publishers are not factoring printing, warehousing,transportation, and returns into the price of their books as the big publishinghouses do. When you pirate from them you are not just stealing profit, you are stealing costs, which means you are putting the authors and publishers in the red.

Next, regarding ISBN's. I've just gone through this process as a small publisher who now has her block of ISBN's. An author can not buy a single ISBN unless you are a publisher. You can get a single ISBN when publishing a print book through Lulu because Lulu negotiates a special arrangement and charges you for it, a lot. If you have a publisher, then your publisher would get the ISBN. If you got your own ISBN that would mean you have taken your book away from your publisher after your publisher has had the book edited, designed, promoted, and made available for sale on its website. How do you think you publisher would feel about you if you took the busisness away? Your publisher can get your booklisted at Amazon. Indeed, that's part of your publisher's work.

Now let's look at the piracy issue again. A publisher must buy a block of ISBN's. The smallest amount is a block of 10 for $275. However, a big publisher can buy a block of 1,000 ISBN's for $1,750.00. As you can see, the big publisher pays much less per individual ISBN than I do. I don't have the money currentlyto buy 1,000 ISBN's nor do I need that many. So I have to pay more for being a small company. And it is this way for every single publishing cost. I pay more for being a small company. So my loss to piracy is much greater than it is to big companies.


These are all excellent reasons to buy your own ebook from us at Dark Roast Press.

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Lookie at our four new titles!

Fireman Lucas Taylor and Paramedic Evan Singer are back in this sequel to Burnin' for You.
It's five months later and Lucas is nearly a full-fledged paramedic. But becoming a medic means no longer being able to work with Evan at Station 127 and giving up his chance at a promotion to Lieutenant. As graduation looms, will Lucas change his mind? Then add in a young man Lucas rescues from a fire that becomes an obsessed stalker, and Evan's altercation with a victim's husband that threatens his career, and things turn explosive at the FDNY.
M/M contemporary

Michael and Sarah, a normal married couple. Or are they? What happens when you fantasize? When fantasy and reality cross?
This couple finds out that pleasing each other with different scenarios might not be what they are really yearning for, and when Michael puts pen to paper he gets more than he bargained for when Sarah finds his hidden manuscript...

het erotic kink

The Dimenlien Chronicles" continues...

Past and present converge in this story of two mages, Razeal and Sevrin, who live out forbidden love and find that no matter where they escape to, or how many centuries they have remained hidden on Earth, they cannot escape forever the creature that wants Sevrin dead.
In this first installment: Razeal and Sevrin must remember what happened to them over five hundred years ago on another world in order to understand a threat that has found them on present day Earth.
(Guest appearance by Hampton from "Crimson Dawn".)
M/M paranormal mystery

Erin Calean, Aka Myst, works for the Scarlet Arm. A brothel for the wealthy and those pretending to be wealthy. But things aren't always what they seem, the girls at the Scarlet Arms are trained killers. Beautiful and deadly.
het Bdsm suspense

use this link to go to the information pages at Dark Roast Press:
There are exerpts to tantalize you!

Hopefully the recent #@#**# hackers of the buy site will be defeated utterly by our tech department and we will shortly be ready to help you acquire your very own editions of these jewels of the erotic imagination.

Patience, my dears.

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Myristica revealed at The Fox Hole!

I must lovingly inform you of another wonderful darkRoast author interview!


it's here

The Fox Hole is a new Sunday author interview service. The Little Fox definitely dug a lot of tidbits out of the mysterious Myristica, whose new upcoming title from us is

going to be available at in October: GemInI Souls

Meanwhile your taste for Myristica must be sated by Crimson Dawn part One, here:

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Rie McGaha's Authors Offerings and Pagan & Pen Won Over

Two lucky Dark Roast Press authors were interviewed by Rie McGaha.

Read the interview at

Scarlet Myst will be one of our newest freshest erotic titles, newborn in August! Welcome Jade to the DRP klatsch!

Read the interview at

Blood Noir

By Jesse Fox

Dark Roast Press

Genre: m/m, mystery, contemporary

The Pagan and The Pen Reviews is the most recent convert to the Jesse Fox Admiration Society. If we put good reviews on our books, this one would not have enough space on its cover.

"This is by far one of the best books I have ever read. Written with great insight, I literally could not put it down. Blood Noir is a solidly written story with depth, intensity and strength much akin to that of James Patterson and Dan Brown. The writing is gripping, mesmerizing, exciting and compelling. The story line is so realistic you’ll feel as if you have been grabbed by the collar and jerked into the middle of a mystery so terrifying you’ll hope you’re dreaming. The characters are written as if they are live, breathing human beings that might live next door, with an the ending will leave you breathless! Do not miss this book!"
Rating: 4.5 Cards

Friday, August 21, 2009

ISBN: Unavailable
February 2009 Dark Roast Press
Ebook $8.99 714 Pages
Paranormal, Dark Fantasy, Romance/Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups

Because of a prophecy Samanthra Lampir is trying to keep her Awakening from occurring. If the prophecy is accurate, then her Awakening can trigger not only her beast from within, but may also bring about the death of her loved ones.Along comes Dareus Dracura, a man who is known as Father of the Blood and who is feared by many, including Samanthra's father, Dias. It was he who put Dareus away using The Sleep of the Damned.

Now Dareus and Samanthra must work together to save TERAH, the planet they live on, before it is overtaken by evil. While they struggle to fight against the evil powers that are waging a war against them, an even more pressing issue comes about. The Dark Matter, which is the source of evil's power, is slowly drawing upon subjects around it and forming an entity that is more dangerous and more deadly than any other being they have fought against. Will Dareus and Samanthra be able to stop evil from winning and if so, at what cost to those they love?

Ms. Scarlett will take you on a journey through time to a place before Earth was even a speck of dirt in the galaxy. Bound By Blood: The Awakening, is the first book in a new series. While most of the story gripped me and took me on a fantastic voyage, parts of it were confusing, possibly from all the eclectic group of characters throughout this tale. I thoroughly enjoyed watching how much Samanthra came out swinging when others tried to hold her down, and Dareus' love for her made this story all the better.

With a cliffhanger that will leave you breathless, this novel will leave you in suspense and have you pleading for more books to come about the planet, TERAH and all its inhabitants.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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Three Rave Reviews for Jesse's Third M/M!

Jesse Fox's 'Blood Noir' Reviewed by three and impresses three.



ISBN#: Unavailable

July 1, 2009 Dark Roast Press

E-book $5.99

276 pages

GLBT/ Erotic Romance/ Suspense

Rating: 4 cups

Alex Klein is a professional artistic photographer. He has been given the opportunity to collaborate with a crime reporter on a book about murderers. The night terrors he has had his whole life disappeared when he met Harley Scott. With the upcoming trip approaching, the night terrors are back.

Being jumpy is not good when you are a private investigator and Harley Scott is feeling very jumpy. With his White Knight complex, Harley’s gut is telling him something is not right. When things start to go wrong in St. Louis and secrets are revealed, it takes everything within Harley to not drag Alex back home. Especially when all of the signs are pointing towards danger and Alex.

At the airport on his flight from St. Louis, Missouri to Seattle, Washington, Alex meets a lady who is dressed in a retro manner. When Harley calls to demand Alex come home, he tells Alex about the woman who was following them one evening. Alex refuses to leave Seattle, though he has been having feelings that this job might not be what he wanted. There are secrets which could threaten their ten year relationship, if someone does not kill one of them first.

This book is a nail biter. It kept me on the edge of my seat, flipping the pages as quickly as I could. Rarely do I find myself yelling at characters in a book, but I did at these characters! Leo, chauffeur/ babysitter for Alex, was the cherry on top. He added a level of humor to this story which kept it from becoming too dark.

This story is dark and spooky, but one I could not put down until the last page was read. Ms. Fox has once again taken this reviewer on an adventure and I look forward to reading more from her in the future.


Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

And more! Shaz of Rainbow Reviews:

"Blood Noir" follows the mystery genre in gay fiction that I adore completely. Jesse Fox has done a great job with this book, and I anticipate many more books to come. The great thing about the mystery aspect of this story, is the fact that the author puts the killer in plain sight, and right at the end switches it up to catch you off guard. I loved how she kept the suspense rolling till the very end. The structure of the story was solid, and the prose and editing were also smooth.

Shaz @ Rainbow Reviews

4.5 out of 5 Stars

and the Literary Nymphs love it!

An excellent mystery, Blood Noir by Jesse Fox is one of those books where you have to be careful not to spill all its secrets. The fast-paced story keeps you enthralled from the beginning and while the author lets you know who the bad guy is, you really do not know who the bad guy is.

Critter Nymph @ Literary Nymph Reviews

5 out of 5 Nymph Rating

Chris Newman's Uprising Zombies Impress Romantic Reviewer...

Believe it or not, yessssssssss.....

Title: Uprising by Christopher C. Newman

Genre: Horror and Non Erotic Romance

November 2008

EBook Price: $7.99

Author site:

Publisher: Dark Roast Press ( )/

Buy link:

Book Description:

Imagine a world where the undead have been conquered and are now just another resource to be utilized. You go into your local DMV to renew your drivers' license. The clerk asks, What do you want marked for your Undead Clause? A No answer means upon your reanimation a specialized government team will capture and terminate you. A Yes response directs them to transport you instead to a factory where you are prepared for entrance into the Reanimated Working Class. Due to the Outbreak of 2015, the United States population has sunk dangerously low and the illegal immigrants are gone. There just aren't enough people to do all the jobs that are necessary.

The average American hardly notices them--the red masked members of a new lower caste who walk rich people's dogs, collect errant grocery carts, pick up litter, and shove snow or rake leaves. They go about their mundane tasks faceless and with clamped jaws, apparently harmless to the general public. RWCS are just another humdrum fact of the aftermath of Supernatural Act of 2018.

But an RWC's existence isn't what most people think it is. How long can something so hungry - and angry-- be kept in check? With protest groups moving through the halls of Congress, these creatures have become a political hot topic. How far will these lobbyists go to see justice done and the dead interned into American soil? What would happen if they are finally freed to prove a point? They can only do what zombies do best...feed on human flesh.
Book Review:

It started off as an ordinary day for many of these characters. But for many, it would be their last. The calm these humans have felt will soon be history.

They soon realize that nothing last forever. This is not your usual good versus evil novel. Ordinary men and women will discover their inner strengths and fight to survive.

The ‘cages’ humans have place upon the undead ones called RWC’s will soon be let free. But will the cost of their freedom be too high for the human race.

Many of those who think that the undead ones still have a bit of their souls and humanity left inside of them. One of those people is Sandy Shelby. Sandy is in charge of one the biggest activists group called ICARE. She has many eating of the palm of her hand. Sandy is great at what she does. She’s willing do to whatever takes to get her agenda passed. What Sandy is willing to do make her one cold hearted bitch.

There are many other interesting characters like Chuck and Elaine. They are the heart of this novel. The fighting the humans have to do to survive is just tip of the iceberg of Uprising. Just when things calm down… then boom, all hell break loose.

Christopher C. Newman has written many books. Uprising is one that will keep readers anxious to discover his other books.

If you enjoy reading horror and zombie novels, then Uprising will be the blood that runs to your heart.

What I found thoroughly entertaining about Uprising is that the great background description that Mr. Newman wrote. He kept my mind on the story with each new page.

To tell you the truth, I was a bit nervous about reading Mr. Newman’s Uprising. It’s not my usual cup of tea. But I took chance and I am glad I did.

What I enjoy most about Uprising is that it wasn’t what I expected. It went beyond my imagination and loved almost every moment of Uprising.

There is one character that I love to hate and wished the author went another direction. If you want to know who I am referring, you will have to read Uprising by Christopher C. Newman.

Don’t let a little horror and zombies keep you from reading a great novel.

Zombies need some loving too.

Won’t you give those poor zombies some love? 
I give Uprising a rating of 4 Stars.

Reviewed by

Night Time Romance Reviews
 more at

WitchGiggles loves us!

Review of Inservice by J.C. Natal Current mood: breezyCategory: Writing and Poetry
Title: In Service
Author: J.C. Natal
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Thriller, M/M, Erotic Fiction
Publication Date: August 2008
Length: 515 Pages
Format: eBook
Reviewer: WitchGiggles,

In a modern time where sex and prostitution is turned into servitude in order to keep it safe for both sides, where Lords hold power where they will and spoiled is a normal state of being, Elias Doherty is about to set in motion more trouble than ever conceived by his little mind. All because he wants one spectacularly beautiful Servant trained for one exceptionally powerful and unforgiving Lord.

Jared Karan, trained from a small child to be the sexual slave of a lord knows no other way of life, misunderstands why he is being "thrown away" to this other lord and is afraid to trust in the one thing he has never known in his entire adult life- the love of an adult for his unworthy person; but with slow steps he slowly learns that he can make decisions for himself and trust his own heart.

At the very beginning of this I thought it was going to turn into "simply another spoiled boy getting his way" type of romance. Ms. Natal however, gave me a very surprising wake up call in that this was a book that never got boring, never dragged, always had things going on that you never expected and most of all the characters are stunning to watch in their growth and the sex was enough to scorch.

I recommend this one most heartily.

Latest rave review for Carnal Cravings!

By Keta Diablo
Buy From Dark Roast Press
Craven and Anthony find themselves in a cauldron of trouble while spying on Beresford Hall. A man in a black hood has routed them while they spied, and now he’s escorted them to the manor and secluded them in separate rooms.

One thing haunts Craven, the ice-blue eyes behind the hood and Anthony’s words, ‘Only one man possesses such eyes . . . Dominic Beresford, the most magnificent creature God ever breathed life into.’
Review of CARNAL CRAVINGS, Author Keta Diablo
Moonlight, Lace and Mayhem Blog

Warning: m/m gay fiction
I went into this story thinking it was a quick read (a novella I believe with a total of 44 pages), and I could get through it quickly because gay romance hasn’t been my thing so far. No offense to the gay romance writers out there, I’ve not read any that entertained me…until now. After reading Keta’s m/m gay fiction, it has me wondering if she has any f/f gay fiction.Just like with Decadent Deceptions by Keta Diablo, she drew me in again and I couldn’t tear myself away. From almost the beginning, she had me holding my breath when Craven and Anthony are caught by the hooded figure on Beresford’s property. And then anxious again as Crave awaits his punishment for trespassing.

The way Keta breathes life into her characters is fabulous. From the sexy mysterious Dominic Beresford--who I would do by the the unassuming student Craven, I was hooked from page one. I loved both characters equally. What I found very poignant was how vulnerable both Dominic and Craven were. Even though Dominic came from money, had a title and property, he was still longing for that special someone and was unsure how Craven would accept him in the end.Carnal Cravings was a great read from beginning to end, spicy hot, but you’re forewarned, if you don’t enjoy gay fiction, then skip it. But if you do, pick it up and be prepared to love it as much as I did.