Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Dark Roast Press is excited to announce an open call for submissions for a planned Holiday anthology. Any genre/sub-genre as long as the story involves any winter holiday; Kwanzaa, Christmas, Chanukah, Winter Solstice, etc. Stories may be set in any time period as long as any of the previous themes are worked into the plot. No word count at this time is required. You don’t have to be a previously published writer, newbies are welcome to submit for this anthology.

Submission call is open until November 10. 2010 If you are interested please follow the guidelines posted below:

Topics that we do not want to see:

* Necrophilia
* Snuff or snuff related stories portrayed in a positive light.
* Rape or serious physical damage portrayed positively. Use of these topics, as a minor plot point, maybe considered depending on the context
* Bodily waste e.g. golden showers, scat, etc.)
* Pedophilia, use of this topic as a minor plot point maybe considered depending on its context.
* Sexual disease or political agenda driven plots
* Degrading sexual/racial stereotypes used in a positive light. Use of these topics, in a minor plot point, maybe considered depending on the context.
* Bestiality in a contemporary sense, this does not mean interspecies/shape-shifters in a paranormal or sci-fi setting.

To be very clear on the “minor plot point” statements above we do understand that you may have a character whose view may be positive on these topics. What you do with this character and the overall impact of their actions we will consider very carefully when reading your submissions. We in no way want to receive a submission that glorifies these actions. If this is the case, we will not consider it. Do not confuse this for what it is. Do not imply what it is not.

Please submit your entire manuscript to submissions@darkroastpress.com with the following:

* Email subject line should give the type of fiction (GLBT, HET, NON-EROTIC) then a space, a hyphen, another space then the title. In the case of this submission call also note it is for the Holiday anthology.

* The body of the email should have the following : Your pseudonym, email address, descriptive tags (BDSM, THREESOME etc) Note: if your submission features a character whose characteristics is mentioned above please put that notification here, word count, a short synopsis of the submission

* Attach your submission in the following format:

.doc or .rtf
10 pt. font
Legible font such as Times New Roman, Verdana or Arial

* A second attachment with the following information (follow the above format as well):

Short biography and what brought you to this genre of writing.

If you have a website please post the link.

If published elsewhere, please list what and with whom.

* If you have any questions pertaining to anything listed here please feel free to contact me at