Friday, March 25, 2011

Coming April 15--- HARMONY

I was privileged to be allowed to co-author this world-changing romantic fantasy of S M Bach.


The course planet Earth had taken led to utter devastation. Over half of the population was in third world poverty or dead already. Lucky for some of us, our one world government, known as Stratus, had a secret plan.

They had discovered years prior a habitable sister planet in our galaxy that they named Eden. In the last days before Earth’s final destruction Stratus allowed a few hundred of us to board the shuttle Eron and begin our journey to repopulate and thrive on Eden. Everything went according to plan, and I was grateful to have my family included in that plan.

Years of growth and construction allowed us to build a community in a town we named Bayou, until our fears were revived once more. The new sun that warmed us with prosperity now burnt those who stayed out in it for more than a few minutes. Life was turned upside-down in a flash. All hope was lost and hearts were drowning in despair as we faced an uncertain future yet again. All hearts but one; that of my own mother Annah.

She had found an ancient tablet in Eden’s fragile soil. The tablet spoke of the devastation and offered a solution to these unbearable days. A sacrifice had to be given and in return it promised restoration of the planet Eden. The problem was, Annah was making a deal with the being Harmony Serpantia, whom she knew nothing of.

The sacrifice was far worse than the townspeople could an She opened the doors to the other unknown realms, letting darkness into our lives. Lucky for us humans, living amongst us and watching over us were the Felac and Wolac, kind and magical creatures we never even dreamed existed. Faron was one of them, and the moment I met him I knew he would change my life forever.

I am Nadia Kilari and this is my tale.

Stay tuned...Dark Roast Press

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Benders -- a supernatural Epic romance

Bender, a Fallen One, finds himself in love with a mortal, Georgeanne Quade, and produces a son named Griffin. All three have an extraordinary power: bending others to their will and altering the weather. But for Griffin, this power is a curse. Too often he has used it and the results turned out badly. When he falls in love with Bithia Sibbings, he tries hard to become a better person, and ignore his often spontaneous urge to use the 'gift'.

Bithia falls quickly for Griffin too, but her parents will not stand for it. Over the years they have enjoyed gambling and extravagance, and now they are in financial straits. They even lost the deed to La Gema del Sur, their ancestral plantation home. In order to regain ownership, they expect her to live with the Walkinshaws, a wealthy, childless couple in New York City. And this move means providing more than just companionship. Bithia is abhorred by her parent's expectations, and refuses. But Bender is on the sidelines, and coercing her to agree...

You can read an excerpt, and learn more about our newest author Molly Colton, at

Helgaleena says, the sheer scope of the tale, steeped in American history, will floor you just as much as the soul-shattering intensity of the romance!

It's Here, the sequel to In Service!

Helgaleena is pleased to announce that it is here, the next chapter in JC Natal's award winning tale of a horrific future of bondage--

In Noble Pursuit, the highly anticipated sequel to 'In service'.

Newlywed Lords Elias and Jared Doherty cannot elude the maelstrom of danger and political machinations that surround them. Thrust reluctantly into the spotlight when their private pain provokes public outrage, they find themselves on the forefront of a battle that will be fought on the airwaves, in the halls of government and even within their own family.

Learn more about JC Natal and the In Service universe at

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Taking Chances by Parker Grey

When Gabe met Elijah he thought he was just getting this cards read to find his future "true love". Elijah thought he was meeting just another client looking for answers where there aren't any. What they end up finding is all the ways you can fall in love with someone and all the chances you have to take.

Find out more about our new MM author, Parker Grey, and read an excerpt of Taking Chances at

Helgaleena says:
It was a real feel-good experience working on this sweet story!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SMASHWORDS and DARK ROAST PRESS are working together!
You will love the selectionof ebook formats which you can obtain for your very own at extremely reasonable prices.

Except of course the FREE READ, muwahaaa....

Night Owl Reviews Hooked on the Uprising series?

Night Owl Reviews Hooked on the Uprising series?
Tales From the Uprising, Christopher Newman's collection of horror shorts from the Uprising series at Dark Roast Press, is a Night Owl Top Pick!

Here's a link to the entire review, where the reviewer Vicci confesses to being quite anxious for the next installment.

“Tales from the Uprising” by Christopher c. Newman is a collections of ghastly tales set during the zombie uprising from the novel “Uprising”. The novella documents individual tales of terror and pandemonium as the city of Youngstown falls under the weight of the uprising.

The novella’s approach to story-telling is similar in style to that of classic weekly television series “The Night Gallery” from back in the 1970’s. Each tale is a glimpse into the life of a few selected Youngstown’s townspeople as the zombie uprising escalates to a full blown outbreak. I loved that each story is full of irony and karma. They really put a meaning to be careful what you wish for, it just might happen.

If you want to ease your pain a little, Vicci, Chris is contributing a new Uprising short, 'Carnival Night', to our upcoming free read sampler collection, Barista's Choice 2 ~ look for it in April!