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Dark Roast Press MM spotlight 2012!

Dark Roast Press MM spotlight…
The words of our founder, Rhiannon Rhodes:
‘Dark Roast Press is an ePublisher with not only a GLBT focus but also with a thirst for the dark side of life. No, we will not abandon the "mainstream" road that the Erotica world has laid before us, but we have created a home for the kinks of life we like to keep secret.’
So it is no surprise that fully half of our Erotic Romance titles are either MM or have MM content. We were an MM publisher before it was hip, and you will love our flavor.
is one of our founding authors. Her MM contemporary tales are focused on real men in real life dramas.
Burnin’ For You 
Buy links:
Where There’s Smoke

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Fireman Lucas Taylor and Paramedic Evan Singer are back in this sequel to Burnin' for You.
Darkness Falls

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Two television stars in a horrific accident on set facing the challenges together.
Out of the Shadows 
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It appears that Tyler has it all - a career that's on fire and a loving, long-term relationship with his partner, Alex. But then Shane uncovers the truth that Tyler had been trying to hide, and the illusion comes crashing down.

JC Natal’s heroes live in gritty urban futures that challenge their love in unique ways. They are not for the squeamish. The Rysykk vampire series was our very first published title, and won a P&E top ten award for best new sci-fi.
Rysykk’s Rise

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Last year JC brought us the challenging sequel: Rysykk’s Remedy

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JC’s second futuristic series, another top ten P& E award winner, tackles the root causes of slavery…
In Service

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Here came the long awaited sequel: In Noble Pursuit

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I’ll Be Your Drill, Soldier!
Here is a look at MM love in the US Army that was a top pick for June 2011 at Queer Magazine Online. 
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The Nikolai series
Harrowing BDSM tales of the Confederate States of America. Angelia has contributed stories set in this world to our short story anthologies as well.

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sequel, NIKO-CHAN 
buy link:

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anthology with Nikloai story, plus other GLBT

Our newest exclusively MM author brings a sweet contemporary spin to true love.
Taking Chances
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Dark Roast Press Senior Editor, and supplier of FF short stories to many of the anthologies.

Her first full length novel is a contemporary MMF paranormal where the heroes end up married.
The Incredible Heidi Wasabi 

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There's considerable GLBT included in the Noah Ravenswood series series by Chris Newman. The seven volumes of the paranormal erotic adventures of a Wiccan sleuth defy easy classification, but contain many GLBT scenes and sub-plots. One client has married his transgender boyfriend and begun a family; another lesbian couple meet and bond during volume 2. 
buy links:

There’s a reason we are listed on GayCrawler and GayDemon!
You will love the MM and other erotic authors of Dark Roast Press!

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GLBT Promo Blog: Diana from Child of the Fallen Angels Chats with Q...

GLBT Promo Blog: Diana from Child of the Fallen Angels Chats with Q...: Diana from Child of the Fallen Angels Chats with QMO Magazine  Careful what you wish for... When Diana discovers the world of magic, h...

Great character interview!

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Blak Rayne Blog: CHILD OF THE FALLEN - VICTORIA CANNON: Welcome once again to BRB, sweeties! It's almost the weekend. Can you believe it? I keep saying it, where does all the time go? ...

Victoria has been up to something--- and Blak Rayne heard all about it! 

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Rave review of Heidi Wasabi *grin*

7378575 Ava Vongiebel's review Jun 12, 12
Read from June 05 to 11, 2012

'The most original, creative book I've ever read! Who out there would ever think to write about a blow-up doll that gradually comes to life and marries, not one but two men. This book is a trip and a half. I recommend it to anyone that's looking for an original, out there sexual read.'

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Guys Like Romance, Too!: Not your everyday vampires.

Guys Like Romance, Too!: Not your everyday vampires.: Hi, I'm J. C. Natál and my books "Rysykk's Rise" and "Rysykk's Remedy" are the reason I am here today. The story that became my first pub...

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Dark Roast Press - Tagged for the 7/7/7 ! --comes to Dark Roast Press

Dark Roast Press - Tagged for the 7/7/7 ! --comes to Dark Roast Press

Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript.
Go to line 7.
Post on your blog or Facebook the next 7 lines, or sentences, as they are--no cheating.
Tag 7 authors to do the same

Tagged by Sharon Bidwell, Helgaleena cracks open

The Incredible Heidi Wasabi!

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Dawn's Reading Nook: Welcome Helgaleena Today

Dawn's Reading Nook: Welcome Helgaleena Today: In Music is Magic -- Paranormal Principles in the Incredible Heidi Wasabi The first reviews of my book are in, and both had simila...

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Dark Roast Press - lost book review of APOCALYPSE WOMAN found!

uberreiniger: Cut the head off the e-book hydra and guess what happens.

uberreiniger: Cut the head off the e-book hydra and guess what happens.

@TyreeKimber writes:

 My publisher Dark Roast Press is having some problems with their website and it is offline for the time being. All of their titles, including mine, are still available for purchase from the e-book sales outlets we are partnered with.

To buy from Smashwords go here:

To buy from Adult eBook Shop go here:

Adult eBook Shop is a little pricier for American buyers but it is also where you can purchase the anthology Forbidden Views Vol. 1 at a very reasonable price.

Thanks and feel free to contact me with any questions.

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moving deeper into Smashwords

Helgaleena Healingline dispatch

3:18 PM - Limited
Lovers Daily Big News: The store got hacked AGAIN.... Look for us to migrate bit by bit entirely onto Smashwords. Meanwhile, if you promise a Goodreads review, you can get a FREE READ from Helga Click to read Lovers Daily articles   click picture to see what's already at Smashwords

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Labelle Books: Helgaleena is looking for Reader Reviews- FREE COPIES...

Labelle Books: Helgaleena is looking for Reader Reviews- FREE COP...: Looking for a new MMF paranormal menage? Check out Helgaleena's interview and find out how you can review her latest release 'The Incredi...

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Guys Like Romance, Too!: Helgaleena has a Fem side.

GLBT Promo Blog: Guys Like Romance, Too!: Helgaleena has a Fem side...: Guys Like Romance, Too!: Helgaleena has a Fem side   My lesbian loving stories are the feature ! Forbidden Views anthology Dark Roaste...
Dark Roasted Xmas anthology

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Dark Roast Press - Helgaleena says: what to expect from FORBIDDEN VIEWS

Dark Roast Press - Helgaleena says: what to expect from FORBIDDEN VIEWS

Forbidden ViewsForbidden Views by Helgaleena, Chris Newman, Tyree Kimber

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What to expect from FORBIDDEN VIEWS anthology :

Chronology-- set in the Present (Contemporary)

Romantic pairing(s)-- the six stories are: MF, MM, MF,MF, MF, FF

Supernatural content-- YES, but only in Tyree Kimber's contribution Twisted Light, set in the APOCALYPSE WOMAN universe.

Kink levels-- medium. The theme of this anthology is a specific fetish, voyeurism. The stories themselves range from hard-core to tender and sweet with the greatest contact a gentle kiss.

Suspense-- yes. There are some complete surprises, and there is quite a lot of angst in Tyree Kimber's contribution. Twisted Light received a high ranking in the P & E Awards.

BUY IT HERE Dark Roast Press

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GLBT Promo Blog: Dark Roast News: The Nikolai Series is now a LARP!...

GLBT Promo Blog: Dark Roast News: The Nikolai Series is now a LARP!...: Dark Roast News: The Nikolai Series is now a LARP! | Novelspot Gazette Dark Roast Press is the source for the Nikolai series of BDSM futur...

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Scary Mastercard censorship

I amm passing this on from Madeline Morris of

URGENT to All Fiction4All Authors and Associated Publishers


An hour ago I was notified by Verotel that Mastercard is changing its policies (again) and that as from now, content involving rape, torture, kidnap, or `forced sex` (not sure where that is different to rape, but Mastercard must do) is banned and Verotel will not be able to process for it. They say this includes both the words and also images inferring such content. How on earth any robot can decide if an image depicts an unwanted action is beyond me, but that is what Verotel have decreed.

We have four sites where Mastercard have specifically complained about content (, and

I have basically been given until Friday morning to remove content containing the new offending word list or images from my sites or Verotel will close my account with them.

A quick scan of our books catalogue indicate we currently have just over 880 books on sale which contain one or more words that Mastercard apparently now objects to, either in the title, blurb or excerpt/extract. I have no idea how many covers would fall foul of them and certainly no time or resources to check and alter over 880 books in just over 24 hours!

My decision is to initially ask Verotel to stop processing on these 4 sites. Two of them I already have Zombaio in place on, or can reactivate Zombaio in the next 24 hours. A third site can be redirected to one of the other two until I get a payment solution installed. The fourth site does about $20 a month in sales and can be converted easily to use PayPal (who will have no issues with it).

This is a stop-gap measure to see if this is a Verotel or a Mastercard decision. If ultimately it turns out to be down to Mastercard then PayPal and Zombaio will also end up having to complain about certain content. At that time the 880 books will have to be removed from sale, though I hope by then we can change some of them or tone down what is visible on the sites.

From now, can I ask you all PLEASE not to submit stories that contain the following words in titles, blurbs and extracts:

1) rape, rapist, raping (even if it is worded as `she wondered if he was about to rape her`) - use words like violated, f##ked or whatever instead

2) torture, kidnap, force and other words containing these words (eg tortured, torturing etc etc)

I know this is a real pain and I know that selling fiction with these words in it is legal - but I don`t have the resources to fight Mastercard, so we all need to play by the rules and hope to survive another day.

Also, ALL books submitted MUST be free of any images whatsoever. We`re already removing all images from any books that are on the publishing queues. Also, if you are providing covers please make sure they no longer give any indication of `kidnap, torture or forced sex` as well as all the things that have been banned in the past.

Meanwhile if you are a publisher or self-pub and hear of any other sites having problems having this content, please let me know.

If we have to remove any books from sale I will contact the relevant publisher/author individually, but I thought everyone should know about the latest swipe at adult entertainment.

Kind Regards
CEO Fiction4All (including A1AdultEbooks)

Stuart believed that this was being led by Verotel rather than Mastercard itself. This, however, no longer appears to be the case - he has spoken to them at some length today and they are adamant this is coming from Mastercard. More worryingly, he has obtained a list of words that cannot be used in erotica titles, blurbs, descriptions etc and these also target lactation and even tentacle erotica! There is also a stark warning that things are going to get a lot worse and one wonders if the targeting of dubcon is the beginning of a wider attack on BDSM. This from Selena Kitt:

Stuart said to me: "I’ve spent all day talking to Verotel’s Director of Risk and he assures me this is not a Verotel thing but directly from Mastercard. He also said, ominously, that things are going to get much worse in the near future."

What does THAT mean!? How can Paypal continue to stand on its policy, if MC is pulling this?

Stuart also provided me with a list of words Mastercard now will not allow in relation to erotica/sex, including the book title, blurb and excerpt!

Alcohol, drink, liquor etc.
Asphyxia, asphyxiate, asphyxiation etc.
Bled, Bleed, Bleeding etc
Drugged, Drug
Force, Forcing etc
Hypnotize, hypnotise etc
Incapacitate, Incapacitation etc
Intoxicate, intoxication etc
Lactate and variants
Menstrual, menstruate etc
Molest, molestation, molested etc
Murder (and variations)
Mutlilate, Mutilation etc
Passed out
Pedophilia (and various alternate spellings)
Rape, raping, rapist etc
Scat, shit, fecal, bukake etc
Fetal, foetal etc
Sedate, sedative sedation etc
Sleep, slumber
Smother, snuff
Violate, violating etc

Worrying stuff, I'm sure you'll agree. I will pass on any further information as and when I have it but you may be able to find out even more than me. Incidentally, Stuart's email is:


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Redz World: The Incredible Heidi Wasabi by Helgaleena

Redz World: The Incrediable Heidi Wasabi by Helgaleena: In Music, Magic Happens-- Paranormal Principles in the Incredible Heidi Wasabi The first reviews of my book are in, and both had sim...

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GLBT Promo Blog: three lovely reviews for TAKING CHANCES ---

GLBT Promo Blog: three lovely reviews for TAKING CHANCES ---: From P's Reviews @Goodreads: "i'm so glad i read this today, because it ends a week of thoroughly mediocre reading; it was about time. this ...

Review: what to expect from THE LONG WEEKEND

The Long Weekend & Other StoriesThe Long Weekend & Other Stories by Eva Hore

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

what to expect from THE LONG WEEKEND

chronology- contemporary

romantic pairing(s)- MF, MMF, FF, MFF

supernatural content- no

suspense level- varies

kink level- very high

These eleven spicy and sexy, life affirming glimpses into the erotic imagination of Australia's incomparable Eva Hore will leave you with a very warm feeling indeed, both in your heart and 'down under.'

Absolutely none of the stories in in this anthology are 'vanilla'. That means they are a marvelous collection of dark-roasted erotic treats precisely to the taste of our target audience. Each and every one is set in Australia, which affirmed to me that love is the same in any hemisphere. Whether in the suburbs, a ranch in the outback, the parking lot of a scenic beauty spot, the beach or in the middle of a crowd, our all too human urges to express our flamboyant erotic sides is celebrated to the utmost.

A complete story-by-story listing is available at the buy link.

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Guess what! Dark Roast has Joined the Novelspot Gazette!

Novelspot Gazette

If books were readers, they'd subscribe to the Novelspot Gazette.

Check out the Dark Roast Press Lovers Daily– and our MM Spotlight

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Is There a Self-Publishing Bubble? | Nathan Bransford, Author

Is There a Self-Publishing Bubble? | Nathan Bransford, Author

Not really.-- but this guy has his finger on the pulse. 

we hooked into the bubble and it's nice and strong now.

our Smashwords satellite

The Writing Bomb: eBook Marketing Gem Recovered in Email (Repost)

The Writing Bomb: eBook Marketing Gem Recovered in Email: Hey Writers and Publishers, Do I have a special treat for you today. Cutting straight to the chase, here's a copy of an email I recently sen...

All this stuff is daunting isn't it? Twitter has an impact.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Get Hooked on the Ravenswood series: erotic supernatural thrillers from Dark Roast Press!

I've had the privilege of editing Chris Newman's no-holds-barred supernatural erotic thrillers ever since volume 1, The Curse of Albrecht Manor. With the completion of Deadly Nightshade, Noah's toughest challenge yet, all sevenvolumes are now available from Dark Roast Press. Investigate them at

Deadly Nightshade

In book eight of the Ravenswood series some things never seem to go away; evil that never dies rears its ugly head once again. Juliana Lark (AKA Sister Nightshade of Cloven's cult) has been sentenced by a court of law to a nunnery in California. The state requires her to have regular psychiatric counseling and daily observation while she "heals" from what the court feels was mind control by her former infernal master. But Nightshade hasn't and won't reform; she has too many plans for the future. And her vision includes having a certain witch and occultist as her second-in-command to rule by her side in her grandiose attempt at world domination.

Noah Ravenswood, the object of Nightshade's desire, has enough problems on his hands. His long-time associate Dr. Sarah Bookings has turned troublesome due to her two month association with Tezcatlipoca, the Aztec god known as Smoking Mirror. Sarah has become belligerent and forceful, a total reversal of her usual nature.

When Noah is captured by Nightshade, Sarah has to deal with a new visitor from Noah's past.

In a sealed letter, Rosa and Sarah are directed to call Father Christopher Briggs as soon as possible. But who is Father Chris, and why has he come all the way from the Vatican in Rome to help search for the missing wizard? Sarah distrusts him from the start but Noah's wife Rosa accepts him and his offer of help.

Just as they proceed with the investigation, a horrible demonic venereal disease starts to run rampant through their hometown's citizens. Terrible acts of depraved sexuality begin to surface, putting their rescue efforts on hold. Can Sarah, Rosa, and Father Chris stop the plague and still have time to uncover where Noah is before Nightshade converts the witch to serve her dark ends? Can Noah's family and friends find the cure for Deadly Nightshade?

OR ~ Start with volume 1, The Curse of Albrecht Manor --

2, The Hound of Doom--

3, Those Dangerous Times--

4, Get Into the Spirit, Baby--

5, The Devil His Due--

6, Return to Albrecht Manor--

all featuring free-to read excepts at our Smashwords site !

Those who get a taste for Chris Newman's paranormal erotica will be glad to know that he will be beginning a new set of adventures soon, focused on Noah's intrepid student, Dr. Sarah Bookings, coming soon from Dark Roast Press!

love, Helgaleena ---

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Guys Like Romance, Too!: The Incredible Heidi Wasabi is baaaack!

Guys Like Romance, Too!: The Incredible Heidi Wasabi is baaaack!: From The Incredible Heidi Wasabi by Helgaleena, MMF paranormal romance, just released from Dark Roast Press   http://www.darkroastpress...

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About Us | Banned Writers

 About Us | Banned Writers

I want to thank Kayelle Allen for bringing this group to my attention. Though my published works don't cross PayPal's arbitrary decency line, my fanfiction did. It's not right to censor what grown humans can purchase to read. Join the protest today, before they move the line again.

  Just Say No Way.  I'm a member of a group called Banned Writers. We are a coalition of  writers, readers, publishers, and  editors who have come together to  fight against the economic censorship  of erotic fiction by  non-governmental organizations and entities who  believe they

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Censorgasm « Helgaleena

The Censorgasm « Helgaleena

Paypal and other credit corporations are attempting to prohibit the sale of online erotica they think is too immoral, by their arbitrary standards.

Helgaleena says that they might change those standards at any time to prohibit the Healing Line. But Nature made these imaginings, even the horrifying and disgusting ones. Nature is good, even when it isn’t what nourishes our little bodies and brains.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Romance Writers Behaving Badly: Top 13 Reasons Why Not to Read Romance

Romance Writers Behaving Badly: Top 13 Reasons Why Not to Read Romance: Reading with Caution. After careful consideration, and much placing of tongue in cheek -- no, not French kissing, get your mind out of...

This is why you need to keep buying our top-notch dark roasted ebooks! They might have an EFFECT ! because Kayelle knows best!

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Incredible Heidi Wasabi featured for February

buy link

February welcomes The Incredible Heidi Wasabi!

Welcome to February, the month of kink and
threesomes. Helgaleena's first original novel length erotic romance (for
I am also the author of hundreds of fan-fiction slash tales and editor
of scores of others) fits right in.

The Incredible Heidi Wasabi is an MMF-- but
it also is based on a firm foundation of love. In fact, love is what
turns the entire story from just the saga of how two rock musicians
managed their differences and their screwy hobbies in order to stay
together for their entire lives, into a mind-boggling evolution of
consciousness for the third party, the one for which the book is named.

Rufus Dixon grew up in rural West Virginia
and even though he put himself through folk music school, he's got some
working-class attitudes when it comes to making a living at it that
drive him into rock'n'roll, and eventually into heavy metal. Like many
in the metal scene he parties hard and that means plenty of sex, more
than most of us mortals require, with men as well as women. Thank
goodness for self-gratification, and the rubber lady he nicknames

It's a step up career-wise when the
European transplants Virgen Steel, whose sound includes folk-infused
strings and whose stage shows include fencing and theatrics, take Rufus
on. Bassist Steen Herren needs a front man because he keeps alienating
them and overpowering them. Soon they're dueling onstage, literally, as
well as taking it out on one another with their fists in the bar
afterwards. If it weren't for the music, and some strange chemistry
beyond that--

for the rest, visit: