Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Censorgasm « Helgaleena

The Censorgasm « Helgaleena

Paypal and other credit corporations are attempting to prohibit the sale of online erotica they think is too immoral, by their arbitrary standards.

Helgaleena says that they might change those standards at any time to prohibit the Healing Line. But Nature made these imaginings, even the horrifying and disgusting ones. Nature is good, even when it isn’t what nourishes our little bodies and brains.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Romance Writers Behaving Badly: Top 13 Reasons Why Not to Read Romance

Romance Writers Behaving Badly: Top 13 Reasons Why Not to Read Romance: Reading with Caution. After careful consideration, and much placing of tongue in cheek -- no, not French kissing, get your mind out of...

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Incredible Heidi Wasabi featured for February

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February welcomes The Incredible Heidi Wasabi!

Welcome to February, the month of kink and
threesomes. Helgaleena's first original novel length erotic romance (for
I am also the author of hundreds of fan-fiction slash tales and editor
of scores of others) fits right in.

The Incredible Heidi Wasabi is an MMF-- but
it also is based on a firm foundation of love. In fact, love is what
turns the entire story from just the saga of how two rock musicians
managed their differences and their screwy hobbies in order to stay
together for their entire lives, into a mind-boggling evolution of
consciousness for the third party, the one for which the book is named.

Rufus Dixon grew up in rural West Virginia
and even though he put himself through folk music school, he's got some
working-class attitudes when it comes to making a living at it that
drive him into rock'n'roll, and eventually into heavy metal. Like many
in the metal scene he parties hard and that means plenty of sex, more
than most of us mortals require, with men as well as women. Thank
goodness for self-gratification, and the rubber lady he nicknames

It's a step up career-wise when the
European transplants Virgen Steel, whose sound includes folk-infused
strings and whose stage shows include fencing and theatrics, take Rufus
on. Bassist Steen Herren needs a front man because he keeps alienating
them and overpowering them. Soon they're dueling onstage, literally, as
well as taking it out on one another with their fists in the bar
afterwards. If it weren't for the music, and some strange chemistry
beyond that--

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