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I am releasing The Incredible Heidi Wasabi to the public! ADULTS ONLY Final chapter

Previously I have only shared a G-rated chapter as a stand alone short story.  The bulk of the tale is in fact explicit erotic menage contemporary paranormal fantasy. 
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED-- if it is illegal for persons your age in your location to read porn, stop now.



Chapter Thirty
Old and New

“Go away, Heidi;’ he says; “you are a figment of the collective Virgens unconscious.”

He says that to a gorgeous Technicolor woman hovering over his bed? Okay, Ole Lindendahl is a
big fat meatloaf not worthy of my trying to associate with. He quit writing songs for the band
immediately after Heads Up, the first collaboration, and just hit the skins, getting fatter and
balder. I don’t think he has any hobbies besides drumming and mowing the lawn and drinking
beer. When he’s not staying in his room at the Steel Virgins Ltd, I can barely locate him unless
he’s thinking about the music. Let his wife and kids in Encino have him to themselves.

Steen dying just meant the end to Lindendahl. He feels retired, and only showed up here for the
probate stuff. I am not even going to bother with Tiger-fingers. Murray Lin seemed a little too
eager to kick Rufus out of the property and start his damn music school here, all tax deductible.
Right after the funeral Rufus caught him breezing through the downstairs studio, making entries
into his Blackberry and talking as if it was a done deal into his little headset.

“Lin, who are you selling the farm to?”

The pianist in the pinstriped suit let out a long-suffering sigh. “Nobody, Rudy. It’s just in case--”

Dixon roundhouse kicked him through the picture window. Admittedly he was already a bit
buzzed; there was Jack Daniels in the glass he set carefully down first. Alarms went off, the
bodyguards came running, and he ran out to pick Murray up out of the hedge and tell him how
sorry he was. Yet another news item to sell albums, Steen would have said. At least they agreed
that it was too soon to decide the future of the Ltd.

While the window was awaiting repair, Rufy and I moved back into the bus. Everything still
works. Being Rufus, there was a party, and plenty of hangers-on, some of whom were willing to
fiddle while he played mandolin. The ferrets are long gone so nobody got nipped. But we all got
very drunk, even me, because I shared my man’s intoxication. Tia and the boys were there, and
even the Moffs. Moffs aren’t allowed in the house, though.

Cammie even felt Rufus up, which amused us both quite a bit. Lily pulled her off him at last,
saying it was practically incest. ‘Don’t gross me out; go for Germaine,’ is how she phrased it.
What can I say? She’s a Moff.

Rufus’ eldest grandchild by Junie, Germaine, has gradually moved in with him. Junie doesn’t
want him to be alone. Whatever Patty might think, to her he’s dad. Biology isn’t everything.
Since he’s too mature for a lot of the stereotypical grandson behaviors, he’s just sort of a
brotherly companion. And he goes to community college too; it’s all very beneficial to his

Sometimes I think he might notice I’m there. When he catches Rufus mumbling to me aloud,
which he will do sometimes for emphasis, I think he wonders. Silver hair and wrinkles excuse a
lot, to the young. I wonder if he gets his pipes cleaned as often as his grandpa does? He doesn’t
always come home at night.

 When the Moffs were here for the ‘wake’ I did take special notice of Lily. She did have a sort of
a glow about her. I mentioned it to Rufus and he just smiled and let it slide.

He plans on going to a jam session down in the valley this evening—all acoustic. It’s so lovely
when I can attend. They play for pleasure and not money. Rufus has grown his beard out
especially, and wears spectacles he doesn’t really need, in order to be anonymous. Believe it or
not, Cammie and Tia play there too. He says Cammie is going to go bald like Ole if she doesn’t
give up drumming.

But I am not in the mood for music. I am remembering Steen, away from his music. It was such
a shock to find him all alone in this very bus one day, while Rufus was off getting ‘she dumped
me’ sympathy from his many ladies. He was making quite a cross country trip out of it, actually.
But Steen was not at the Bolthole looking for a bear or a twink. He had gotten the keys from
Manny and let himself in here.

I’d been missing Internet access because it wasn’t on Rufy’s mind at all just then, so when the
bus PC went online, it drew me. And there was Steen, even without his ferrets; they’d all been
left with the kids as if nothing had changed.

He spoke aloud, bitter as that horrible coffee boiled through aluminum and wire that he cooked
himself sometimes. “Anna doesn’t want me there. I have to wait for visitation days.” He met my
five eyes, even the ones on my chest, then let me flow down from around the monitor where I’d
been hovering and curl around him like a big fluffy blanket of twinkles. I pressed my tiara to his
creased brow, trying to smooth it.

He was almost a stone again, but not from rage; it was leaden sadness, and it cost him much
effort to heave a sigh against it. Then he blinked exactly once and wrote in my mind’s eye, our
easiest form of speaking. It’s happening. No way to stop it. His eyes were wide open and staring,
and tears simply dripped out of them and rolled into his beard. They were not focused on
anything, but I looked over at the monitor to see what he’d pulled up anyway.

It was the middle daughter Lise’s page on Zango. She was calling herself Pizzagrrrl90. There
was a photo of Bjarne and a caption—Cutest stink-butt. Rufus had been right. The kids had

 When the little digital readout in the corner of the screen said seven, Steen shook himself and
took a few breaths. ‘Visitation’ or not, this was the time of day when he made seven calls to
seven phone numbers, even Lily’s. Anna would answer for the baby and hold it to his ear,
because she wouldn’t dream of interfering. And every conversation this night contained the
words, Jeg elsker deg, which means I love you, more than once.

When he got to little Nina, she just cried into the phone, and so did he. She was six. Eventually
he simply told her to take very good care of Ronya, who is a ferret, and ended the call. In
retrospect I think that was the hardest one for him.

When all the calls were made, he opened his shirt and began to claw at his own chest. It looked
like he wanted to tear his own nipples off. He only stopped when I plastered myself all over him
front to front and blanketed him with whiteness, and even then darkness was leaking out of his
 pores, from his back and his scalp until his head looked inky black. He kept moaning, “It hurts,
Heidi; it hurts.”

I don’t want to tell any more. Steen or Steena might not want me to tell, and I know the Steen I
am remembering wouldn’t. I can’t always fix it when they hurt.

But as I sat here leaking remembered sadness, Germaine walked in. He looked right at me, and
then rubbed his eyes. Rufus had already left for his acoustical date. He knew nobody should be
using the PC, especially not some naked chick wearing a crown.

He’s getting his nerve up to say something….

“I didn’t believe it…”

Now this really cheers me up.


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I am releasing The Incredible Heidi Wasabi to the public! ADULTS ONLY chapter 29

Previously I have only shared a G-rated chapter as a stand alone short story.  The bulk of the tale is in fact explicit erotic menage contemporary paranormal fantasy. 
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED-- if it is illegal for persons your age in your location to read porn, stop now.



Chapter Twenty-Nine
Pocket Buddies

Dear Diary,

Just now Steen snagged me for a kiss before they begin the show in Moscow. He also wanted to
help me understand what it is that Rufus does before a show that makes him seem so much like a
furnace. He’s like a conduit of something I can’t explain and neither can Steen, but we lay there
in his pocket and watched.

What Steen wanted of me before the show was to center himself within himself. It’s a meditation
skill, he says, but “it’s easier with a bint than alone.” All I know is, it’s not sex exactly, but more
like he drinks from my belly with a straw and I drink from his. Rufy would be pulling me to him
like an elastic, and not before the show. It just demonstrates that my two husbands are not
identical and interchangeable, even to me. What they bring to the performance onstage is also

When we’re on the road and he can’t look out the windows, Steen gets carsick, so he takes a pill
of something that makes him sleepy. Rufus often has us both in his pocket during the journeys,
even though Steen is actually asleep in his bunk.

Once I came to visit Steen in his bunk. I thought I would get to know my new husband one on
one. He rolled his long golden arm over me and gathered me to his chest. I looked deep into his
eyes, as my breasts were exploring the swirls of his chest hairs, and watched them change colors
like a kaleidoscope as they reflected my tiara. Steen prefers to keep what we do private and I am
not going into detail, but the point is, we loved. And when he drifted off to sleep his own private
sleep, I looked around and recognized the inside of Rufus’ pocket.

A wisp of thought drifted to me from the man himself as I felt him brush us with his elbow.
You’re my babes in the woods. I could almost feel him smiling. He liked having us cuddled into
his pocket like this, even though he was so big compared to us that we could forget he was there.
There are things I can do for Steen that even Anna would not. It’s amazing how much more
tranquil he became once we began it, and how seriously he values these things, enough to be my

But you could say that instead of being in the closet, we’re in the pocket. Rufus now and then
puts me in Steen’s pocket, just for variety, but it’s up to me how long I stay. And the things
Steen likes me to do in his pocket are different from what I do next to the skin of my Rufy, and
again, the details are not for anyone else. It will suffice to tell you about some of the fine things
Rufus and I get up to.

I mentioned that once Steen was there disguised as a pen? Well, I sometimes am running myself
up and down Rufus when he’s as big as a tree trunk, when he’ll have to concentrate on
something else and I suddenly find out it’s a pen I’m caressing with my arms and legs instead.
Yes, he actually slips me away from his cock and moves me to the pen before I even realize! I
used to sulk a bit about it, but it comforted me to feel the warmth of his torso filtering through
the cloth and I would get over it pretty quickly. Nowadays I try waiting around until he’s done
with whatever it was, and then give a ‘pen-show.’ But if it takes too long, I’ll be off to blog or
some other intellectual pastime.

I have done Heidi the snake charmer, humming and stroking him to giant hardness. I have done
Crushed by World’s Biggest Balls. I have hidden in the Hiding Bush at an inch high until it was
convenient for me to be larger with him, between the steering wheel and his chest. He has
concealed me in his palm and licked me all over, but especially between my legs. I have
explored inside his socks. I’ve even ridden his tongue around inside his mouth. Most often,
though, I am curled up like a ferret or a kitten, napping in a familiar pocket.

 If Steen is there too, sometimes it’s my job to wake him up. But he is awake and out in his

...oh, when I wrote that it was a very happy time. I wonder if Rufus misses having both of
us in his pocket.

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I am releasing The Incredible Heidi Wasabi to the public! ADULTS ONLY chapter 28

Previously I have only shared a G-rated chapter as a stand alone short story.  The bulk of the tale is in fact explicit erotic menage contemporary paranormal fantasy. 
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED-- if it is illegal for persons your age in your location to read porn, stop now.


 Chapter Twenty-Eight
Proposal Wizards
 Dear Diary,

I am now happily married to two husbands. We had our own ceremony privately because the
nations they come from don’t believe in having more than one husband or wife at once, but we
do, obviously! I have two rings, and so do they.

Last night Steen proposed and I said yes. They were very ceremonious about how they
Let the record show that I was interrupted for still more honeymoon behavior just then and it’s
several hours later and the guys need to get ready for the show in Brussels now. I have my brain
to myself for a bit. This narrative is not going to be at all chronological. I’ve lost count of the
many ways they have devised to make me feel cherished. My beauties. My larks. My husbands.

It all started the day before when coincidentally I had been checking up on the news feed for
Virgen Steel and there was a little sentence about Rufus. It said he was happily married with
three children. That they left out Junie and the grandkids should have got me thinking it was only
half truths, but no, that teeny phrase ‘happily married with children’ started me in on feeling
inadequate. Not only can it never be true for us two, but they were completely going on as if his
quiet divorce hadn’t even occurred! The flesh woman wins again, I was thinking.

It didn’t occur to me that Rufus might have been sly with the interviewer, saying he was happily
married and had three legitimate kids, not specifying to whom. Anyway I was somewhat
 avoiding the bed until rather late, when Rufus was napping, just a weepy miserable mist of
myself. Steen showed up and tried to have some fun with me but I was a poor substitute for
being by himself I think, not interested in coming for him by any method at all. At last he
mumbled “aw for helvede” the way he does and shook Rufus to tell him something was wrong
with me.

Mister Blue eyes opens them wide and all at once I’m boohooing all over his chest about how it
says he’s happily married and I must be an absolute idiot thinking that I am more than a
convenience to him and sorry it just came as a shock and I’ll be better and more cheerful once I
spend some time in between, but then, before I can melt away Rufus begins screwing me
desperately, forcing the pleasure into me before I can deny it.

I at last relaxed and lit up because yes, he pleases me, and yes I still want him no matter what—
but when I came I still disintegrated into between for a bit, just as I said. I simply had to. I had to
accept deep in myself that the words on the net were less true than Rufus loving me. Then I was
calm enough to come back.

It might have been a couple of days or a couple of hours; the bus was very quiet. And the men
were waiting for me. They’d tangled themselves together and Steen’s deep gold head was to the
left and Rufy’s flame red to the right on the pillow of brown Beaver.
 Steen’s one visible eye flashed a slit of green up at me and then he visualized in my mind
deliberately—a ring. He had visualized every curve and facet of it, a twist of two metals, gold
and copper, clear as if he’d used CAD. When he sensed my admiration, and that I knew what it
symbolized, he did a very surprising thing: he put it on my finger with his mind! I had forgotten
he was a wizard with very strong thoughts.

He put it onto the other hand to the one where Rufy’s elastic ring is. And his thought was quite
clear, like an announcement from a speaker right in my head: are we more symmetrical now?
And the answer is of course, yes, yes!

I reached for him and let him show me how he feels and what he knows of me, which is so much
because he is so wise. I am so very glad of him. As we embraced, I noticed that Rufus was
watching. He was our witness, and now, because we are three and not two, these clever men had
devised a special consecration just for this moment.
 Gently Steen spread my sparkling legs as wide as they go, short of a splits. Then he took the
hand he’d just put the ring on and placed it between my legs with his over it. Rufus sat up on the
other side of me and put my hand with his ring on it there too. Aloud Steen said in a low voice,
“Now then bint, frig yourself.” I could tell Rufus was highly pleased. He’d taught me how.

You tell Me how that can seem romantic! But it did. I could feel my eyes wide and rolling like
Betty Boop and my whole face grinning as if it might fold in half. I squeezed my breasts together
so the nipples bobbed and wiggled my fingers as they pressed them ever deeper into my own
crotch and made myself come like a spring welling up, showering us all, the way Rufus taught

Even as I was distracted by my own joy, they each seized one of my feet and kissed it. It was a
Fivefold Kiss! That is something Steen had showed us. Next they each took my knee and kissed
higher. I was so happy I was floating up to the ceiling of the bunk, and their mouths followed me
up, each kissing at the juncture of my legs where the creases are, Steen’s soft mustaches and
Rufy’s full lips and harsh stubble. They guided me down lower again, Rufy’s tongue sliding up
my belly like I was an ice cream, until each of them had a breast to kiss. I felt Steen’s powerful
picking hand tighten around my arm as they bore me back to the mattress, nearly lost in the
reveling they were doing in my breast and heart light.

At last they moved up my throat and each kissed me on the mouth. Rufus was thinking I was
splendid. Steen was thinking I was a goddess now. I felt every eye on my whole body sparkling
as brightly as my tiara. Then they proceeded to meat and drink and meat and drink with me
between them almost as if they shared a brain. Every thing they did was perfectly symmetrical to
the left and the right of me and I came like the lightning in a thunderstorm. I am sure I squealed
aloud. Somehow they got both their penises into me at once, creating when the two heads
touched their own fountain, not of light but of magic.

When they were both trembling and shrinking, yet held together by me still, they each raised one
of my hands. They were thinking the same thought—do you like this?
And my answer was, of course, I do; I do! I do.

Then Steen began to seriously pay court to my left breast and fuck me with the erection that grew
in the next minutes, while Rufus slid higher and feasted like a starving man upon my sparkling
face. Every time I thought I would dissolve in joy and leave them, they kept me filled with new
sensation, Rufus thrusting into the palm of my hand like a red hot plethora of delight. It was
solve et coagule.

When finally we rested, Rufus rolled to my left and Steen rolled to my right, each clasping one
of my legs between theirs, facing me. I must have been grinning like a porch light. Rufus
propped his head up on one elbow with my arm snaking beneath his head and looked at me like
some sort of marvel. Steen was putting my bright wiggy head in the crook of his arm beneath the
dun tent of his hair. I felt the tendrils of dark yin energy snaking from my belly to theirs, flowing
gently in both directions to be transmuted. I saw them inhaling the heart effulgence from my
chest, letting it fill their minds. And then their hands met above me, palm to palm. For the first
time I noted the matching plain gold rings upon their middle fingers. How long had they been
there before I was even alive?

The most perfect concentric crescendo to all this was that Rufus raised me up to his lips as he sat
cross-legged. Then Steen sat on him with me in between. Slowly I lowered myself onto Steen
while Rufus made me exactly the right size to face him and kiss him while he grew to fullness in
Steen. I don’t know how long we sat this way, each of us nearing complete dissolution and
taking deep calming breaths to retreat back to one another. I felt that I was the wick in their

My two husbands are splendid together. The interrupting ‘honeymoon behavior’ I mentioned
went like this:

I was hovering round the PC inputting this, wondering why nobody else is in the bus this day,
and suddenly Steen is flopping onto me in the swivel chair, grinning and growling and waggling
his eyebrows. He fills me with himself until I am absolutely fulfilled! But I am wondering what
became of Rufus.
Then Rufus is thrusting Steen into me. He’s the top layer. Steen has my knees wide and is getting
hard all over again from Rufus in him. The expression on his face is manic glee—I can see every
one of his flashing teeth! This is a new facet of them both that I had never thought to see off
stage. I’m sure my face must be registering my incredulity and awe. I think I might have thought
that word clearly, splendid—
 I see Steen thinking of his own splendor!--which causes him to dive on me like a raptor and my
legs to shoot straight up into the air. I wonder why the chair isn’t falling to bits under us. Rufus
grabs my calves and begins rocking us as if they are a steering mechanism on a sled going down
a slope. I am coming fiercely and squealing, possibly out loud. Steen has come again but he’s
hard nearly instantly from what Rufus is doing to his insides. Still, he might slip off the chair
completely unless I wrap my legs around the three of us, so I do. My ankles meet in their
familiar station at the small of Rufy’s back.

Rufus is ringmaster for this. He’s diabolical. He gets Steen by the hair and pulls his shoulders up
where he can bite and gnaw. Oh it looks so HOT! When Rufus starts them moving again I move
too, and soon I am flapping my arms and drumming and kicking with my heels at Rufus as I yell
my joy. Like a shower of sparks from a Roman candle the man on the top ignites in his release,
and it rolls down through Steen and into me even as I am flopping like a landed fish in my
amazement and pleasure.

When I am able to focus my eyes on my sweaty and spent husbands, they are looking down at
me abashed. For some reason they need reassurance from me, the female, that I am not put off by
what they were just doing. Now really, it wasn’t any more ‘gay’ than other stuff they’ve done
with me, was it? But I don’t put it in that snippy way. Instead I tell them how awesome and
splendid and godlike they were. It’s oh so true. I humbly thank them for including me in it.

It turns out that they put the whole crew into a hotel just for one night, on purpose, so that they
could marry me in this way. Steen has been planning it ever since he first read this blog. That’s
when he knew I was not a disloyal worm in the apple, but a true being with loyalty to my
husband. He trusted in the powers that formed me to be best for us all and let me into his heart all
the way.

Overnight I have been transformed by Steen’s wizardry into a shiny happy married lady. I’m
consecrated unto them. It’s wondrous. And needless to say this is going to be a private entry, not
a public one.


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I am releasing The Incredible Heidi Wasabi to the public! ADULTS ONLY chapter 27

Previously I have only shared a G-rated chapter as a stand alone short story.  The bulk of the tale is in fact explicit erotic menage contemporary paranormal fantasy. 
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED-- if it is illegal for persons your age in your location to read porn, stop now.



Chapter Twenty-Seven
Big and Brown

“Ooh ain’t she big and brown?” Rufus was yelling at the kegger being held for everyone and
their press agents by Steel Virgins Ltd. Get in, Heidi, pretty please, he was simultaneously
begging me with his mind. He was waltzing around with the rubber doll in her new battle metal
getup, in honor of the new album. This was one of those special occasions.

Heidi Paaskelin, the real one, is operatically trained, like so many of those Finns, and she can
also play the accordion. It seems every band up there needs a male growler and a female aria
singer and prehistoric clothes; hers was no exception. The main reason Rufus chose her for this
elaborate deception was her name. Though I did think the bear skin she holds around her hips
with that big belt like a wrestler’s was a bit Beaver-like. On stage it looks like its jaw has hold of
one of her legs; this one was just a hank of fake fur the right size and color, but it was soft. I
spent a bit of time stroking it with my sparkles, reconciling myself to confinement albeit with
Rufus holding me. Then I dived in.

Rufus paused with his wisecracks and nursing on the beer bottle long enough to welcome me
with a sloppy kiss. When he pulled away his face was liberally smudged with bright red warpaint.
I must admit, it was satisfying to see the effect our kiss had on him from this vantage, and
to feel his fingers digging so deeply into my shoulders that air was displaced into my belly.

He grinned in triumph directly into my eyes. The beer bottle was empty now, so he tossed it
away, causing the person it hit to swear, and grabbing some attention. Then he brandished me in
the air and howled as he wiped the paint around, smearing the remainder of it in streaks over his
chest. All eyes were definitely on us now. Cameras flashed. Then he cradled me in his arms as if
we were doing the tango, nearly treading on my bare conical foot stumps (how I loathed their
toe-lessness) while he murmured sweet sounding nonsense to me with his red hair all around our
faces. Now and then he’d pause to wrap one of my arms around himself for a moment, or nibble
on my neck. The crowd parted for us, hooting and guffawing, cameras like a storm of bright
flashes I tried to ignore.

When we were abreast of one of the phone cubicles with a folding glass door, he pulled me in
with him and shut it on the crowd. I could see Dan the bodyguard’s back, but he was purposely
leaving a space where the gawkers could glimpse what Rufus was doing. Except for everyone
looking, it was like old times.

“Oh Heidi, you were perfect. You are perfect,” he said into my cheesy borrowed red hair. I
squealed as loudly as I could and sent maximum inflation into the arms around him. He already
had his trousers undone. Now he shoved the whole business, belt and all, down to his knees and
pounded me into the wall. I began to hate the metal bikini top like Princess Leia’s that they’d
dressed me in because it was between my rubber and his gorgeous skin. I was tempted to
abandon the material and just mist all around the booth but I refrained. Really, it was no worse
than the belt. And they were being so NOISY out there!

But when I came, and he soon followed, I no longer cared what they might be able to see. It was
too wonderful the way pearls of sweat were springing out of his beautiful skin wherever there
was not a greasy red streak. I simply merged my happy sparkles with the cubicle’s air and
enjoyed the perfume of him to the fullest.

Later, when we were breathing again more regularly and he was using the inflatable me for a
pillow, we made a phone call. It answered on only two rings. “Dixon Hill,” said a sweet young

“Hey, Tia. Is your mom there?”

“Daddy, are you drunk?”

“Indubitably.” He chuckled indulgently at the censure in her tone. “It’s my image I have to
maintain, honeycakes. Now lemme talk to your maw.” And Mistress Patty was eventually
brought to the phone.


“Hey, Peapod; thought you’d like to hear it from me first. Me and Heidi are gonna be all over the
front page the next couple of days. Tell your chum bucket lawyers.” And then he hung up. And
after that he cried until his nose was red, all over that big brown fake bearskin. The stalwart Dan
kept people away. And Steen and the boys were keeping the crowds entertained by licking fake
blood off daggers.

Rufus had done what she asked. She could pretend her children’s dad was not a queer until they
got old enough to live away from her at last.

He and Steen made sure it backfired though, the day Tia turned 21. They held another press
conference to tell the world they were married. By then ‘Heidi’s Big Brown Beaver’ had been a
novelty hit for nearly a decade.

“I think it was that threesome with Heidi that decided us,” Steen joked. Both of my men are so
good at shoveling the shit.

“Naw; I just decided after two bad marriages I’d only settle for a virgin,” Rufus wisecracked,
dodging a fake blow from Steen. On the way down he got hold of the famous goatee and yanked
him in for a passion show.

I am sure that they kept very quiet about that particular bit of news over at Dixon Hill.


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I am releasing The Incredible Heidi Wasabi to the public! ADULTS ONLY chapter 26

Previously I have only shared a G-rated chapter as a stand alone short story.  The bulk of the tale is in fact explicit erotic menage contemporary paranormal fantasy. 
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED-- if it is illegal for persons your age in your location to read porn, stop now.



Chapter Twenty-Six
Damn Lily

Anna had this habit of taking in waifs which Steen takes the wrong way. She herself had never
been a waif, and he has. He knows firsthand the rodent desperation of the truly rootless and fears
it. I think it’s why he continued until the very end to write Virgen Steel songs and make albums
even when he could no longer tour. Every two years, like seasons, there would be the tour. He
simply refused to stop making a product, though many critics began to say there was nothing
new there. He had to have something to sell, always.

“We have so much, herre,” was her refrain, accompanied by that dimpled soft smile as sweet as
an apple. He would growl and say it should be for their own first, and she would go on to ask
him if he saw his seven wanting for anything, anything at all, and of course they were not, in fact
they were spoiled, but she taught them good habits as well as how to be generous and how to
undermine a spouse’s fears with reason.

He would have to content himself with glowering at the strays and frightening off the worst of
them before they stole too much. They could hide nothing from him; their natures were as
transparent as window glass to him, while his Fru Bountiful steadfastly believed whatever they
told her for a sob story. She was polite that way, letting their lies unravel at their own natural
speed and then telling them goodbye.

So it came to pass that very few of the strays became permanent parts of the Herren household,
until Lily the eldest began to interfere. For she was a natural leader, was Lily, with stardom
written upon her palms and shining from her brow. Her destined collaborators in the Moffs were
drawn to her by sheer magnetism from the far corners of the world.

The new regime of ‘Lily’s gang’ had already been founded when I was being born of Rufus’
misery in his horrid first marriage, though it gained in momentum when she began her own band
in her late teens. In this she was Daddy’s girl. Her musical talent got her discovered by an agent
who had no idea she was a descendant of Virgen Steel, in a London coffee bar the Moffs were
jamming in. They transcended the sad Pierrot ‘emo’ style that was in vogue with their overlord
vehemence, though they dressed to blend in with hair in multicolored streaks and white faces.

At that time she was still small enough to fit on his lap, not the runway model Valkyrie she grew
into later. So she got commiseration from Papa Steen about how to fire temperamental bassists,
or how to put out without making empty promises of forever. He didn’t mind Cammie, one of
the strays, becoming a permanent part of her life. He warned her about Chris and Tintin. He let
her make her own mistakes. But she overestimated her own influence with him.

That is because when it comes to the extrasensory, Lily Herren is as blind as a baseball bat. She
has his lovely hazel eyes, her mother’s curvaceous proportions writ large, a fabulous singing
voice, his athletic grace, and his scheming mind, but she also jumps without looking for a spot to
land. Nobody told her that the reason her father lands on his feet is because he can see five
seconds into the future. When she lands, it is often with a thump and a crash that makes
headlines. ‘Moffing it up’ is what they call it now. And an early casualty was her parents’

Steen never let me into his private dreams; I’m not sure whether he could, not having imagined
me first. But he is in Rufus’ dreams quite a lot, as a guest, as I mentioned before. And both of us
could not help but notice he was having nightmares. He’d show up for a Rufus scripted night
adventure as if he’d just gotten away from something distasteful. And sometimes when he was in
the bed and Rufus had already finished sleeping, Steen would be moaning and mumbling that
mashed potato language he grew up with, so low I don’t even think a Dane could make it out.

The kicker, literally, was when he suddenly yelled “Anna!” And the blankets all flew onto the
floor when he sat up, shocked awake.

He shied away from Rufus as if touching would give him a shock. “Herren, what the fuck?” said
Rufus, as his band-mate took the sheet with him down the aisle of the bus toward the shower.

I took things into my own sparkly hands then and insistently dreamed of Steen until he made an
appearance there in my own dream space. That I have my own dreams shows how real I actually
am, and that I could imagine Steen clearly enough to bring him there pleased me.

 “Please, Steen,what is bothering your sleep so much? The three of us are an alliance on
 this level at least, and when you are unhappy, so are we.” I had not brought Rufus, because
 of how Steen had shied from him in the bed. I hoped that would help him explain.

My dream Steen had reddened, sore looking eyes. And for some reason his ears seemed
unusually large and pointed at the ends. “It’s because the children can’t tell what you really are.
Lily has heard of you, my dear, but she thinks you are a real woman someplace. She’s telling all
sorts of maerchen to Anna, and it is hurting us, as man and wife.”

I had tested Lily on that myself, as soon as Steen decided to bring her on tour with us this time.
He wanted her away from Chris and Tintin’s bad habits, two of the strays who were on their way
out of her circle a little too slowly for his fatherly taste. So he told her she should leave her
Moffs for a season and guest star with the Virgens. He got her a group of reliable backup
musicians, all old enough to mind their manners around him.

But no, Lily can’t hear my hum, can’t see my twinkle, and walks right through me like a ferret
going through a cobweb. Steen said it’s common for the wizard talents to skip a generation in
any case. He didn’t choose his Anna for that. So not even Bjarne the baby has ever noticed me,
not even when I stuck my hand down his diaper. Ugh—never again…

“You have not been a parent, Heidi. We feel each hurt our children get. Yes, we even do not
mind the smell of the baby’s farts, because it is our child. This is instinct. If Anna believes these
silly things Lily repeats, she will take Bjarne away. It is like taking away one of my fingers.” He
began to cry big wet tears all over my dream space. Soon we were in a big puddle of them and
his nose was swollen and red. I held him all round with my marshmallowy soft and flexible
dream arms and did the best I could to coo and soothe. And I touched all his fingers with the
ones I’d been working on growing for myself, to reassure him.

Sure enough, he had seven extra at the moment, growing out of the backs of his hands in an extra
layer, like scales of a fish. If I looked closely I could see little faces on each one where the nail
would be.

I thought of the little Heidi I’d had once in Rufus’ dreams and resolved to make myself one of
those again sometime. How different it would be though, to have a completely new individual,
not a copy of you at all, who was a part of you like that!

It was a bit frightening. How it must hurt to have them grow up and yet, what a relief to have
them no longer fighting against you to be the way they thought was best.

I looked down at the Lily finger, and her brother Nils; they were the two biggest. It was as if they
were developing cracks along where arms and legs should be. I saw the Lily finger wagging
itself as if trying to come loose from Steen’s poor hand. Nils was waving his head digit around a
bit as if looking about, though it had its eyes shut. But his was a lot less restive than Lily’s.

“No,” said Steen, “there’s no stopping it. They will grow up and be themselves. I only wish they
could see and hear as much as their weird father, that is all, my dear. But if I do tell them the
truth, the advokats for Anna will put me in the nut house where there will be no way to provide
for the children. She cannot think of you as anything but another human woman, my poor Lily.
And saying you do not exist is impossible at this point.”

“I wish Anna could see me.” We both sighed. The last time Steen had tried to convince Anna I
was there, it had upset her rather a lot. She didn’t mind him pretending he had an incubus; that
she just took as another of his games. But for some reason, the feminine in Anna would not
tolerate someone of her own sex around her Steen. Perhaps she thought that she was no longer as
beautiful to him after all the things her body had been through to make the children.

We simply held each other until he woke up. Whatever came next was not going to be pleasant,
and it was bound to come, as surely as a hurricane.

The talk of the Herrens’ divorce is what got Patty started. She was a very tolerant woman; hadn’t
she taken in Junie and raised her as their own? If there had been other by-blows of Rufus’ own
DNA, she would even have taken them too. Tia and the boys were not raised to feel at all
superior to Junie, even if she looked nothing like the rest of them with that Orphan Annie fuzz of
caramel and her chocolate eyes.

But the conclusions she came to about the ‘Heidi’ business were a bit different. Putting the
pieces together, she finally realized that there was a closer bond between her husband and Steen
than could be accounted for professionally. They weren’t just workmates and drinking buddies.
Whether they shared a girl or not, what were they doing in the same bed? Did they touch each
other? Did they—

Sadly, when Rufus had been on the road, Patty had gotten involved with a local church, for
socializing and community support for herself and the children. They had summer camps and
Bible schools and the thought of what her Rufus was doing with other women was just part of
the way men were, but with another man? No . That was abomination. He would never touch her

She’d sort of slid away from him carefully every time he’d hugged her, this time he got home.
After dinner, in the TV room in their loungers, kids off to bed and her hands full of knitting and
his full of the remote, she’d finally just said it:

“Heidi is really Steen, isn’t she?” Her rage was pouring off her like heat off an electrical
element. She spent a lot of her self control on keeping her hands busy and her lip from curling
into a snarl.

The content Rufus had been feeling being back at home shattered like toffee hit with a hammer.
His eyes blackened to indigo and his face sagged in fifty places. Slowly, he just looked at her,
shaking his head. Then he turned back to the television and hid his eyes in his hand. He didn’t
know where to start.

He stayed so still and quiet while I did all the raging, despite the fact that she couldn’t see or hear
me. You hypocrite! What about the thousand and one girls he’s been with? Why didn’t they
bother you? How can you hate him for this? It’s love, too!
I was tempted to fly at her and do—I
don’t know what. It wasn’t as if she was any sort of threat, nothing like a bar fight. She was just
sitting there, radiating her poison. In the end, all I could do was watch, and wait, just like her.

When at last words came from Rufus, they were in a hoarse whisper. “Don’t make me choose.” I
could feel the pain in his chest where his heart was being ground into pieces.

“Oh no; you made the choice already,” she retorted, and shut the sewing box with a snap. She
stood up with the neatly folded pile of blankets and said, “Sleep here.” The bedding landed with
a flomp on his lap.

His eyes were on her as she paused in the doorway. Her eyes looked a little more liquid now, not
steaming mad, and she was struggling with a lump in her throat as she spoke next. “I filed the
papers yesterday. We can keep it real quiet. I don’t want anybody talking trash about my
children’s father. Just don’t—touch me.” And we heard her hurrying upstairs.

Rufus didn’t sleep there. He stormed out and slammed the door so loud that I am certain Patty
heard it. Then he drove fifty miles to Catriona’s and picked up tequila on the way and drank it
with her when she got off her shift. No, Catriona can’t see me either, but she has an incredible
laugh. Everything in the world strikes her funny, including gruesome tragedy and lewd
lasciviousness, when it comes with tequila. Rufus and I needed to hear laughter very badly.

Even though the tour was over, within a few days both Steen and Rufus were back on the bus. It
took a month of wrestling and arguing before they decided on the best place to buy a house
where they could park it. The house is wholly owned by Steel Virgin Records Ltd and everything
in it contributes to the production of music. Including Beaver and me.

Lily and the Moffs are not allowed here. They made their own way to the place in the tabloids
and the charts that they hold now. And until Munsch left the band, he had a room here just like
Murray and Ole do. In the end, the critics took more notice of that than what Lily did, because it
changed the string lineup. The Virgens had been known for their ‘triple guitar attack’ up until
then, though now and then it was mandolin or lute in the case of Rufus.

Yes, Lily did it. Jurgen the snitch explained to her that he always counted the girls who got on
and off after a gig, and she found out that Jan the blowup doll had once been named Heidi from
Murray, and jumped to conclusions. Steen has never forgiven her, and his solution was not to tell
her she was no longer his daughter, but to tell her she was no longer allowed to associate with his
band. Moffs and Virgens don’t mix.

Friday, July 1, 2016

I am releasing The Incredible Heidi Wasabi to the public! ADULTS ONLY chapter 25

Previously I have only shared a G-rated chapter as a stand alone short story.  The bulk of the tale is in fact explicit erotic menage contemporary paranormal fantasy. 
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED-- if it is illegal for persons your age in your location to read porn, stop now.


Chapter Twenty-Five
Heel Spurs

Blog, have I mentioned how beautiful Rufus’ toes are? Probably I have. They are long and
gracefully tapering, just like his fingers, with the same fine red-gold hairs along their tops. In
summertime they even get freckles the way his fingers do. He has taken great care of his feet
because he needs them to be a good athlete, and that means they have never gotten crooked from
pinching shoes the way Steen’s have.

In Steen’s defense, it’s hard to find shoes that big. Nowadays he has them specially made. And
he was not always a wealthy rock star. Once he was a starving rock star who slept curled around
his equipment in the subway sometimes. That kind will wear any shoes close to the right size.
That kind will get joy from the very fact that they pinch and make bloody spots inside them
where they scrape.

I used both my husbands for references in developing my own feet. And of course it began with
wanting lovely feet like Rufus. I enjoy just caressing them with my sparkles sometimes, and
once when I was relatively small and just grazing like a little guppy along his shin hairs, he
simply put his sock on over me. You have no idea how cozy that is.

Eventually I came out again but stayed straddling his foot while he padded around, examining
the articulation of his ankle. As my original design left only conical stumps on the ends of my
legs, it was obvious I needed to add a bend. I also sensed the flexing bundles of ligaments and
little bones running through the arches, echoing the design of the toes themselves deep inside the

Each toe has a sort of cushion of meat under where it hits the ground, then it springs in reverse
up away from that place to meet the ground again upon its other end. The whole foot is a
symphony of muscular curves, and the biggest one is called the arch. It’s more like a shell, with
curves going in more than one direction. Who can blame me for wanting to grow some of these
lovely limbs?

Rufus helped by pinching on either side of where the bend ought to be. “There’s more, gal,” he
explained. “There’s also this massive hoof of a bone called the heel, going backwards. It holds
our entire weight all by itself. Get a load of it.” So I did.

I swarmed his heel and circumambulated it with my sparks. I even let him step down on me.
No, that doesn’t hurt. It mainly gave me the insight that if I were to inflate suddenly, the whole
superstructure of Rufus would topple because he really did put all his weight on his heels much
of the time. But he smirked and informed me that he’d probably just bend his knees and ride me
like a surfboard. Now I’ll bet we’ll try that during a dream. He’s always coming up with things.

For now I merely flowed up him like an ‘amazing Technicolor dream coat’ as he put it. I took a
moment to pretend his hair was mine with sparkles on the ends of every red wiry strand. Then I
let him finish getting dressed. I had things to contemplate.

Thinking of toes on my feet was pretty easy. I stuck with five because of creator loyalty, I think.
I started with sparkling pearly nails on each one, the inside toe having a much bigger nail
because it was biggest. The toes fan out laterally from there to make a flap parallel to the world’s
surface. As I visualized the sparkling nail jewelry on the tip of each one and began to fold these
fans up and down, searching for the best place for their bends, I got a sensation in the bottom of
each foot area, where I couldn’t see. There were openings, rimmed with petals like the ones
ladies have in their crotches. NEW MOUTHS! I shrieked in the between. Oh my goodness, they
were like the ones in my hands, only frillier. It was so exciting!

Steen happened to be napping and heard me shriek. I saw his eyes and brows, his trailing
mustachios, come materializing into where I was. As he focused on my new toe work his nose
took shape between as well. He sniffed. It was more like a dog’s sniff than a ferret’s. Then he
brought his lips along to explain. The precise term is chakras, Heidi. These are your lotus feet,
which we are to kiss when you manifest the Goddess. How nice of you to make us some kissable
Then he smiled and his eyes flashed with at least six colors.

He stayed around for a bit to watch me find the right places for them to bend, and told me I ought
to make the heel pointier and larger. I did. I visualized a cone of sparkle membrane to contain it,
like a breast.

That’s when things got away from me and started developing faster than I could think them.
Perhaps it’s because breasts have a nipple, and so a sparkle jewel pattern lodged itself at that
place? It’s just a guess. The point is: it got pointed. And sharp. It was a sixth nail--- no, a spur! A
talon! My toes, which had been developing so gracefully, suddenly grew big to balance it. They
were all huge, like claws. If I had new mouths down here, these were its teeth perhaps, but they
looked nothing at all like Rufus feet now. I screamed again in surprise and disgust.

Steen popped right back of course, his whole head this time, with beard ends waggling and
straws of long hair coming loose from behind his ears. He saw me rolling my eyes in dismay and
chuckled. Then he leered. Bird feet; that’s all they are. Very sexy. I’d kiss them. Goddess Ishtar
has bird feet all the time, my dear.

But I didn’t want bird feet! I was shivering and recoiling from them as they flexed, each one with
its own muscles to use like little serpents, each one seeming to enjoy its new form almost without
my permission. When he saw the extent of my distress, Steen came completely into the between
and held me. He had to explain still more.

On his lap, safe in a pocket of whatever Rufus was wearing at the moment, I learned about the
way the creatures who are made of meat develop from a single cell meeting another single cell
and starting a pre-programmed chain reaction resulting in fresh new creatures of meat. It was like
a video Steen showed me upon both our mind-eye viewing screens. All of them, the birds and the
reptiles and the mammals, at a certain early point look exactly alike.

He showed me their feet especially. If I didn’t want my feet to look like a bird’s, I could change
them, here. He did it all the time, he said. He’s had lion’s feet and bird’s feet and hooves, just to
frighten people now and then. It doesn’t have to last.
Finally I looked down at my talons and my spurs and dimpled my face, pinking up to show him I
was grateful and no longer hated my own feet. Then, creasing my forehead eyes nearly shut with
the effort, I thought my toes into the toes I wanted. I erased the spurs in back into tiny pearly dots
on my heavy and sturdy looking heels.

Steen’s pride in me was like warm syrup . He lifted each foot and kissed each toe. He kissed the
lotuses on the bottoms too. And that was the first time he let me kiss his feet in return.

And because we are discussing Steen’s feet, never mind about the rest.