Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Editing insights on our new releases part 2: Myristica

On her personal website, our mystic Myristica speaks of her battle against endometrial cancer. She dreamed it before the diagnosis. Death itself stared her in the face and she stared it down. Finally Death turned away. She clings to this vision and it is behind her continuing dedication to building her fantasy worlds of love and the supernatural.

That is also where you can visit in depth the many worlds she has been creating, two of which she shares with us through our fortunate publishing venture, Dark Roast Press Ebooks.

She writes most naturally in a serial style and so the episodic nature of her characters' struggles with cosmic forces and weird entities comes out in sections. The first volume of the Crimson Dawn series, Hallowed Echoes, was my first chance to experience her worlds. It is set on an alternate Earth contemporaneous with our own where supernatural beings from many worlds and dimensions keep an uneasy alliance in order to dwell peaceably among the dominant human race which on the whole remains unaware of them. For many of them see humans as a prey species, one that needs careful de facto management at the best and brutal subjugation at worst.

Skillfully intertwined with the unfolding epic are the individual romances between her main characters, who exhibit a stunning diversity of gifts and often uncanny powers, from the barest mundanes with wry wit to immortal mages to brutally intelligent monsters. Yet each has distinct personality and we lucky readers want all of them to find happiness and prosper in their different fashions. Myristica conjures forth great empathy for every point of view she writes from.

From the first volume this first segment of the next volume, Double Vision, continues the investigation by human detectives of the brutal killing spree being blamed upon the Vampire Guild, headed by the chilling Thomas Hampton. In order to thwart the real killer, an extraterrestrial predatory shapeshifter, they will need the help of the immortal lovers first introduced to us in the previous book GeminI Souls, currently dwelling quietly upon Earth at a popular dance club. It is shorter and we have priced it accordingly, but more Myristica is in constant demand by her dedicated admirers.

I cannot and will not summarize the plot. It is complex and will pull you in on its own until you, too will be praying for the next installment to make its way from Myristica to us.

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