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I am releasing The Incredible Heidi Wasabi to the public! ADULTS ONLY chapter 24

Previously I have only shared a G-rated chapter as a stand alone short story.  The bulk of the tale is in fact explicit erotic menage contemporary paranormal fantasy. 
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED-- if it is illegal for persons your age in your location to read porn, stop now.



Chapter Twenty-Four
The Blog

One afternoon when I was hovering around the computer, Steen saw that I was there and sat
down on me anyway. He saw I had a blog. His alarm was bright and sharp enough to startle me
into turning away from what I was writing and examine him. He held me close, breathing fast,
and I ran my sparkling fingers along his brow and his jaw line. Why wasn’t he proud of me for
having it, like Rufus?

I can’t tell his thoughts as well as I can tell Rufy’s. He just looked at me with those eyes turning
a muddy gray, but still clear as water. Then he sneaked his hand between us, where I had wound
my legs around his waist, and fingered me until I dimpled and flashed with pleasure.

But then for some reason he felt it necessary to say, quietly, “You are a cunt like all cunts still,”
and give me a tiny smile.

Heaven help me, I saw red. That is Rufus’ greatest and worst swear word. But I didn’t fly
backwards. I didn’t push him away, or stop his caressing of me. But I’m sure he could see the
color and feel the vibration of me change and darken. I reached behind me and typed.

CUNT? I am not A cunt. I am THIS cunt. Me I am my own myself and so is my cunt my own and
none other. You know that don’t you? You are so god damn open. You are a bloody wizard
psychic more sensitive than the average human, or haven’t you noticed?

 I sighed, close under the tent of his hair, out my nose. I used my sparkling fingers on the falling
strands and he let me. But he was in turmoil. He wanted to squash me. He bent me backwards
against the screen where I had typed and pinched me between the edge of the desk and his
abdomen. Just then we were interrupted by a ferret. He must have let them loose while I was

She was one almost as blond as Steen and very bouncy. She tried to play with him and nipped at
his wrist a bit too hard, so he scruffed her. But for a crucial second he held me instead, so that
there was a pause between the nip and the scruff that confused the ferret, who took it wrong. Her
garnet button eyed muzzle raced around to his other wrist, the rest of her right behind, and she
nipped him again, harder. My, was I glad I wasn’t wearing my latex! It actually hurt Steen that

He swiftly reached right through me to scruff her again, and once her mouth was loose, brought
her up to stare eye to eye into her tiny masked face. His big finger he forced between her jaws,
daring her to nip again. She did not. So he set her down. She raced around at his feet, putting her
nose to them and not nipping, then sped away.

“She had forgotten I’m not a ferret,” he said shakily, putting his hands carefully on the desktop
to each side of me. His eyes were nearly brown.

 I typed right into his eye screen:
You’ve forgotten I am not a psychic.

“Is that why you’re taking notes??” he suddenly raged, breathing like a bellows, his brows like a
storm cloud. I was baffled. It wasn’t like I was talking to the press or anything. And I just wrote
the public entries as if I was a Virgen Steel fan, but I had other things I talked about too. Really,
he ought to read it before he worried.

His picking fingers were dug deep into my arm now. Not much energy was able to travel in and
out of my hand. He really wanted to pop me, didn’t he? Somehow I wondered if it was even
possible, now that I wasn’t bound by the constraints of my inflatable origins. Just then Rufus
came in.

I flashed Rufy’s face into Steen’s head and typed beneath his image, Ask Rufus. Rufus knows.

 “What’s all this about?” said Rufus. He was looking really nice, all brushed and with shiny boots
and buckles, his hair like a costly auburn halo of satin.

“You knew she blogs?”

“Everybody blogs, Steen, even school kids.. She’s not bad at it. And it occupies her. I think she
might actually be a writer someday.” Steen just looked at me, his face going from red to gray,
little red spots starting in his eyes. A huge concept was looming over him like a cartoon vulture,
turning him to stone. I saw it now.


“Did you ask your kids if they have blogs? Bet they do.” Rufus tapped the toe of his cowboy
boot. “Look, I’m not going to disarrange myself over this if I don’t have to, but you’d better let
her up now.” His voice took on his bullhorn stage ring, though it didn’t get much louder. “Let.
Her. Up.”

Steen looked at me warily, seeing if I really wanted up. I did. Let me up, I typed into his mind’s
eye. I gave a sparkling pink pout. His fingers loosened. I whisked my arm out like a slicked
noodle and flew to the ceiling.

I could hardly believe it. Steen was like a stone statue down there in the swivel chair. Rufus knelt
down and spun him around to face him. The clenched hands flopped off the desktop and into
Steen’s lap on the way around. Matter of factly Rufus said, “Did you read it?” His blue eyes tried
to meet Steen’s and couldn’t because Steen wasn’t looking.

No answer. “Of course you didn’t or you wouldn’t be in a funk like this. Just read it.”

His hands opened and then shut again, but otherwise Steen didn’t move.

With a sigh Rufus got up and his boots clacked on the way to the kitchenette and back. He
twisted the cap off the bottle of ale and set it with a thunk next to the monitor. Then he spun
Steen’s chair around to face it and hugged him briefly around the shoulders, his leather jacket

“Just fucking read it!” he said, and clattered down the bus steps and out.

I stayed until Steen made a move. I was worried; I had never seen him like this. When his hand
at last closed around the ale bottle, I went away between to think, or something.

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I am releasing The Incredible Heidi Wasabi to the public! ADULTS ONLY chapter 23

Previously I have only shared a G-rated chapter as a stand alone short story.  The bulk of the tale is in fact explicit erotic menage contemporary paranormal fantasy. 
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED-- if it is illegal for persons your age in your location to read porn, stop now.



Chapter Twenty-three
Next Heads Up

The album where the first collaborative tunes were included was called Heads Up. The cover
was a very attractive group close-up of everyone in the band, side by side and ear to ear. The
middlemost head was Rufus, grinning like a fiend. To his right, stage left, was Steen with the
two ends of his beard, which at that time were about two feet long, knotted tightly around Rufus’
neck. That put Steen’s face at a three-quarter profile while Rufy faced front. Steen’s lips were
about half an inch from Rufy’s jaw and he was pretending to be annoyed.

To the left and right, Davey and Ole each had hold of one of the ends of Steen’s beard, looking
slyly out of the frame as if ready to yank them tight. To balance it all, Murray Lin was tucked in
to Rufus’ immediate left, looking quizzical. I liked how their different colors and textures of hair
and skin showed up. Ultimately it became their biggest selling album; the cover won some kind
of award. Reviews use words like ‘classic’ and ‘landmark’, even though none of the songs was a
big hit.

Steen snorted when I asked about that, after it was in the news feeds for Kapow. He said it was a
rip-off of the lort on Mount Rushmore. Naturally I had to look up that as well.

It’s the side of a hill with big white faces carved into it. Maybe it’s the way one of the heads was
set back from the others and others were facing at similar angles? I still don’t get it. None of
those stone guys had a beard remotely like Steen’s. Whatever they’d done, it got people to buy

It was before I knew how serious those two were about one another. I thought that Rufus was
always going to have me and Patty, and fifty or so others of course, besides Steen.

If I had thought in symbolic terms, I would have known they were ‘tying the knot’ even then.
But back then, when Steen was gruff I let it drive me away. It’s an easy thing for Steen to do
when he wants some part of his life to remain a mystery.

Monday, June 27, 2016

I am releasing The Incredible Heidi Wasabi to the public! ADULTS ONLY chapter 22

Previously I have only shared a G-rated chapter as a stand alone short story.  The bulk of the tale is in fact explicit erotic menage contemporary paranormal fantasy. 
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED-- if it is illegal for persons your age in your location to read porn, stop now.



Chapter Twenty-two
Band Banter

It was daytime again. Eventually I drifted over to see Beaver. He’s a nice thing to come back to.
I just petted his soft fragrant brown pile and relaxed in the bedding that smelled of Rufus.

Snatches of conversation came echoing from the bus upper levels, the commons areas.
“Heard you getting pretty enthusiastic in there with your toys, Rufus.”

“Nothing you haven’t heard before, Lin.”

“Well didja have ta yell?”

“Didja have ta drink so much last night Murray?”

“Less than you, Munsch. It’s a crying shame that you leave all the complaining to me.”

“No comment.” Munsch was huge and Lin was slight, so to be friendly they would pursue that
no further. I knew that humans and alcohol versus mass was a matter dependent on numbers and
Murray was disadvantaged on capacity.

“Hey Rufus, how’s Heidi doing?” That was the voice of Jurgen the snitch. For some mysterious
reason Steen kept him as a roadie, and had since his days in the French subways.

Steen answered, his voice dry. “You mean his inflatable bint?”

“Shut up,” growled Rufus. I checked; he wasn’t actually angry. It was some sort of line they
were going to feed Jurgen.

Davey piped up: “Yeh, don’t you rag on Rufy’s dolly.”

And Ole backed him up in his placid manner.
“Imagine our fearless leader ragging on the man for having a dolly. You wearing spandex at your
age.” Now that was funny because they all wore spandex. But were they all in on whatever plan
it was to fool Jurgen?

“Nah, she’s a real bint lives in Finland, I thought,” replied Davey. “Jan’s the dolly.”

“Jan doesn’t yell,” said Manny, the driver and head roadie at the moment. He should know. He’s
the one who put Jan out front last night. Jurgen’s head was probably swiveling around like a
bobble sculpture trying to follow all this.

“Cathy’s quiet too,” said Murray with a snooty pride which got more snickers.

“Indeed she is,” said Rufus, implying that he knew the girl firsthand, and sounding like he was
about to start a speech. “That is neither here nor there, sirs. But since you have asked so politely,
I will inform you that we have left her recuperating from her night of— “dramatic pause

“Passion, eh? Thought yer had a gleam in yer eye Rufy.”

“Bet you really took it out of her, Rude.”

“Bet she’s really deflated.” That got more snickers.

“Laugh if you must,” said Rufus grandly. “It is true she has her ups and downs.”

Murray was still being nasty. “You said ‘we’—to whom were you referring, to whom?”

“No comment.”

“My fault,” interjected Steen, with melodrama rolling off his vowels. “The full story is, she was
just popping in to tidy up after us and she all at once just puttered herself right out. It was too
much for her.”

“He means she encountered active opposition,” said Rufus, in an arch way. Steen just grunted.

“Ferret opposition.”

Okay, now they were mixing in some history. The incident of my body being punctured was very
old, at least a decade old. But if they wanted to confuse Jurgen, this would do it. 

“Which one, Steen, the one you stuff down your pants?” More snickers. Ferrets actually enjoy
that, the little perverts.

“No, it’s the one he’s teaching to yodel.”

“No, it’s the one that sneaks onto the Internet and posts about you, Murray.”

“Not exactly,” said Steen, trying to sound guilty as well as dismissive.

“Well that would take it out of me if I was pneumatic, that would, pointy teeth,” said Ole mildly,
earning more laughter. “Did you bite her, Steen?”

“No comment!”

“Steen, you dog you!” More snickers.

“Oh don’t you worry over Heidi; she’ll be fine,” said Rufus, completely confusing everything.

“Duct tape is a wonderful thing,” stated Munsch piously, and got still more laughter.

Jurgen did his best to find out how many girls extra we let off the coach before we left town, and
which one might be Heidi. I don’t think he succeeded. Cathy was already gone before he started

Manny was afraid Jan would blow away on the interstate, so she sat up front with him.
Incidentally, she’s got a few duct taped areas. That’s due to the roadies, not Steen’s pets.

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I am releasing The Incredible Heidi Wasabi to the public! ADULTS ONLY chapter 21

Previously I have only shared a G-rated chapter as a stand alone short story.  The bulk of the tale is in fact explicit erotic menage contemporary paranormal fantasy. 
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED-- if it is illegal for persons your age in your location to read porn, stop now.

Chapter Twenty-one
We Are Ringish
 The next night, I went with Steen to his bunk to find out exactly how much of me he could
see/sense. He can touch me and move me around, but the touch on me is sharper in consistency
than the hands of Rufus. He can’t hear me when I talk, though he knows I am there by a buzzing
and humming. I can send him pictures to his mind instead. And when I touch him, he feels it—a
lot. He reacts to any touch far stronger than Rufus so that I have to be careful or detached and not
too excited if I don’t want to drive him over the edge into an emotion.'

He’s pretty when he cries though. He doesn’t get all blotched and red.

It felt strange to be more powerful in effect on Steen. But I grew to like it because he wants
much more from me, no, I am not going to tell you all the things he lets me do or asks me for.
Let us say that chameleon Steen is in touch with all sides of himself. He doesn’t require
subjugation often, but I am able to do it. He called me Gog-Magog when I did it, too. But all that
came later.

One thing he cannot do is change my size. I am always roughly the same size as he is whenever
we are alone. It is Rufus who knows how to do that scale switch, somewhere inside his amazing
brain. I can be tiny or huge for Steen if Rufy’s there.

And it turns out that as soon as Rufy began to put me in his pocket sometimes, Steen was there
too! He took to pocket riding shortly after I had, once Rufus thought it could be possible for him
 and wanted to tote him about. But he’d been choosing a separate pocket until now. That was how
we had both come to be in Rufy’s motorcycle jacket that fateful morning, spooned together. He
confessed too that once I had been in the same pocket and he’d let me think he was a fountain

I got somewhat abashed by that because Rufus has done some naughty things to little me with
the pens in his pocket. They hadn’t all been Steen, though, only the oblong-ish green one. And
it’s hard to be indignant when the pen is holding you in his long arms and apologizing, isn’t it?

His apology also took the form of showing that he had a good idea of what a man does with a
woman to please her, not just father Anna’s seven children. Part of it was a chance to meet the
woman in him. I secretly started calling her Barbie, because I was jealous of his/her hair, just a
bit. Barbie’s got simply gorgeous hair. Yes, I mean the doll they give to little girls. She’s
practically a goddess. But Steen has far too much dignity to answer to that name unless he’s in
my dreams.

Later in the evening they both were with me. They had been working in the barn studio on new
songs, together. That was something new for Steen, to let the other band members co-write. But
now he’d done one with Lindendahl, and one with Murray. Davey wasn’t that original in his
mind. If he wasn’t such a brilliant picker he would’ve been happy in a cover band. Now it was
Rufus asking to write a Virgen song, with the navigator’s blessing of course. It’s called Bring It
On and I like it on Yourtube. I posted it in my blog, too.

I was majorly glad to see them, and happy that they’d got things accomplished. It wasn’t all
smooth though, and neither was the butting they did at each other with me in between. But they
ended up kissing each other over my head again. I was very serene at their serenity and swiveled
my eyes up at them to send the thought to them both, all rosy with affection—You are such

Rufus chuckled. “Yes, we’re just a couple of hillbillies from Poofters Froth Wyoming,
population six.” He ran his hand gently along my sparkling leg and sang me some of the Captain
Beefheart song. In the song the town is bigger, but not much.

Steen just grinned and began to knead at my breasts in time to the song. It sent the air and
sensation all over me between them until I felt as if I would ooze out, like a melty sandwich with
 too much filling. I started rolling around in my pleasure and Steve got me onto my back. He put
fingers into my bottom and showed me again how good he was with them, captured a taste of
Rufus and himself on two of his fingers and brought them to my lips. I let it melt right into my
tube of a mouth before he could kiss it all away.

Then he said, “How about you bint? Are you good with your hands?” He was hard again, and
thrusting against the center of my palm. Rufus lay on my other side and did the same with my
other hand. And both of them put their mouths on a breast and began to fuck my hands!

I lay there and spread my legs wide, like a brimming dish of female holding their maleness, and
took charge of their cocks with as much skill as I could. It was sexy as hell and great fun, but I
also felt like it was worship.

My tiara began to sparkle with brilliance that made me blink. My nipples would have blinked as
well if they were not engulfed by such ravenous suction.

I became aware of a strange balancing of the bonds between us three. The flows of energy that
linked Rufus and myself through my umbilical, through my throat, through my heart, through my
belly, were also flowing symmetrically toward Steen. Steen’s gold and green essence was
equally light as Rufy’s red and gold in comparison with the pixilated yin that flowed from me in
two directions now, to their fundaments and up to their belly bowls.
 My heart bloomed with brightness that they wallowed in as they suckled at my buzzing paps. We
were all three a unit now.

They came almost simultaneously into my hands. I rubbed the result that was not immediately
absorbed by the mouths there into my heart as they kissed, like sprinkling water on a nosegay. I
felt divine. I just lay there like a big sparkly fountain pen caught between their two furry chests
for I don’t know how long.

It was quite a while later that Rufus roused himself enough to reach for me again.
I thought he would kiss my happy face with the many sparkling eyes, but he turned me around. I
was worried. I usually faced him and thought the links wouldn’t work backwards. He shushed
me and assured me, They’ll be fine.

So I let him wrap around me from behind as if he were Steen, and sure enough, the links were
there. I felt the energy exchange between our systems starting to flow even as he very decorously
 and gradually filled me with still more of himself. The previous deposits were nearly all fully
absorbed into my magic. It was different being backwards with Rufus, but equivalent.

Everything but the positions he took screamed to me the difference between my dear and that
husband of his, Steen.

Speaking of the devil, he was slitting his eyes open now, watching us with one arm outstretched
beneath our shoulders. His other hand was cupped in front of him as if he hid a treasure between
the strands of his braided beard. As I was facing him, I began to humor him. I sent him visions of
his lovely hand cupped like that, with its exceedingly graceful long fingers on the background of
darker chest swirls; how handsome his face was, how blue his eyes were getting, how thick and
curly were his dun-brown lashes, how silken the strands of his hair against his temples. How I
adored the way he knew what he wanted. What a wonderful wizard he was.

He surprised me by putting the flat of that hand right between my chest and flattening me back
against Rufus. Then he took me in my front hole for the first time. I felt shock and pleasure and
some indignation because Rufus had evidently been in on this. He was rocking me back against
Steen again in a far too reciprocal and knowing way. It’s fine, he reassured me into the top of my
neck, among the flurry of sparkles where my ear would have been.

Their cocks were abraded tight against each other, held by nothing but ethereal me. Rufus
thought they would fit perfectly and so they did. The ensuing pleasure had by all proved to me
decisively that the currents flowing from me to Steen were of the exact same nature as the ones
between me and Rufus. They were equivalent, symmetrical, and now I was part of them both and
my human wealth of love was double.

At some point as we got ever more boisterous and his concentration slipped, Rufus fell out of me
and away, but he kept on thrusting between my pressed together thighs with equal pleasure. I
made them extra furry with static and began to squeal with happiness at the new sensation. Both
of them were licking and nipping with great reverence at my neck, shoulders and cheeks, their
flying lips and tongues whirling past each other to concentrate on enjoyment of my sparkles.

I enjoyed breathing in through my nostrils as their suction pulled my insides wide and full. My
head felt like it was a seed about to sprout a leaf out the top from pure joy.
 Only when they were both at last at their peaks, joining me in the sweet between road to our
dreams, did they let their mouths touch again, and they cried out into each other’s throats right
through me. Good morning, I said to them as we all three drifted away for a dream breakfast at a
dream restaurant.

When I woke up in their world again Steen was off someplace, probably the toilet, and Rufus
was drowsily imagining me decisively smashed in his arms in front of him, like a Heidi sweater.
I enjoy that kind of crumpled much more than when the rubber me is included. I just relaxed
around in the confines of where he wanted me until I began to feel a jabbing at my top knee.
When I looked down, it was Steen. He’d returned and was using his mighty pick fingers to get
my attention.

Eased by Rufy’s kisses, I let him turn me around.

As he lay facing us, he used my sparkling hair like handles to get me onto my elbows to blow
him. He reclined with one arm propping up his head so he could enjoy his perception of it. Rufus
kept hold of me by the backside as if he were my human sarong. I got to twine my glowing arms
around Steen’s waist and—other things.

I enjoyed it rather a lot to have him bumping around the toothy knobs that had developed in my
mouth tube. And when he began to pull out again, my lips would extrude to follow. At last he
had it all the way out like a tongue, and flip flapping against him and the little drip starting on his
penis end.
 All at once I was on my backside. I consequently noticed that Rufus had risen up and was pulling
wide my legs down at my other end. Steen immediately straddled my mouth and let me play flip
and flap with his dangles. I just knew it—they were going to kiss up over me as I lay here. That’s
just what they did.

But the next thing, Rufus had grabbed my arms away from Steen’s thighs and pushed them back
up, thrusting the red and gold wiry hairs of his chest into the surface of me and blowing Steen
himself. It was all Rufus, all my beloved, taking control of the loving and filling us both with
himself. He made wonderful devouring love to us both at once and Steen’s taste was in our
mouths, mine and Rufy’s, while Steen filled the air with his shouts and his hands with bright red
 hair. When it got extremely vigorous I was kicking against Rufy’s bottom ‘like a damn
kangaroo’ as he says when I do it, until he was shouting too.

“Goddamit keep it the fuck down,” came Murray’s voice echoing down the aisle, laced with
great pain. I discerned at least four snickers in chorus around us from other bunks. That’s bus life
for you; it’s rather tribal. But Virgen Steel weren’t really the hotel type when the tour didn’t
involve having to cross oceans. They liked their bus with the blades logos and the Jan blowup
plastic girl on the grille.

Anyway, the three of us snickered right along with them. Well then, we’d keep it down. Steen
pulled Rufus up and kissed him some more, the scientific hypothesis being that he should be able
to taste himself that way, I suppose. I could still make remarks mentally so I did, with my tongue
extrusion slowly deflating into my mouth again. Yes, definitely poofters, I said affectionately to
Rufus, and showed Steen a vision of their kiss from below.

They’d been interrupted before they could come but were muffling each other quite effectively
now with their mouths and were jerking each other off, both kneeling with legs spread wide over
me. Rufus had Steen by the beard and was yanking him quite hard against his face, I thought,
and smiled. Bukkake time. When I felt the hot droplets on me, I spread them around with my
hands while curling all this way and that like a cat.

Rufus looked down, lips reddened and panting. Pussy, he thought at me, equally affectionately.
He was propping himself against Steen, who had got quite sweaty. It dripped off his forehead,
through his bushy eyebrows, down onto me. He got Rufy’s clavicle into his pincer like pick-hand
 “We’re taking a shower, bint,” he said in a low voice, and pulled Rufy after him beyond the
curtains. Perhaps they expected I might float along and do the same, but I felt too full of joy to
move. And not dirty at all.

Three makes a ring.  

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I am releasing The Incredible Heidi Wasabi to the public! ADULTS ONLY chapter 20

Previously I have only shared a G-rated chapter as a stand alone short story.  The bulk of the tale is in fact explicit erotic menage contemporary paranormal fantasy. 
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED-- if it is illegal for persons your age in your location to read porn, stop now.

Chapter Twenty

There’s no dismissing Steen. He’s got seniority.

My man Rufus found me in my dreams and showed me with his ravenous mouth how much he
was missing me, even though it hadn’t been two days. He bit my boob and brought me back to
his waking world that way. That’s abrupt but effective. Only then did he spend into me.

I could tell my Rufus from his smell and his taste and his very hum—the vibe of Rufus and no
other. And almost the moment he had come he began to rock into me again, slowly refilling via
the rhythm he made while wrapped in me, golden red hairs sparking against the dark fur of

It was a long and rainbow filled ride which he ended by coming straight up into the cloud of me
above him. I was filled not only with the pleasure he was causing me but wonder at the very
beauty of him. He twined his fingers with mine—fingers that he had helped me shape—and
pulled me close onto his chest like a blanket of glitter.

Eventually he rolled over so he was above me, and I began to fill into a pillow of Heidi’s love for
Rufus. Our fingers were still entwined.

Neither of us could squash the other. He tried his best for a bit, anyway. Then hizonner had a
brainstorm with his sexy brain and flipped me over onto my belly, thrusting into me once in a
very special place that made me cry out immediately in joy with my arms and legs flying

When my head flew back as well I felt his teeth on my neck. I moaned and when he was done
with his gnawing and suckling at the fuzzy surfaces he created on me he flipped me again and
suddenly there were his jewels in my mouth. I suctioned at them the best I could, avidly inhaling
one of my favorite Rufus flavors.

I got my face well and truly sat on. This was a thing he didn’t let anyone else do, he’d said. I
shook my fluff of sparkle hair against his ass, kissing at everything I could reach, not everting
my mouth at all because I did not want him to flinch in his mind, the way he did sometimes
when Steen tried this. But he finally himself made sure of where my mouth could go. He sat
directly upon my new lips. So gently I grew my mouth inside out and gave him this.

I felt shivers going through him and wrapped my arms like glowing vines around his thighs so he
wouldn’t fall off me.

I was drinking or being drunk, or both. It made my whole body very light feeling. Beneath my
love’s butt my crown sparkled like a constellation.

Afterwards I lay fully sated and feeling like a downy blanket of gleaming syrup, with the man on
my forehead like a second crown, my inner screen all liquid beneath him and his legs on each
side of my face. I felt the splash of his come on me and let it sink deep into my substance. He
looked down past his relaxing penis and swiped at my ‘brown nose’. The rest of me was like a
wave dappled pond of light in front of him on the mattress, all relaxed.

Then I felt him kneel up.

Sure enough, someone’s feet were athwart me and my Rufus had that someone’s cock in his
mouth. I pretended not to notice for a bit. I knew those legs, though. One of them is much more
muscled than the other from his fencing, and the other is often tucked up on the opposite knee as
he plays bass onstage. It was Steen. The two of them were making very sure I understood that
there was no coming between them.

My acquiescence, the warm colors of emotion at the lovely things they were doing above me,
was silent and casual. I let my bright arms twine up the upright calves of Steen. Nearly hairless,
scrawny compared to his thighs, but shapely. Steen trembled and cried out with joy at my touch.

A warm olive green and orange shower of his happiness mixed with Rufus’ red and blue. When
they were through with what they were doing, they came and lay on either side of me.

When they were on a level with me they put it to me gently.

Like a flower to the sun I turned first to Rufus. My five eyes opened and I beheld the beautiful
and powerful face of the one I loved, and I knew without a word that his arms around me and
mine around him would not change—even if he had Steen in a dribble down his chin.

His eyes went over my head to the long limbed man behind me who would also always be there.
When their eyes met, Steen leaned in, wiry arms extended across me. Almost truculently I turned
to meet his gaze with my crown of eyes. He returned my stare and made no move at all, though
his eyes kept changing from brown to green to gray-blue and back again as I waited. His long
dun-gold hair escaped from behind his ears and fell over me, and I did not resist my impulse to
comb it with my sparkling fingers. It actually swayed.

He began to smile, just a little.

Back and forth between them I looked. At last my eyes met the blue eyes of my love again and
with a small squeak I acknowledged the truth. To love him, I would have to love his lover. And
almost immediately Rufus was in me, making me cry out again.

Obediently I hooked my thigh up with my arm to give Steen his access as well. And I must say
that when I quit resisting the pleasure of having two lovers in me at once, that pleasure grew.
Soon I felt as if I had fallen into a quiet version of their show, all multicolored fireworks and
growls and whimpers.

I became their ring. They became my meat body which rained flavors and liquids of love all
inside and outside of me.

When at last we three were all spent, I was lying on my face beneath them both, but not feeling
smothered at all. Their limbs felt like a thicket protecting from the world the little light bunny
me. Dawn was arriving outside the bus.

What would this do to the balances I perceived between Rufus and myself? Nothing, I suppose,
because Steen was there all along and I wouldn’t admit it. No wonder he could see me. When
Steen leans over me, his changing eyes above me and his hair like a tent around us, I remember
the deep and old wisdom I sometimes glimpse even in photos of him. He could be fooling around
in the picture, about to snatch Rufy’s towel away and making a face, but even the joke seems
fueled by timeless wisdom.

The next moment Rufus will push his great lion’s head between us to nibble at my throat, as if
warning Steen off his territory, and Steen will smile. My happy heart opens like a bouquet of
blooming joy.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I am releasing The Incredible Heidi Wasabi to the public! ADULTS ONLY chapter 19

Previously I have only shared a G-rated chapter as a stand alone short story.  The bulk of the tale is in fact explicit erotic menage contemporary paranormal fantasy. 
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED-- if it is illegal for persons your age in your location to read porn, stop now.



Chapter Nineteen

It got to be quite the habit to share our bed games with Steen. I enjoyed the simple fact that he
knew I was there. For a while he needed to be content with only my behind, as Rufus resolutely
kept my face toward himself. But somehow Steen prevailed upon him to be more inventive.
I was good for that. While Steen loves to be penetrated, Rufus does not, and so they could meet
and balance in me.

Somehow all things meet in Steen. He can be just like a woman, despite his flat hairy chest, then
the next minute take charge of the situation like the alpha of the Virgens that he is, with us
bending to his will for the sheer rightness of it. He taught us how to balance ourselves in a circle
of in and out. He also showed us how to take turns in a circle. I think it takes both of us to
balance Steen.

But at the same time this means that it took Steen and me time to realize we needed each other as
much as we did Rufus.

Would anyone else have given me the status of a separate being the way Steen did so graciously?
I don’t know, and I don’t want to. I’m thankful to him for seeing me as real. And Not being
frightened like a kittycat, but matter of fact about me, like his blasted snooty ferrets. His
multicolored changeable eyes see so much. Like when he realized about the gift of misery to the
darkness, or that I didn’t know about breathing. Little did I know that Rufus was bringing his
relationship difficulties with me to Steen, and that things Rufus taught me to manage this world
better, he had gotten advice from Steen about. Steen was just always around.

They worked together, so that didn’t strike anyone as odd, including me, the ‘pretend’ girlfriend.
And I did work on getting to know Steen, just because he’s naturally fascinating. He has hair that
color that’s in between all the colors, so that depending on how he wants to appear, it looks
blond or brown or red. His eyes are like that too—they shift color depending on what his state of
being is. Notice I didn’t say ‘how he’s feeling’. With Steen it’s never only that. He embodies
whatever it is he’s focused on with all parts of himself.

His eyes are really quite big, but they beetle up under a shelf of brow I have seen since on a lot
of Danes. Most Danes are not as lofty as Steen, except maybe Hans Christian Andersen. And he
didn’t glower like Steen, at least in the pictures I’ve seen. And I have heard he was awkward and
clumsy. Steen is not that. He’s an athlete and a blade dancer, and he can glower like anything.
Steen cooks things, actual colorful compositions of food, even in the bus kitchenette. And he
clips the ferrets’ toenails and saves the clippings. He has little jars of hundreds of different
things, and uses them the same way he does herbs and spices. I guess it’s recipe magic. The
recipe, or magic, for using the ferret droppings I know. They go outside the door of wherever the
bus is parked and he mumbles some words as he spreads them out. He explained, when he saw
me watching him do that, that almost every creature fears ferrets enough to leave their home
alone. Even Sasquatch. I had to google who that was, of course.

His love of soccer he explained to me as well. It involves the substitution of magic for warfare.
The ‘ball’ in many of these human games is actual balls of a sacrificed animal originally, or
sometimes an enemy’s head. He calls them the sacred games. And he truly thinks that if these
games are run right, the need for warfare can be eliminated. Rufus grumbled at that point that it’s
a great way to keep stupid peoples’ minds off politics. Steen just smirked and said, “Circus et
pane, min ven.” And then he crossed his legs and his arms and leaned back belly up, forked
beard pointed skyward, daring Rufus to tickle where his shirt was too short. They started fooling
with each other and I had to go look that up on the Wiktionary.

Another thing about Steen is how many things he is able to do. He could play every part in the
Virgen Steel lineup if he had to, but he knows he’s not the best at most of those roles, and so he
remains on bass. That way the others are guided by him the way a keel guides a boat. But fans
always laugh at how he’s singing along with Rufus lots of times, only they don’t have to listen to
his yelps because he doesn’t get anywhere close to a mike. One moment he’ll be screwing up his
face, singing his lungs out and shaking his hair. The next moment he’ll be nearly invisibly quiet,
standing on one leg in his trademark way and peering around him at how the others are doing
like an overseer. The moment after that, he’ll sling his bass around to his back like a rifle and
pull out his broadsword or his cutlass to intimidate whatever ghoul just fell out of the wings.

Once the sound system went out, ironically in the middle of a song called “Power Surge”, and it
took twenty minutes to come back right. It was an outdoor venue and I came down out of the
breeze I was enjoying to see what was wrong. Normally I would never get so close to the sound,
but there wasn’t any! Steen’s eyes flashed green as leeks and then he signaled for the band’s
attention by holding up his right hand, his picking hand, and making a fist.

Oh his fierceness! His hair was stuck to his face in sweaty ribbons and his cheeks were glowing
and glistening. He bared his white even teeth in a snarl, taking deep breaths that made his bare
chest heave against the twin braids of his beard. Then he brought that fist slowly and
ceremoniously to the center of his chest and roared—


He swiveled his head around to the wings and said to Manny, “Throw me that shrunken head,
my man; we’ll give ‘em something to see.” Manny couldn’t find a shrunken head of course
because there wasn’t one, but there was a soccer ball rolling around that Steen had been using to
relax with earlier. When he threw it out onstage, the crowd went wild. Rufus followed his lead.
With wild yells of “BALLS!” they slung their axes behind them and began to kick it back and

Murray Lin came out and Davey; even Ole joined in after a bit, once Manny came out to be a

Every time they got a ‘goal’ shot into the wings, they all would yell, “Balls!” and soon the
audience was doing the same. That concert made the front pages of regular newspapers, not just
music mags.

So you see what a hero he is. I would be a fool not to love him as much as he is willing to love

But there is also my realization, begun in dream, that there will always be a space between us,
because we are simply too different. He might be more magic than most humans, but he is still a
human. And he did not make me. Our magics are different.

I’m selfish. I don’t want there to be a space between me and anyone I love, or at least not for
long. But in some ways I can never be as close to Steen as I am to Rufy and that is simply
because in a way, Rufy made me out of his own essence like that Pygmalion guy did his wife, or
that Blodwedd made of flowers. Still, he couldn’t have done it without having Steen around for a
guiding example of how magic is.

The result was me, I guess.

But sometimes Steen and I are completely incomprehensible to each other, even if the minute
before we were reading each other’s minds. It fluctuates between us like intersecting sine waves,
and it constitutes, he says, the portal to something. I dreamed that this was true. But what it is the
portal to, I do not know. Nor does he. I don’t know why not knowing doesn’t bother him, when
he enjoys knowing so many things.

How Steen proposed—or rather, found out he ought to propose propose—was discordant like that.
Rufus and I were enjoying a nice vanilla morning together, where he screwed me up against the
kitchen counter and got my face all puffy and rosy, and then he had cream pie and coffee. His
lovely blue eyes rolled up to mine as I luxuriated in his stubbly jaw contact with the insides of
my legs. My feet may be underdeveloped, but my legs are quite good, thanks!

A few last leisurely licks and then he told me he was going to the Society for Creative
Anachronism camp at the Renaissance festival for three days and wanted me to stay with Steen,
not come along.

I was shocked.

“Babe, I’m going to be in a pup tent surrounded by sharp blades. I’m teaching a workshop on
blade work—Rude’s Swashbuckling for Buccaneers. You wouldn’t like it.”

Of course he had gotten involved with SCA because Steen had been in it first. I should have seen
it coming. With as much good grace as I could muster I agreed to stick with Steen instead and
give him his blade time. Not that I wasn’t able to peek into his thoughts whenever I felt the need;
it was just the cuddles and the results of cuddles I’d be skimping on.

 He put his wonderful fingers to my forehead and they went through it, in the eye screen place. It
felt liquid-y and I wanted to cry with gladness. Sometimes it feels as if the energies between us
are like rubber bands, like our wedding bands only right through us and joining us like an a sort
of umbilical wheel of light. Sometimes they pull us together when we are actually far apart; other
times they keep us so tight to each other we feel like Siamese twins and I can forget to breathe

Rufy’s such an extrovert he had to explain me to the world with some sort of excuses and
fictions, because he couldn’t hide that he was in love again. Even if I wouldn’t ever be his only
female, he likes having one that’s really his. And the most explaining of course had been to
Steen, who was always around and saw the most. Nowadays he was the only one I got shared

I didn’t mind being shared, even with strangers, but the sort of situation where we can do the
share was not as often as he liked.

His fems in every port weren’t taking kindly to me, or the rumors of me. They preferred to flatter
themselves that they were stealing him from some other girl when he was there with them. I
wasn’t welcome even in theory. You read how badly it could go.

It nearly went badly with me too, when he and Steen arranged all this without explaining that
Steen was more important than the girls. I had always thought Rufus had boys in every port too,
but it turned out I was wrong. He’d gotten serious with Steen.

That night before Rufus left for SAC camp, he let us dream in the same bunk together. I followed
him back from a picnic in our dreams to the bed, to find myself being ‘lent out’ again. He and
Steen had me between them and were kissing over my head, even though my sparkles were
wrapped around Rufus like an electric boa. But since he’d started first, Rufus finished first,
leaving me to be thoroughly and not unskillfully reamed by Steen.

Seeing Rufus lie there and watch me taken was such a blatant reminder that it wasn’t him in me
that I didn’t reach full enjoyment and felt rather crumpled afterward.

But somehow, this turned them on! They looked at me, mimicking partial deflation and rolling
my big eyes up at them with my tube of a moue and nearly no chin, and they decided to do the
whole business again! I did my puppy dog eyes at Rufus, and he indicated that he’d like it very
much if I rose for this occasion, by pretending to blow me up with kisses. I plumped up, but still
pouted, and waved my hand with the rubber ring on it under his nose. He just grinned and wiped
his nose as if I’d tickled it.

What bothered me most was that this time, as I was sandwiched, Rufus kept wiping the tingle of
my hands away from his body and back onto myself, even as we screwed! What was he trying to
say, that I should get used to playing with my own hair, stroking my own hip? Was it was
because he was leaving in the morning? Meanwhile Steen was having me, kneading my breasts
as if he wanted to pop them, and when I tilted my head back to rubberneck I could see his cuff of
white teeth grinning out of his goatee in that fierce and splendid way.

Eventually the two of them got the fat lady to sing. Even as I squealed and retreated into
confused pleasure, I could sense they were kissing again. I found it kind of hot. Steen was
imagining I was Rufus, and Rufus was imagining I was Steen, and I was imagining I was Steen
too! What in the world!

When he was finally sated Rufus put his head onto those breasts, which Steen had been aiming in
all directions but were mine, and I had permission to touch him again. Yes! His breasts too! With
relief we drifted off together.

The next thing I noticed was a whiff of fresh breeze where he was imagining me in the pocket of
his biking jacket. He was on his way, and I was pledged to stay on the bus. It briefly puzzled me
that when I felt myself in that pocket, Steen was still snuggled against my back.

The next thing I knew I was being propelled to and from the bus toilet by the butt, as if I were
strapped across Steen’s chest like a bear pelt or something. This was not Rufy’s usual manner
with me at all. It made the world seem all cockeyed and wrong. Whatsisname Steen,
NOTMyMan Steen, had me on his lap to take a crap!

 That was simply too much too soon, MisterHerren! How dare you do something I thought
 was private between Rufus and me?
I flew up to the little square of ceiling and glared at him.

He just blinked grayishly up from under his brows and scratched his armpits. “Hey, I thought
you liked it.” OOH!! I left. I went to the kitchen and glared at the ferrets through the mesh. They
put their wet noses on me but that’s all they could manage of course.

When he came out of the toilet and began to shuffle around the kitchen, I began my tirade of
outrage. I am not your plaything, Steen. Just because you can see me, and just because you and
Rufus have shared other girls, and you don’t mind using my back hole, it doesn’t mean I am
anything to you, or you to me.

Truly, it’s not like I require regular fucks like a dog needs walks! Like any being I require my
alone time to be myself, and I also require RUFUS DIXON THE MAN I MARRIED. You might
be a genius and a wizard and a polymath, but you are NOT Rufus.
It did not occur to me that
exactly because he was not Rufus, Steen couldn’t hear what I was thinking at him so loudly. In
fact, I barely cared; I just wanted to yell.

Steen was still looking grey and foggy. The coffee maker was gurgling and he was looking at it
wistfully, while washing down a hunk of herring and some buttered brown bread with a beer.

When he stood up to get a mug and the Jaegermeister I flew at him. He broke a plate in the sink
when I snippily remarked, into his right ear, You know I don’t give a toss about Virgen Steel
either, except when their tenor is there.

He was grumbling about not being a morning person and slowly putting the shards into the bin
while I flew to his other ear to say, You are such a genius but you didn’t realize that.

He whirled on me, quivering. “Bloody helvede, Heidi! I swear to you—“and he pointed one
finger right at me, backing me off—“if you kom mellem mej og kaffekanden igen I am going to
ELECTROCUTE you!” His eyes were bright red. He was snarling exactly like the red devil
mannequin they use in the stage show. I shrank.

He noticed I’d shrunk. A bit of sorrow tinged his glaring eyes, turning them hazel again. His
finger fell. “Before I could stop!” he moaned softly, with his lips twisting and quivering under
his mustache. His chest was heaving and his nostrils were wide. Silently he turned back to the

I shrank more.

I shrank down to under a meter high. Steen could have put his two hands over and under me and
balled me up and thrown me in the bin too. I wouldn’t have minded, because I was sorry.
“Sorry,” I squeaked, and went away—to the big boring sucky in-between.

Eventually I thought that since I was between anyway I may as well check in on Rufus and peek
at him at least. It turns out it was still night in that time zone. Rufus was in the tent and alone. He
sleepily smiled in welcome. No blades were where he slept.

I got right to the point after I’d made him know how glad I was to be there. It’s not right, Rufus.
I’m your wife, not his. And I’m not your pet that needs to be screwed or I’ll make a mess in the
corner. I saw his mouth twitch but he carefully didn’t smirk at that. Well, I may like a regular
fucking, but I can do without until you are home.

I don’t enjoy being untrue to you, Rufy. I’m your wife. I have a choice. I am a person. I’m Heidi
Wasabi and I even have my own web page
. I saw him resolving to go look at it—about time he

You shouldn’t make Steen take care of me like a pot plant. It’s not fair to either of us. Granted
he’s the only one who really sees me as well as you, but WHY? What makes you think Steen
ought to be fucking your wife?

Rufy swallowed. He evidently hadn’t thought it would seem like that to me. So he got to the
point too. “I, ah, I married him too, Heidi, sort of. A long time ago. I didn’t think of it like that
until just now, but it is like that.

“Look here, Virgen Steel was—Steen and I were—we’re a package now. Things happened
between us, and our blood mixed, and we’re blood-bonded. There’s not really a way to get rid of
Steen. So I was glad he could see you.”

Well, I didn’t marry him! You high and mighty meatheads forgot that detail!

“Steen’s got a lot of affection for you. He’d like it if you were his shakti too.”

No, he had said he’d electrocute me… I could not really deal with this now. I know I’d infuriated
him in a way that showed he was very open to me and I deserved the reprimanding at the time.
But he hadn’t actually said it, that he wanted to be my love. He’d just ASSUMED. They both

I faded into the dark weather over the SCA camp, and from there into my own dreaming space. I
didn’t come out until Rufus was back on the bus.

They had me in a corner, stuck between them, and I hadn’t said yes. It makes all the difference.


Monday, June 20, 2016

I am releasing The Incredible Heidi Wasabi to the public! ADULTS ONLY chapter 18


Previously I have only shared a G-rated chapter as a stand alone short story.  The bulk of the tale is in fact explicit erotic menage contemporary paranormal fantasy. 
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED-- if it is illegal for persons your age in your location to read porn, stop now.


Chapter Eighteen
Sit On My Face

“—and tell me that you love me,” goes the song. It took quite some time before Rufus ever did,
even though he said he admired my inside-out mouth that I could use like a tongue to stick into
places. Steen was much quicker to take advantage of it, when he was visiting. In fact, he would
arrange the three of us all sorts of interesting ways. He even got me to stick my entire hand into
the places where my hand would never be allowed on Rufus. He even tried to swallow my hand

Just once. Rufus told him to stop when he got purple. He didn’t like the look of that one bit.

I don’t have that particular problem. I don’t have to gag, and I can certainly swallow, or anyway
contract my oral tube, around whatever Rufus or Steen or a guest fit into my face. It’s satisfying
to me. And I am not the only one that Rufus denies that pleasure of the other end of him.

I’ll tell you part of a secret. Rufus was trying to help me understand my dream about peeing, so
he let me watch him do it. Most of the time he stands there, aiming for the toilet and then
flushing it after he slams shut the lid. But one time he sat down on the seat and aimed straight
down between his own legs. He looked at me a bit quizzically and then said, Sit on my lap facing
me, doll. This is closer to how females have to do it. Us guys only sit down to shit, usually.
I knew what that was. Humans don’t have a litter pan but it’s the same as those creepy cats and
ferrets. Solids come out separately. For some reason humans prefer to do it into water. I think it
keeps the aromas from spreading as far. What I was not prepared for was all the grief Rufus went
through getting the solids out of him.

I am not going to share with you all the things that leaked from his mind to mine as I sat and held
him. He made me promise it would stay private. But let me tell you, it’s not easy for humans to
learn what to do with their shit. And it’s not easy to live with crazy people who hurt children for
having to shit. I am very thankful that I do not have to and I will never, ever, put my hands or
anything else where Rufus does not want them.

Heidi, I’m fucked up. I’m loony-tunes. I just can’t do that. Even for you. Even for Steen. He
looked the most shaken I have ever seen my Rufus, the scintillating rubicund dancer in the
spotlight with the flashing teeth and intimidating edges. But I don’t want him to do that if it
bothers him. He was feeling absolutely horrible and filthy even though the shit was out and the
fan was going and it was long down the sewer pipes and the shower was running to make
absolutely sure he was not a dirty filthy stinky—

All Heidi could do is what she did, okay? I bent myself double over that toilet and nearly stood
on my head with my face smashed up against the back tank and my toe buds waving at funny
angles to my knees. I mooned him backwards and said, Have some shitless, darling. He had to
laugh, and give me a great big slobbery butt kiss.

I followed him into the shower when he finally stood up for that. I kissed him everywhere with
all three of my mouths. I moved in between his cheeks and followed the water down. I swarmed
up from between his legs, fellatio on my mind, and sucked each ball with one hand and his dick
with my face. He didn’t have to sit. He didn’t have to spread, and everywhere I sparkled with my
hungry hands and bubbling surfaces of charge I kept repeating—no shit! And we chuckled

And when at last I rose up along him like a creeping vine of rainbow warmth mixing with the hot
spray, he kissed my mouth that had been everywhere.

Heidi, I’ve never let anyone else do that. And I never will. Then he shrank me until I was a
convenient four inches high and zipped me into his pants with him.

The end.


Sunday, June 19, 2016

I am releasing The Incredible Heidi Wasabi to the public! ADULTS ONLY chapter 17

Previously I have only shared a G-rated chapter as a stand alone short story.  The bulk of the tale is in fact explicit erotic menage contemporary paranormal fantasy. 
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED-- if it is illegal for persons your age in your location to read porn, stop now.



Chapter Seventeen
Feeling Flat

Rufus couldn’t seem to get enough of my new improved mouth. The next morning he awoke us
by sitting on my face. That wasn’t all we did, but for me it was the highlight. Firstly, it wasn’t
my sad old rubber face. Nothing was between my sparkles and his glorious surface. I didn’t have
to sink into deadness to enjoy him through it. I had stayed quiet as a morning mist beside him,
just basking in my new higher vibrational frequency. He helps me to live in this world this way.

Step one in the morning is to just lie there. You lie there and accept the body you are in, or in
my case, not in, for the duration of your day and assess what it will take to get it going. In our
case lying together is very companionable because Rufus usually requires a bunch of rutting.

I was lying there next to him, glowing and sharing my realization of this when all at once I
noticed he was teasing at the curled fingers of my left hand. He was checking on the ring! How
sentimental—his ring, his coil of spring. That led to his rolling onto me and pumping in and out
of my smile and then drinking himself from my lips and a number of other pleasant things.

He’s sat other people on my sparkle face before, usually without them realizing. This was
different, a milestone for us both somehow.

Later I was in the bathroom watching him pee. I was still trying to figure out what its
significance was, because of my dream of being a human, you see. I hadn’t felt the need in the
dream, but it has an obvious correlation with drinking. And I’d certainly had to do that! He even
 sat me down on his lap, because he said females usually manage it that way, and I squeezed and
squeezed until I was all shivery, but nothing happened except that the holes down there nearly
went inside out, which did not feel correct at all.

We gave it up and showered together. He said he had found all new places to kiss me. I was a bit
wobbly feeling after the toilet experiment, but that rather perked me up, as you can imagine. He
dried my sparkle hair and his own with the blower, even though mine doesn’t need it. The water
doesn’t adhere unless I want it to, and adds welcome weight usually. I do think it made my tiara
more radiant to be warmed.

In his mind I saw how I appeared to him. Personally I don’t like the way my face creases in the
middle when it’s smug, as it doesn’t look like I have enough bones. It looks—inflated! But he
likes it, probably because he is the cause. Then through the door I heard someone yelling

—“Dixon, where the fuck are you? Get your ass out here!”

It was Davey; they must have been going to rehearse or something.
We were holding hands, and he began to shrink me even as we stood together, smaller and more
twinkly with every second.

“Oh so now you’re going to dictate to a man how long he spends on the crapper, Munsch?” he
retorted, grinning at me.

“Ah you’re probably just catching up on your reading. War and Peace, innit?”

Rufus lifted the tiny me clinging to the ball of his thumb and tucked me into his shirt pocket,
where I am so at home. “I’ll have you know, dude, that I’ve just about got world peace sorted
out,” he declaimed, and opened the door.

Living in Rufy’s pocket is very convenient for us both, as I can tell when he wants me to be
thinking of him. I am there looking back out at him in an instant, while I doze or work the PC
keyboard. Someday I might even go traveling around the world the way the email does. I’m not
ready. Yet when his love calls for me to return it, I am his midget lady upon which he can use his
gigantic tongue in various thrilling ways or the tiny plump waif looking up the wall of him with
treasure trail in my mouth, jammed up against the dashboard.

I get so many amazing perspectives, like the time he fucked me with his giant thumb while
holding my shoulders with his two longest fingers. Oh did that make him smirk!

And then what did he do? He moved the thumb to my back hole so that he could put his tongue
up the front hole! I hung on for dear life to his nose! His red gold lashes and the pools of his blue
eyes were like crystal balls in which I could see the whole universe, and it was a place where I
was supposed to be. I think the joy we made was like an effervescence that continued for long
minutes. He let his eyes drift shut and breathed it in.

I don’t know how I got back into the pocket from there, but it was as if I had dissolved and didn’t
care. When I was myself again I was safe in that familiar slot of warm dark.

However, for the first time I felt—flat. I also wasn’t bright. I felt stupid and dim. Oh well; as
long as I was in the pocket it didn’t really signify.

I lost track of the hours until I felt myself being spitted. Rufus knows he can get away with
things when I am drowsy. Now I was expanded large and he and Steen were having their way
with me. I had felt him cradling me in his arms most tenderly just beforehand, and draped myself
over his shoulders like a shawl. Then he gently wrapped my face around his red and ready pole,
and Steen helped himself to my other end, kneading my buttocks into shape.

At first I was a bit indignant and determined not to enjoy it, remain detached and my own
mistress, but damn, when it’s him that he’s feeding me—I ended up responding like the libertine
I truly am. And then, when both had satisfied themselves and I rolled away onto my back,
looking up at them like a limpid pool of moonbeams licking her new pink lips, bam! I fell fast
asleep! I couldn’t help falling directly out of their world into dark nothing rest! Was this part of
their nefarious plan?

I finally surfaced again in the bed with them. Steen was so very much there, much more than I
was, but both were glad to see me. They smeared me between them like a rumpled satin sheet of
Heidi and went to sleep like that. But I was puzzled. Why was I so limp?

Later on, Rufus asked me to sit on his face, and try as I might I couldn’t find it! He ended up
sitting on mine, and it pumped me up wonderfully.

As soon as I was plump again, he ‘lent me out’ to Steen. I squeaked and enjoyed it, especially
my mock outrage at him. PIMP, I called Rufy and spanked at his backside with my arms, even as
they deflated, because I truly don’t like to hurt him. Steen looked at me oddly, even as I went flat
again. I was happy and didn’t much care what they were thinking, but I had lost a lot of luster.

When I next noticed anything, it was Steen looking directly into my face, his eyes all brown with
concern. “Heidi, you must breathe,” he said. So I took a breath. I felt more awake immediately.

Rufus was lying next to us, looking guilty. He evidently didn’t understand enough about my
nature to know anything was even wrong with me. I dimpled at him in reassurance. How was he
supposed to know when I didn’t know it myself?

“I guess this means I am more alive,” I squeaked in my ridiculous voice. I had made myself
heard aloud! They both burst into relieved laughter. And now that I realized that my own
inflation was up to me, not to Rufus thinking about it, I began to glow again. I made my tiara
look like Christmas lights. I flew around the cubicle and hugged them.

Then I let them wrap me between them, a bubble of sparks and energy between their long warm
meat solidity.

It seems that when I developed nostrils and a throat, I began to have astral leaks. Perhaps I will
develop a hide with pores between my sparks someday, I don’t know.

 But for now, it was under control and I had become even more real.