Sunday, June 19, 2016

I am releasing The Incredible Heidi Wasabi to the public! ADULTS ONLY chapter 17

Previously I have only shared a G-rated chapter as a stand alone short story.  The bulk of the tale is in fact explicit erotic menage contemporary paranormal fantasy. 
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED-- if it is illegal for persons your age in your location to read porn, stop now.



Chapter Seventeen
Feeling Flat

Rufus couldn’t seem to get enough of my new improved mouth. The next morning he awoke us
by sitting on my face. That wasn’t all we did, but for me it was the highlight. Firstly, it wasn’t
my sad old rubber face. Nothing was between my sparkles and his glorious surface. I didn’t have
to sink into deadness to enjoy him through it. I had stayed quiet as a morning mist beside him,
just basking in my new higher vibrational frequency. He helps me to live in this world this way.

Step one in the morning is to just lie there. You lie there and accept the body you are in, or in
my case, not in, for the duration of your day and assess what it will take to get it going. In our
case lying together is very companionable because Rufus usually requires a bunch of rutting.

I was lying there next to him, glowing and sharing my realization of this when all at once I
noticed he was teasing at the curled fingers of my left hand. He was checking on the ring! How
sentimental—his ring, his coil of spring. That led to his rolling onto me and pumping in and out
of my smile and then drinking himself from my lips and a number of other pleasant things.

He’s sat other people on my sparkle face before, usually without them realizing. This was
different, a milestone for us both somehow.

Later I was in the bathroom watching him pee. I was still trying to figure out what its
significance was, because of my dream of being a human, you see. I hadn’t felt the need in the
dream, but it has an obvious correlation with drinking. And I’d certainly had to do that! He even
 sat me down on his lap, because he said females usually manage it that way, and I squeezed and
squeezed until I was all shivery, but nothing happened except that the holes down there nearly
went inside out, which did not feel correct at all.

We gave it up and showered together. He said he had found all new places to kiss me. I was a bit
wobbly feeling after the toilet experiment, but that rather perked me up, as you can imagine. He
dried my sparkle hair and his own with the blower, even though mine doesn’t need it. The water
doesn’t adhere unless I want it to, and adds welcome weight usually. I do think it made my tiara
more radiant to be warmed.

In his mind I saw how I appeared to him. Personally I don’t like the way my face creases in the
middle when it’s smug, as it doesn’t look like I have enough bones. It looks—inflated! But he
likes it, probably because he is the cause. Then through the door I heard someone yelling

—“Dixon, where the fuck are you? Get your ass out here!”

It was Davey; they must have been going to rehearse or something.
We were holding hands, and he began to shrink me even as we stood together, smaller and more
twinkly with every second.

“Oh so now you’re going to dictate to a man how long he spends on the crapper, Munsch?” he
retorted, grinning at me.

“Ah you’re probably just catching up on your reading. War and Peace, innit?”

Rufus lifted the tiny me clinging to the ball of his thumb and tucked me into his shirt pocket,
where I am so at home. “I’ll have you know, dude, that I’ve just about got world peace sorted
out,” he declaimed, and opened the door.

Living in Rufy’s pocket is very convenient for us both, as I can tell when he wants me to be
thinking of him. I am there looking back out at him in an instant, while I doze or work the PC
keyboard. Someday I might even go traveling around the world the way the email does. I’m not
ready. Yet when his love calls for me to return it, I am his midget lady upon which he can use his
gigantic tongue in various thrilling ways or the tiny plump waif looking up the wall of him with
treasure trail in my mouth, jammed up against the dashboard.

I get so many amazing perspectives, like the time he fucked me with his giant thumb while
holding my shoulders with his two longest fingers. Oh did that make him smirk!

And then what did he do? He moved the thumb to my back hole so that he could put his tongue
up the front hole! I hung on for dear life to his nose! His red gold lashes and the pools of his blue
eyes were like crystal balls in which I could see the whole universe, and it was a place where I
was supposed to be. I think the joy we made was like an effervescence that continued for long
minutes. He let his eyes drift shut and breathed it in.

I don’t know how I got back into the pocket from there, but it was as if I had dissolved and didn’t
care. When I was myself again I was safe in that familiar slot of warm dark.

However, for the first time I felt—flat. I also wasn’t bright. I felt stupid and dim. Oh well; as
long as I was in the pocket it didn’t really signify.

I lost track of the hours until I felt myself being spitted. Rufus knows he can get away with
things when I am drowsy. Now I was expanded large and he and Steen were having their way
with me. I had felt him cradling me in his arms most tenderly just beforehand, and draped myself
over his shoulders like a shawl. Then he gently wrapped my face around his red and ready pole,
and Steen helped himself to my other end, kneading my buttocks into shape.

At first I was a bit indignant and determined not to enjoy it, remain detached and my own
mistress, but damn, when it’s him that he’s feeding me—I ended up responding like the libertine
I truly am. And then, when both had satisfied themselves and I rolled away onto my back,
looking up at them like a limpid pool of moonbeams licking her new pink lips, bam! I fell fast
asleep! I couldn’t help falling directly out of their world into dark nothing rest! Was this part of
their nefarious plan?

I finally surfaced again in the bed with them. Steen was so very much there, much more than I
was, but both were glad to see me. They smeared me between them like a rumpled satin sheet of
Heidi and went to sleep like that. But I was puzzled. Why was I so limp?

Later on, Rufus asked me to sit on his face, and try as I might I couldn’t find it! He ended up
sitting on mine, and it pumped me up wonderfully.

As soon as I was plump again, he ‘lent me out’ to Steen. I squeaked and enjoyed it, especially
my mock outrage at him. PIMP, I called Rufy and spanked at his backside with my arms, even as
they deflated, because I truly don’t like to hurt him. Steen looked at me oddly, even as I went flat
again. I was happy and didn’t much care what they were thinking, but I had lost a lot of luster.

When I next noticed anything, it was Steen looking directly into my face, his eyes all brown with
concern. “Heidi, you must breathe,” he said. So I took a breath. I felt more awake immediately.

Rufus was lying next to us, looking guilty. He evidently didn’t understand enough about my
nature to know anything was even wrong with me. I dimpled at him in reassurance. How was he
supposed to know when I didn’t know it myself?

“I guess this means I am more alive,” I squeaked in my ridiculous voice. I had made myself
heard aloud! They both burst into relieved laughter. And now that I realized that my own
inflation was up to me, not to Rufus thinking about it, I began to glow again. I made my tiara
look like Christmas lights. I flew around the cubicle and hugged them.

Then I let them wrap me between them, a bubble of sparks and energy between their long warm
meat solidity.

It seems that when I developed nostrils and a throat, I began to have astral leaks. Perhaps I will
develop a hide with pores between my sparks someday, I don’t know.

 But for now, it was under control and I had become even more real.



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