Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Unmasking A Digital Pirate On Amazon : who's the real pirate?

Unmasking A Digital Pirate On Amazon | Fast Company

The upshot of the article is that touting the ease of Kindle self-publishing has created a new class of scamming by middlemen selling ready-made ebooks packages made of pirated work. They don't put a stop to it because they get 30% of every sale whether it's a pirated work or not.

Just buy your ebooks from us, right at the source, or through our designated distributors at Smashwords or Adult ebooks international.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Confession: A. Sparrow has given me a taste for Steam-punk--

I am getting a taste for steam! My favorite authors of the genre outside of romance are China Mieville, Elizabeth Bear, and of course, inside of romance, my role model

Angelia Sparrow.

She even dresses the part to attend conventions! Now she's gotten herself interviewed in an online 'zine about her steam punk

I began as a fan of her Star Wars fan fiction. Then she let me beta-read an MM pirate historical, an MF Western, and my favorite, the MM sci-fi For Love of Etarin, when she and Naomi Brooks went professional. I was really thrilled to edit her solo works

The Nikolai series,
set in an alternate future Universe, the Confederate States of America, with us at

Dark Roast Press.

The Confederate States of America in my personal opinion qualifies as steam-punk, although the focus is less on the technologies; huge numbers of the citizens have regressed to antebellum lifestyles and values, including crinolines and top hats. Not to mention their horrible reversion to bonded servitude and racism! As well as Nikolai and the sequel Niko-chan, her devilish hero Nick will be in a third volume, and characters from the series have starred in three of our anthology collections--

A Dark Roasted Chrismas v. 1
My Dark Roasted Valentine

and the FREE Barista's Choice sampler

As far as I know the only title set in this future of hers that we don't carry is Glad Hands, available at Torquere Press. Naomi helped with that, so it isn't one of ours.

Her devilish hero Nick will be in a third volume, and characters from the series have starred in two of our anthology collections. Keep an eye out for NICK and CORBAN, coming in 2012!

In our NEW erotic anthology THE DARK SEASON, Angelia contributed a true steam-punk MMF set in the alternate past, in the Republic of Ireland, complete with slavery, zeppelins, and thought control. You will love it. "Experiments"

That is a quick explanation of my conversion to steam-punk, from a simple erotic romance editing fan-fictioner. And it's all Angelia's fault!

love, Helgaleena,

Friday, January 20, 2012

GLBT Promo Blog: Did you know we are on NOOK????

GLBT Promo Blog: Did you know we are on NOOK????: Why yes! Click on the cover to be whisked to the page where you can buy the NOOK version of Jamie Lynn Miller's sweet contemporary hurt com...

It turns out everything at Smashwords by Dark Roast Press ends up adapted for the Nook reader as well!

Helgaleena is greatly pleased by this. You can get many of my short stories, and the title I co-authored with SM Bach, HARMONY--

Enjoy on your NOOK!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dark Roast Press - Mentions of Nikolai series in three places!

Dark Roast Press - Mentions of Nikolai series in three places!

Excerpt from Blak Rayne's inteview of DRP author Angelia Sparrow:

Q: Who is your favorite character, which you’ve created? And why?

That's like asking me which of my four kids is my favorite. But deep down, I have a deep abiding love for David Inman in the Nikolai series. David is a secondary character and I have to sit on him hard or he will take over. He's the best mind of the twenty-first century and a psychopath. He's called The Butcher of Cairo, because he flooded Cairo, Illinois off the map, killing all inhabitants. He's the right-hand man and devoted body-slave of a man who doesn't love him. I like him because he hurts so beautifully and so viciously.

Get hooked on the series she did for us-- NIKOLAI

Friday, January 6, 2012

GLBT Promo Blog: Angelia Sparrow Wants To Make You Feel Hot And Col...

GLBT Promo Blog: Angelia Sparrow Wants To Make You Feel Hot And Col...: Angelia Sparrow Wants To Make You Feel Hot And Cold And Shivery « Top 2 Bottom Reviews

It's another great interview with my 'hero' author Angelia Sparrow. Pictured is the only title in the 'Nikolai' future Confederate States of America which is NOT available from us at Dark Roast Press...

come vote for her steam-punk short "Experiments" from our anthology The Dark Season

at the Preditors & Editors Readers Poll! -- not to mention our other GLBT entries--

The Incredible Heidi Wasabi, Taking Chances, In Noble Pursuit, eleven different categories altogether for you to support the Dark Roasted!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Scalzi Sci-Fi/Fantasy new works awareness posting

Last year, after noting my own award-eligible works, I posted another thread for other folks in the science fiction and fantasy field to make potential award nominators aware of their works and/or personal award eligibility. It turned out to be pretty useful, so I’m doing it again this year. Right now! In this comment thread, even.

So if you’re a science fiction and fantasy author, editor, or artist: Tell us what works of yours (or if you in yourself) are eligible for award consideration this year. The site gets up to 50,000 visitors a day, many of whom nominate for Hugos/Nebulas/Other genre awards, so it’s a decent way to get the word out.

And now: Rules (posted word for word from last year)!.....

Helga has posted her own stuff, and a link to other things. It gets me thinking it's time to nominate at Preditors & Editors. Haven't done that yet.
WE did win some shiny badges in the past there.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

GLBT Promo Blog: Interview with Angelia Sparrow, author of Power in ...

GLBT Promo Blog: Interview with Angela Sparrow, author of Power in ...: Interview with Angela Sparrow, author of Power in the Blood |

This is a pretty decent interview with one of my 'heroes', author Angelia Sparrow. I first met her in fan-fiction days, when she was mainly known to me through her Luke and Han Star Wars slash. Then I learned more of her through her long-gone Geocities site. About the time she decided to become a truck driver and go into professional writing with Naomi Brooks, she granted me the great privilege of beta reading some things which have appeared at other presses. Those books are For Love of Etarin (MM scifi) and Kestrel on the Horizon (MM pirate historical)

Quite soon after, Dark Roast Press was born, and Angelia's future BDSM series, Nikolai, lost its publisher and needed a new home. We were all too glad to provide it!

The covers above all contain bits from this heavy-duty series set in the 'Confederate States of America'. There is also a short called 'Breakers' in our Free Sampler Anthology, Barista's Choice . In 2012 we look forward to publishing the next in the series, Nick and Corban.

Angelia has also added to our anthology The Dark Season. She goes to lots of conventions and manages to have a family life too! Yup, she's my hero.

Stay tuned to Dark Roast Press for more of her talented tough love!