Thursday, January 5, 2012

Scalzi Sci-Fi/Fantasy new works awareness posting

Last year, after noting my own award-eligible works, I posted another thread for other folks in the science fiction and fantasy field to make potential award nominators aware of their works and/or personal award eligibility. It turned out to be pretty useful, so I’m doing it again this year. Right now! In this comment thread, even.

So if you’re a science fiction and fantasy author, editor, or artist: Tell us what works of yours (or if you in yourself) are eligible for award consideration this year. The site gets up to 50,000 visitors a day, many of whom nominate for Hugos/Nebulas/Other genre awards, so it’s a decent way to get the word out.

And now: Rules (posted word for word from last year)!.....

Helga has posted her own stuff, and a link to other things. It gets me thinking it's time to nominate at Preditors & Editors. Haven't done that yet.
WE did win some shiny badges in the past there.

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