Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I am releasing The Incredible Heidi Wasabi to the public! ADULTS ONLY chapter 20

Previously I have only shared a G-rated chapter as a stand alone short story.  The bulk of the tale is in fact explicit erotic menage contemporary paranormal fantasy. 
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED-- if it is illegal for persons your age in your location to read porn, stop now.

Chapter Twenty

There’s no dismissing Steen. He’s got seniority.

My man Rufus found me in my dreams and showed me with his ravenous mouth how much he
was missing me, even though it hadn’t been two days. He bit my boob and brought me back to
his waking world that way. That’s abrupt but effective. Only then did he spend into me.

I could tell my Rufus from his smell and his taste and his very hum—the vibe of Rufus and no
other. And almost the moment he had come he began to rock into me again, slowly refilling via
the rhythm he made while wrapped in me, golden red hairs sparking against the dark fur of

It was a long and rainbow filled ride which he ended by coming straight up into the cloud of me
above him. I was filled not only with the pleasure he was causing me but wonder at the very
beauty of him. He twined his fingers with mine—fingers that he had helped me shape—and
pulled me close onto his chest like a blanket of glitter.

Eventually he rolled over so he was above me, and I began to fill into a pillow of Heidi’s love for
Rufus. Our fingers were still entwined.

Neither of us could squash the other. He tried his best for a bit, anyway. Then hizonner had a
brainstorm with his sexy brain and flipped me over onto my belly, thrusting into me once in a
very special place that made me cry out immediately in joy with my arms and legs flying

When my head flew back as well I felt his teeth on my neck. I moaned and when he was done
with his gnawing and suckling at the fuzzy surfaces he created on me he flipped me again and
suddenly there were his jewels in my mouth. I suctioned at them the best I could, avidly inhaling
one of my favorite Rufus flavors.

I got my face well and truly sat on. This was a thing he didn’t let anyone else do, he’d said. I
shook my fluff of sparkle hair against his ass, kissing at everything I could reach, not everting
my mouth at all because I did not want him to flinch in his mind, the way he did sometimes
when Steen tried this. But he finally himself made sure of where my mouth could go. He sat
directly upon my new lips. So gently I grew my mouth inside out and gave him this.

I felt shivers going through him and wrapped my arms like glowing vines around his thighs so he
wouldn’t fall off me.

I was drinking or being drunk, or both. It made my whole body very light feeling. Beneath my
love’s butt my crown sparkled like a constellation.

Afterwards I lay fully sated and feeling like a downy blanket of gleaming syrup, with the man on
my forehead like a second crown, my inner screen all liquid beneath him and his legs on each
side of my face. I felt the splash of his come on me and let it sink deep into my substance. He
looked down past his relaxing penis and swiped at my ‘brown nose’. The rest of me was like a
wave dappled pond of light in front of him on the mattress, all relaxed.

Then I felt him kneel up.

Sure enough, someone’s feet were athwart me and my Rufus had that someone’s cock in his
mouth. I pretended not to notice for a bit. I knew those legs, though. One of them is much more
muscled than the other from his fencing, and the other is often tucked up on the opposite knee as
he plays bass onstage. It was Steen. The two of them were making very sure I understood that
there was no coming between them.

My acquiescence, the warm colors of emotion at the lovely things they were doing above me,
was silent and casual. I let my bright arms twine up the upright calves of Steen. Nearly hairless,
scrawny compared to his thighs, but shapely. Steen trembled and cried out with joy at my touch.

A warm olive green and orange shower of his happiness mixed with Rufus’ red and blue. When
they were through with what they were doing, they came and lay on either side of me.

When they were on a level with me they put it to me gently.

Like a flower to the sun I turned first to Rufus. My five eyes opened and I beheld the beautiful
and powerful face of the one I loved, and I knew without a word that his arms around me and
mine around him would not change—even if he had Steen in a dribble down his chin.

His eyes went over my head to the long limbed man behind me who would also always be there.
When their eyes met, Steen leaned in, wiry arms extended across me. Almost truculently I turned
to meet his gaze with my crown of eyes. He returned my stare and made no move at all, though
his eyes kept changing from brown to green to gray-blue and back again as I waited. His long
dun-gold hair escaped from behind his ears and fell over me, and I did not resist my impulse to
comb it with my sparkling fingers. It actually swayed.

He began to smile, just a little.

Back and forth between them I looked. At last my eyes met the blue eyes of my love again and
with a small squeak I acknowledged the truth. To love him, I would have to love his lover. And
almost immediately Rufus was in me, making me cry out again.

Obediently I hooked my thigh up with my arm to give Steen his access as well. And I must say
that when I quit resisting the pleasure of having two lovers in me at once, that pleasure grew.
Soon I felt as if I had fallen into a quiet version of their show, all multicolored fireworks and
growls and whimpers.

I became their ring. They became my meat body which rained flavors and liquids of love all
inside and outside of me.

When at last we three were all spent, I was lying on my face beneath them both, but not feeling
smothered at all. Their limbs felt like a thicket protecting from the world the little light bunny
me. Dawn was arriving outside the bus.

What would this do to the balances I perceived between Rufus and myself? Nothing, I suppose,
because Steen was there all along and I wouldn’t admit it. No wonder he could see me. When
Steen leans over me, his changing eyes above me and his hair like a tent around us, I remember
the deep and old wisdom I sometimes glimpse even in photos of him. He could be fooling around
in the picture, about to snatch Rufy’s towel away and making a face, but even the joke seems
fueled by timeless wisdom.

The next moment Rufus will push his great lion’s head between us to nibble at my throat, as if
warning Steen off his territory, and Steen will smile. My happy heart opens like a bouquet of
blooming joy.


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