Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I am releasing The Incredible Heidi Wasabi to the public! ADULTS ONLY chapter 13

Previously I have only shared a G-rated chapter as a stand alone short story.  The bulk of the tale is in fact explicit erotic menage contemporary paranormal fantasy. 
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED-- if it is illegal for persons your age in your location to read porn, stop now.



Chapter Thirteen
Pocket The Breeze

One thing that came out of that fumbling with my attendance or not at his other sexual escapades
was that we fully realized how adjustable I am in the astral. He was washing off the rubber me
with dish liquid one day and I asked him why he didn’t simply shower with me. That led to
jocularity about taking a dip with Heidi, as ocean bathing is therapeutic for all sorts of skin
diseases. And it led to a lovely naptime where all sorts of size games resulted in my swimming in
his come!

That’s right; he shrank me to a size small enough to hold him like a tree trunk first. I strolled
through the bush of red at its base, cozied my tush up on his balls like a park bench, and rubbed
myself up and down and all around until it gushed all over me. He immediately shrank me some
more while I was rolling around in it on his thigh. He said I looked like Ann Margaret covered
with baked beans.

I felt wonderful and so solid. He let me get bigger then, so that I could snuggle in his arms and
be his ‘little woman’. Nobody else would have known, if they looked in on him, that there was
anyone between his chest and the coverlet. Except possibly Steen.

I like living in my Rufy’s pocket. My default height seems to be about the same as an ink pen. In
fact I have since been joined there by Steen, who copied me, but that’s a separate story.

Sometimes when I am ‘out looking’ for Rufus I will feel a breeze in the darkness and scent the
leather of his motorcycle jacket. I will poke my nose out to feel the passing breeze. Other times
I’ll get a summons and we’ll be stuck in traffic on the highway. He’ll have me up against the
steering wheel or draped over his lap in a flash. I challenge any meat person, male or female, to
give prompt service like that!

Also there is something about having me in his pants that makes him think twice before he
throws the first punch. Perhaps it’s that he thinks a stray kick might drive me off. But try as I
might, what size I am is constrained by what Rufus wishes. If he doesn’t want me popping out
and filling a room, I can’t. Yes, when they are drunk and obnoxious, I am sometimes tempted.
But never mind other people. He’s had a handful of Heidi to lap at, used me like an asthmatic
does an inhaler, snuffed me up like a bit of dust, rolled me around with his tongue against the
inside of his teeth as well as the outside, and on the other scale of things, he’s gone spelunking in

We’ve researched the minimum me and the maximum him for the ideal fit to whatever his
fantasy is.                                                        

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I did panic once when he was up me headfirst and I thought he would suffocate. I started yanking
on his legs and he popped out like a cork, red hair every which way and quite surly about the
interruption. “Heidi, you’re all molecules with plenty of space between them. How else could
you be so invisible? I can’t stifle!” But he did expand me a tiny bit so his beard tickled and it
wasn’t quite so tight a fit.

Steen’s been in Rufy’s pocket, and Rufy has put me into Steen’s pocket, but it’s never been up to
Steen what size I am. I stay roughly human sized, though smaller than him, like the vast majority
of humans. However I am quickly with him when he thinks of me, generally at the last moment
before he wants me to do something extremely intimate to an excited partner. He knows the thrill
of that for me is that nobody suspects I am even there. It is a way of making my invisibility an

“Nobody would believe me if I told them, and that is all for the best,” he says. “You are free, my
darling, to come and go like the breeze.” How I miss him. Hurry back, Steen.


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