Thursday, June 30, 2016

I am releasing The Incredible Heidi Wasabi to the public! ADULTS ONLY chapter 24

Previously I have only shared a G-rated chapter as a stand alone short story.  The bulk of the tale is in fact explicit erotic menage contemporary paranormal fantasy. 
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED-- if it is illegal for persons your age in your location to read porn, stop now.



Chapter Twenty-Four
The Blog

One afternoon when I was hovering around the computer, Steen saw that I was there and sat
down on me anyway. He saw I had a blog. His alarm was bright and sharp enough to startle me
into turning away from what I was writing and examine him. He held me close, breathing fast,
and I ran my sparkling fingers along his brow and his jaw line. Why wasn’t he proud of me for
having it, like Rufus?

I can’t tell his thoughts as well as I can tell Rufy’s. He just looked at me with those eyes turning
a muddy gray, but still clear as water. Then he sneaked his hand between us, where I had wound
my legs around his waist, and fingered me until I dimpled and flashed with pleasure.

But then for some reason he felt it necessary to say, quietly, “You are a cunt like all cunts still,”
and give me a tiny smile.

Heaven help me, I saw red. That is Rufus’ greatest and worst swear word. But I didn’t fly
backwards. I didn’t push him away, or stop his caressing of me. But I’m sure he could see the
color and feel the vibration of me change and darken. I reached behind me and typed.

CUNT? I am not A cunt. I am THIS cunt. Me I am my own myself and so is my cunt my own and
none other. You know that don’t you? You are so god damn open. You are a bloody wizard
psychic more sensitive than the average human, or haven’t you noticed?

 I sighed, close under the tent of his hair, out my nose. I used my sparkling fingers on the falling
strands and he let me. But he was in turmoil. He wanted to squash me. He bent me backwards
against the screen where I had typed and pinched me between the edge of the desk and his
abdomen. Just then we were interrupted by a ferret. He must have let them loose while I was

She was one almost as blond as Steen and very bouncy. She tried to play with him and nipped at
his wrist a bit too hard, so he scruffed her. But for a crucial second he held me instead, so that
there was a pause between the nip and the scruff that confused the ferret, who took it wrong. Her
garnet button eyed muzzle raced around to his other wrist, the rest of her right behind, and she
nipped him again, harder. My, was I glad I wasn’t wearing my latex! It actually hurt Steen that

He swiftly reached right through me to scruff her again, and once her mouth was loose, brought
her up to stare eye to eye into her tiny masked face. His big finger he forced between her jaws,
daring her to nip again. She did not. So he set her down. She raced around at his feet, putting her
nose to them and not nipping, then sped away.

“She had forgotten I’m not a ferret,” he said shakily, putting his hands carefully on the desktop
to each side of me. His eyes were nearly brown.

 I typed right into his eye screen:
You’ve forgotten I am not a psychic.

“Is that why you’re taking notes??” he suddenly raged, breathing like a bellows, his brows like a
storm cloud. I was baffled. It wasn’t like I was talking to the press or anything. And I just wrote
the public entries as if I was a Virgen Steel fan, but I had other things I talked about too. Really,
he ought to read it before he worried.

His picking fingers were dug deep into my arm now. Not much energy was able to travel in and
out of my hand. He really wanted to pop me, didn’t he? Somehow I wondered if it was even
possible, now that I wasn’t bound by the constraints of my inflatable origins. Just then Rufus
came in.

I flashed Rufy’s face into Steen’s head and typed beneath his image, Ask Rufus. Rufus knows.

 “What’s all this about?” said Rufus. He was looking really nice, all brushed and with shiny boots
and buckles, his hair like a costly auburn halo of satin.

“You knew she blogs?”

“Everybody blogs, Steen, even school kids.. She’s not bad at it. And it occupies her. I think she
might actually be a writer someday.” Steen just looked at me, his face going from red to gray,
little red spots starting in his eyes. A huge concept was looming over him like a cartoon vulture,
turning him to stone. I saw it now.


“Did you ask your kids if they have blogs? Bet they do.” Rufus tapped the toe of his cowboy
boot. “Look, I’m not going to disarrange myself over this if I don’t have to, but you’d better let
her up now.” His voice took on his bullhorn stage ring, though it didn’t get much louder. “Let.
Her. Up.”

Steen looked at me warily, seeing if I really wanted up. I did. Let me up, I typed into his mind’s
eye. I gave a sparkling pink pout. His fingers loosened. I whisked my arm out like a slicked
noodle and flew to the ceiling.

I could hardly believe it. Steen was like a stone statue down there in the swivel chair. Rufus knelt
down and spun him around to face him. The clenched hands flopped off the desktop and into
Steen’s lap on the way around. Matter of factly Rufus said, “Did you read it?” His blue eyes tried
to meet Steen’s and couldn’t because Steen wasn’t looking.

No answer. “Of course you didn’t or you wouldn’t be in a funk like this. Just read it.”

His hands opened and then shut again, but otherwise Steen didn’t move.

With a sigh Rufus got up and his boots clacked on the way to the kitchenette and back. He
twisted the cap off the bottle of ale and set it with a thunk next to the monitor. Then he spun
Steen’s chair around to face it and hugged him briefly around the shoulders, his leather jacket

“Just fucking read it!” he said, and clattered down the bus steps and out.

I stayed until Steen made a move. I was worried; I had never seen him like this. When his hand
at last closed around the ale bottle, I went away between to think, or something.

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