Friday, July 1, 2016

I am releasing The Incredible Heidi Wasabi to the public! ADULTS ONLY chapter 25

Previously I have only shared a G-rated chapter as a stand alone short story.  The bulk of the tale is in fact explicit erotic menage contemporary paranormal fantasy. 
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED-- if it is illegal for persons your age in your location to read porn, stop now.


Chapter Twenty-Five
Heel Spurs

Blog, have I mentioned how beautiful Rufus’ toes are? Probably I have. They are long and
gracefully tapering, just like his fingers, with the same fine red-gold hairs along their tops. In
summertime they even get freckles the way his fingers do. He has taken great care of his feet
because he needs them to be a good athlete, and that means they have never gotten crooked from
pinching shoes the way Steen’s have.

In Steen’s defense, it’s hard to find shoes that big. Nowadays he has them specially made. And
he was not always a wealthy rock star. Once he was a starving rock star who slept curled around
his equipment in the subway sometimes. That kind will wear any shoes close to the right size.
That kind will get joy from the very fact that they pinch and make bloody spots inside them
where they scrape.

I used both my husbands for references in developing my own feet. And of course it began with
wanting lovely feet like Rufus. I enjoy just caressing them with my sparkles sometimes, and
once when I was relatively small and just grazing like a little guppy along his shin hairs, he
simply put his sock on over me. You have no idea how cozy that is.

Eventually I came out again but stayed straddling his foot while he padded around, examining
the articulation of his ankle. As my original design left only conical stumps on the ends of my
legs, it was obvious I needed to add a bend. I also sensed the flexing bundles of ligaments and
little bones running through the arches, echoing the design of the toes themselves deep inside the

Each toe has a sort of cushion of meat under where it hits the ground, then it springs in reverse
up away from that place to meet the ground again upon its other end. The whole foot is a
symphony of muscular curves, and the biggest one is called the arch. It’s more like a shell, with
curves going in more than one direction. Who can blame me for wanting to grow some of these
lovely limbs?

Rufus helped by pinching on either side of where the bend ought to be. “There’s more, gal,” he
explained. “There’s also this massive hoof of a bone called the heel, going backwards. It holds
our entire weight all by itself. Get a load of it.” So I did.

I swarmed his heel and circumambulated it with my sparks. I even let him step down on me.
No, that doesn’t hurt. It mainly gave me the insight that if I were to inflate suddenly, the whole
superstructure of Rufus would topple because he really did put all his weight on his heels much
of the time. But he smirked and informed me that he’d probably just bend his knees and ride me
like a surfboard. Now I’ll bet we’ll try that during a dream. He’s always coming up with things.

For now I merely flowed up him like an ‘amazing Technicolor dream coat’ as he put it. I took a
moment to pretend his hair was mine with sparkles on the ends of every red wiry strand. Then I
let him finish getting dressed. I had things to contemplate.

Thinking of toes on my feet was pretty easy. I stuck with five because of creator loyalty, I think.
I started with sparkling pearly nails on each one, the inside toe having a much bigger nail
because it was biggest. The toes fan out laterally from there to make a flap parallel to the world’s
surface. As I visualized the sparkling nail jewelry on the tip of each one and began to fold these
fans up and down, searching for the best place for their bends, I got a sensation in the bottom of
each foot area, where I couldn’t see. There were openings, rimmed with petals like the ones
ladies have in their crotches. NEW MOUTHS! I shrieked in the between. Oh my goodness, they
were like the ones in my hands, only frillier. It was so exciting!

Steen happened to be napping and heard me shriek. I saw his eyes and brows, his trailing
mustachios, come materializing into where I was. As he focused on my new toe work his nose
took shape between as well. He sniffed. It was more like a dog’s sniff than a ferret’s. Then he
brought his lips along to explain. The precise term is chakras, Heidi. These are your lotus feet,
which we are to kiss when you manifest the Goddess. How nice of you to make us some kissable
Then he smiled and his eyes flashed with at least six colors.

He stayed around for a bit to watch me find the right places for them to bend, and told me I ought
to make the heel pointier and larger. I did. I visualized a cone of sparkle membrane to contain it,
like a breast.

That’s when things got away from me and started developing faster than I could think them.
Perhaps it’s because breasts have a nipple, and so a sparkle jewel pattern lodged itself at that
place? It’s just a guess. The point is: it got pointed. And sharp. It was a sixth nail--- no, a spur! A
talon! My toes, which had been developing so gracefully, suddenly grew big to balance it. They
were all huge, like claws. If I had new mouths down here, these were its teeth perhaps, but they
looked nothing at all like Rufus feet now. I screamed again in surprise and disgust.

Steen popped right back of course, his whole head this time, with beard ends waggling and
straws of long hair coming loose from behind his ears. He saw me rolling my eyes in dismay and
chuckled. Then he leered. Bird feet; that’s all they are. Very sexy. I’d kiss them. Goddess Ishtar
has bird feet all the time, my dear.

But I didn’t want bird feet! I was shivering and recoiling from them as they flexed, each one with
its own muscles to use like little serpents, each one seeming to enjoy its new form almost without
my permission. When he saw the extent of my distress, Steen came completely into the between
and held me. He had to explain still more.

On his lap, safe in a pocket of whatever Rufus was wearing at the moment, I learned about the
way the creatures who are made of meat develop from a single cell meeting another single cell
and starting a pre-programmed chain reaction resulting in fresh new creatures of meat. It was like
a video Steen showed me upon both our mind-eye viewing screens. All of them, the birds and the
reptiles and the mammals, at a certain early point look exactly alike.

He showed me their feet especially. If I didn’t want my feet to look like a bird’s, I could change
them, here. He did it all the time, he said. He’s had lion’s feet and bird’s feet and hooves, just to
frighten people now and then. It doesn’t have to last.
Finally I looked down at my talons and my spurs and dimpled my face, pinking up to show him I
was grateful and no longer hated my own feet. Then, creasing my forehead eyes nearly shut with
the effort, I thought my toes into the toes I wanted. I erased the spurs in back into tiny pearly dots
on my heavy and sturdy looking heels.

Steen’s pride in me was like warm syrup . He lifted each foot and kissed each toe. He kissed the
lotuses on the bottoms too. And that was the first time he let me kiss his feet in return.

And because we are discussing Steen’s feet, never mind about the rest.


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