Thursday, July 7, 2016

I am releasing The Incredible Heidi Wasabi to the public! ADULTS ONLY chapter 29

Previously I have only shared a G-rated chapter as a stand alone short story.  The bulk of the tale is in fact explicit erotic menage contemporary paranormal fantasy. 
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED-- if it is illegal for persons your age in your location to read porn, stop now.



Chapter Twenty-Nine
Pocket Buddies

Dear Diary,

Just now Steen snagged me for a kiss before they begin the show in Moscow. He also wanted to
help me understand what it is that Rufus does before a show that makes him seem so much like a
furnace. He’s like a conduit of something I can’t explain and neither can Steen, but we lay there
in his pocket and watched.

What Steen wanted of me before the show was to center himself within himself. It’s a meditation
skill, he says, but “it’s easier with a bint than alone.” All I know is, it’s not sex exactly, but more
like he drinks from my belly with a straw and I drink from his. Rufy would be pulling me to him
like an elastic, and not before the show. It just demonstrates that my two husbands are not
identical and interchangeable, even to me. What they bring to the performance onstage is also

When we’re on the road and he can’t look out the windows, Steen gets carsick, so he takes a pill
of something that makes him sleepy. Rufus often has us both in his pocket during the journeys,
even though Steen is actually asleep in his bunk.

Once I came to visit Steen in his bunk. I thought I would get to know my new husband one on
one. He rolled his long golden arm over me and gathered me to his chest. I looked deep into his
eyes, as my breasts were exploring the swirls of his chest hairs, and watched them change colors
like a kaleidoscope as they reflected my tiara. Steen prefers to keep what we do private and I am
not going into detail, but the point is, we loved. And when he drifted off to sleep his own private
sleep, I looked around and recognized the inside of Rufus’ pocket.

A wisp of thought drifted to me from the man himself as I felt him brush us with his elbow.
You’re my babes in the woods. I could almost feel him smiling. He liked having us cuddled into
his pocket like this, even though he was so big compared to us that we could forget he was there.
There are things I can do for Steen that even Anna would not. It’s amazing how much more
tranquil he became once we began it, and how seriously he values these things, enough to be my

But you could say that instead of being in the closet, we’re in the pocket. Rufus now and then
puts me in Steen’s pocket, just for variety, but it’s up to me how long I stay. And the things
Steen likes me to do in his pocket are different from what I do next to the skin of my Rufy, and
again, the details are not for anyone else. It will suffice to tell you about some of the fine things
Rufus and I get up to.

I mentioned that once Steen was there disguised as a pen? Well, I sometimes am running myself
up and down Rufus when he’s as big as a tree trunk, when he’ll have to concentrate on
something else and I suddenly find out it’s a pen I’m caressing with my arms and legs instead.
Yes, he actually slips me away from his cock and moves me to the pen before I even realize! I
used to sulk a bit about it, but it comforted me to feel the warmth of his torso filtering through
the cloth and I would get over it pretty quickly. Nowadays I try waiting around until he’s done
with whatever it was, and then give a ‘pen-show.’ But if it takes too long, I’ll be off to blog or
some other intellectual pastime.

I have done Heidi the snake charmer, humming and stroking him to giant hardness. I have done
Crushed by World’s Biggest Balls. I have hidden in the Hiding Bush at an inch high until it was
convenient for me to be larger with him, between the steering wheel and his chest. He has
concealed me in his palm and licked me all over, but especially between my legs. I have
explored inside his socks. I’ve even ridden his tongue around inside his mouth. Most often,
though, I am curled up like a ferret or a kitten, napping in a familiar pocket.

 If Steen is there too, sometimes it’s my job to wake him up. But he is awake and out in his

...oh, when I wrote that it was a very happy time. I wonder if Rufus misses having both of
us in his pocket.

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