Saturday, June 25, 2016

I am releasing The Incredible Heidi Wasabi to the public! ADULTS ONLY chapter 21

Previously I have only shared a G-rated chapter as a stand alone short story.  The bulk of the tale is in fact explicit erotic menage contemporary paranormal fantasy. 
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED-- if it is illegal for persons your age in your location to read porn, stop now.

Chapter Twenty-one
We Are Ringish
 The next night, I went with Steen to his bunk to find out exactly how much of me he could
see/sense. He can touch me and move me around, but the touch on me is sharper in consistency
than the hands of Rufus. He can’t hear me when I talk, though he knows I am there by a buzzing
and humming. I can send him pictures to his mind instead. And when I touch him, he feels it—a
lot. He reacts to any touch far stronger than Rufus so that I have to be careful or detached and not
too excited if I don’t want to drive him over the edge into an emotion.'

He’s pretty when he cries though. He doesn’t get all blotched and red.

It felt strange to be more powerful in effect on Steen. But I grew to like it because he wants
much more from me, no, I am not going to tell you all the things he lets me do or asks me for.
Let us say that chameleon Steen is in touch with all sides of himself. He doesn’t require
subjugation often, but I am able to do it. He called me Gog-Magog when I did it, too. But all that
came later.

One thing he cannot do is change my size. I am always roughly the same size as he is whenever
we are alone. It is Rufus who knows how to do that scale switch, somewhere inside his amazing
brain. I can be tiny or huge for Steen if Rufy’s there.

And it turns out that as soon as Rufy began to put me in his pocket sometimes, Steen was there
too! He took to pocket riding shortly after I had, once Rufus thought it could be possible for him
 and wanted to tote him about. But he’d been choosing a separate pocket until now. That was how
we had both come to be in Rufy’s motorcycle jacket that fateful morning, spooned together. He
confessed too that once I had been in the same pocket and he’d let me think he was a fountain

I got somewhat abashed by that because Rufus has done some naughty things to little me with
the pens in his pocket. They hadn’t all been Steen, though, only the oblong-ish green one. And
it’s hard to be indignant when the pen is holding you in his long arms and apologizing, isn’t it?

His apology also took the form of showing that he had a good idea of what a man does with a
woman to please her, not just father Anna’s seven children. Part of it was a chance to meet the
woman in him. I secretly started calling her Barbie, because I was jealous of his/her hair, just a
bit. Barbie’s got simply gorgeous hair. Yes, I mean the doll they give to little girls. She’s
practically a goddess. But Steen has far too much dignity to answer to that name unless he’s in
my dreams.

Later in the evening they both were with me. They had been working in the barn studio on new
songs, together. That was something new for Steen, to let the other band members co-write. But
now he’d done one with Lindendahl, and one with Murray. Davey wasn’t that original in his
mind. If he wasn’t such a brilliant picker he would’ve been happy in a cover band. Now it was
Rufus asking to write a Virgen song, with the navigator’s blessing of course. It’s called Bring It
On and I like it on Yourtube. I posted it in my blog, too.

I was majorly glad to see them, and happy that they’d got things accomplished. It wasn’t all
smooth though, and neither was the butting they did at each other with me in between. But they
ended up kissing each other over my head again. I was very serene at their serenity and swiveled
my eyes up at them to send the thought to them both, all rosy with affection—You are such

Rufus chuckled. “Yes, we’re just a couple of hillbillies from Poofters Froth Wyoming,
population six.” He ran his hand gently along my sparkling leg and sang me some of the Captain
Beefheart song. In the song the town is bigger, but not much.

Steen just grinned and began to knead at my breasts in time to the song. It sent the air and
sensation all over me between them until I felt as if I would ooze out, like a melty sandwich with
 too much filling. I started rolling around in my pleasure and Steve got me onto my back. He put
fingers into my bottom and showed me again how good he was with them, captured a taste of
Rufus and himself on two of his fingers and brought them to my lips. I let it melt right into my
tube of a mouth before he could kiss it all away.

Then he said, “How about you bint? Are you good with your hands?” He was hard again, and
thrusting against the center of my palm. Rufus lay on my other side and did the same with my
other hand. And both of them put their mouths on a breast and began to fuck my hands!

I lay there and spread my legs wide, like a brimming dish of female holding their maleness, and
took charge of their cocks with as much skill as I could. It was sexy as hell and great fun, but I
also felt like it was worship.

My tiara began to sparkle with brilliance that made me blink. My nipples would have blinked as
well if they were not engulfed by such ravenous suction.

I became aware of a strange balancing of the bonds between us three. The flows of energy that
linked Rufus and myself through my umbilical, through my throat, through my heart, through my
belly, were also flowing symmetrically toward Steen. Steen’s gold and green essence was
equally light as Rufy’s red and gold in comparison with the pixilated yin that flowed from me in
two directions now, to their fundaments and up to their belly bowls.
 My heart bloomed with brightness that they wallowed in as they suckled at my buzzing paps. We
were all three a unit now.

They came almost simultaneously into my hands. I rubbed the result that was not immediately
absorbed by the mouths there into my heart as they kissed, like sprinkling water on a nosegay. I
felt divine. I just lay there like a big sparkly fountain pen caught between their two furry chests
for I don’t know how long.

It was quite a while later that Rufus roused himself enough to reach for me again.
I thought he would kiss my happy face with the many sparkling eyes, but he turned me around. I
was worried. I usually faced him and thought the links wouldn’t work backwards. He shushed
me and assured me, They’ll be fine.

So I let him wrap around me from behind as if he were Steen, and sure enough, the links were
there. I felt the energy exchange between our systems starting to flow even as he very decorously
 and gradually filled me with still more of himself. The previous deposits were nearly all fully
absorbed into my magic. It was different being backwards with Rufus, but equivalent.

Everything but the positions he took screamed to me the difference between my dear and that
husband of his, Steen.

Speaking of the devil, he was slitting his eyes open now, watching us with one arm outstretched
beneath our shoulders. His other hand was cupped in front of him as if he hid a treasure between
the strands of his braided beard. As I was facing him, I began to humor him. I sent him visions of
his lovely hand cupped like that, with its exceedingly graceful long fingers on the background of
darker chest swirls; how handsome his face was, how blue his eyes were getting, how thick and
curly were his dun-brown lashes, how silken the strands of his hair against his temples. How I
adored the way he knew what he wanted. What a wonderful wizard he was.

He surprised me by putting the flat of that hand right between my chest and flattening me back
against Rufus. Then he took me in my front hole for the first time. I felt shock and pleasure and
some indignation because Rufus had evidently been in on this. He was rocking me back against
Steen again in a far too reciprocal and knowing way. It’s fine, he reassured me into the top of my
neck, among the flurry of sparkles where my ear would have been.

Their cocks were abraded tight against each other, held by nothing but ethereal me. Rufus
thought they would fit perfectly and so they did. The ensuing pleasure had by all proved to me
decisively that the currents flowing from me to Steen were of the exact same nature as the ones
between me and Rufus. They were equivalent, symmetrical, and now I was part of them both and
my human wealth of love was double.

At some point as we got ever more boisterous and his concentration slipped, Rufus fell out of me
and away, but he kept on thrusting between my pressed together thighs with equal pleasure. I
made them extra furry with static and began to squeal with happiness at the new sensation. Both
of them were licking and nipping with great reverence at my neck, shoulders and cheeks, their
flying lips and tongues whirling past each other to concentrate on enjoyment of my sparkles.

I enjoyed breathing in through my nostrils as their suction pulled my insides wide and full. My
head felt like it was a seed about to sprout a leaf out the top from pure joy.
 Only when they were both at last at their peaks, joining me in the sweet between road to our
dreams, did they let their mouths touch again, and they cried out into each other’s throats right
through me. Good morning, I said to them as we all three drifted away for a dream breakfast at a
dream restaurant.

When I woke up in their world again Steen was off someplace, probably the toilet, and Rufus
was drowsily imagining me decisively smashed in his arms in front of him, like a Heidi sweater.
I enjoy that kind of crumpled much more than when the rubber me is included. I just relaxed
around in the confines of where he wanted me until I began to feel a jabbing at my top knee.
When I looked down, it was Steen. He’d returned and was using his mighty pick fingers to get
my attention.

Eased by Rufy’s kisses, I let him turn me around.

As he lay facing us, he used my sparkling hair like handles to get me onto my elbows to blow
him. He reclined with one arm propping up his head so he could enjoy his perception of it. Rufus
kept hold of me by the backside as if he were my human sarong. I got to twine my glowing arms
around Steen’s waist and—other things.

I enjoyed it rather a lot to have him bumping around the toothy knobs that had developed in my
mouth tube. And when he began to pull out again, my lips would extrude to follow. At last he
had it all the way out like a tongue, and flip flapping against him and the little drip starting on his
penis end.
 All at once I was on my backside. I consequently noticed that Rufus had risen up and was pulling
wide my legs down at my other end. Steen immediately straddled my mouth and let me play flip
and flap with his dangles. I just knew it—they were going to kiss up over me as I lay here. That’s
just what they did.

But the next thing, Rufus had grabbed my arms away from Steen’s thighs and pushed them back
up, thrusting the red and gold wiry hairs of his chest into the surface of me and blowing Steen
himself. It was all Rufus, all my beloved, taking control of the loving and filling us both with
himself. He made wonderful devouring love to us both at once and Steen’s taste was in our
mouths, mine and Rufy’s, while Steen filled the air with his shouts and his hands with bright red
 hair. When it got extremely vigorous I was kicking against Rufy’s bottom ‘like a damn
kangaroo’ as he says when I do it, until he was shouting too.

“Goddamit keep it the fuck down,” came Murray’s voice echoing down the aisle, laced with
great pain. I discerned at least four snickers in chorus around us from other bunks. That’s bus life
for you; it’s rather tribal. But Virgen Steel weren’t really the hotel type when the tour didn’t
involve having to cross oceans. They liked their bus with the blades logos and the Jan blowup
plastic girl on the grille.

Anyway, the three of us snickered right along with them. Well then, we’d keep it down. Steen
pulled Rufus up and kissed him some more, the scientific hypothesis being that he should be able
to taste himself that way, I suppose. I could still make remarks mentally so I did, with my tongue
extrusion slowly deflating into my mouth again. Yes, definitely poofters, I said affectionately to
Rufus, and showed Steen a vision of their kiss from below.

They’d been interrupted before they could come but were muffling each other quite effectively
now with their mouths and were jerking each other off, both kneeling with legs spread wide over
me. Rufus had Steen by the beard and was yanking him quite hard against his face, I thought,
and smiled. Bukkake time. When I felt the hot droplets on me, I spread them around with my
hands while curling all this way and that like a cat.

Rufus looked down, lips reddened and panting. Pussy, he thought at me, equally affectionately.
He was propping himself against Steen, who had got quite sweaty. It dripped off his forehead,
through his bushy eyebrows, down onto me. He got Rufy’s clavicle into his pincer like pick-hand
 “We’re taking a shower, bint,” he said in a low voice, and pulled Rufy after him beyond the
curtains. Perhaps they expected I might float along and do the same, but I felt too full of joy to
move. And not dirty at all.

Three makes a ring.  

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