Saturday, June 18, 2016

I am releasing The Incredible Heidi Wasabi to the public! ADULTS ONLY chapter 16

Previously I have only shared a G-rated chapter as a stand alone short story.  The bulk of the tale is in fact explicit erotic menage contemporary paranormal fantasy. 
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED-- if it is illegal for persons your age in your location to read porn, stop now.


 Chapter Sixteen
Heidi Gets Teeth

 I must mention that the fun in our dreams continued. Rufus seemed to have launched a campaign
to make me feel completely safe in the great universe, and that included making me fiercer.

He woke me between sleep and dream with a nearly incoherent spiel of images and mumbles
about being in a motion picture called the Wicker Man. It was set in Scotland and all the folk in
the town were part of an ancient religion that the modern world around did not comprehend, but
that the land did. He and I were part of the town, of course, and some fellow in a uniform had
come from outside the town and would not understand. That is where it got muddled because the
transition from the uniform guy waking up wearing the mask of a stag into being the stag was a
bit abrupt.

And the one hunting the stag was Rufus, and he wasn’t wearing a mask. He actually turned into a
red wolf! His hands grew long claws and his legs were so muscled that they split open the ends
of his jeans. His redwing boots got completely shredded. In the dream images he actually liked
making rags of his clothes. But he kept yowling and growling as he changed. The shift seemed to

At the end of his changing he stood there, a magnificent tawny specimen, regarding me with
naked desire that I could not help feeling in return. So what if he could shred me? This was a
dream. It would probably feel nice. I watched him think himself into new clothes, dark split
  leather with long fringes and silver chains hanging down. “No,” he told me in a hoarse whisper,
“I will not be shredding you. You were a bitch hound in pursuit of me the other night. Be that
bitch now.” He approached, his nostrils dilating and snuffling.

I looked down at myself to find that he had clothed me in black leather and chains to match his. I
had pointy toed boots on with wicked stomping heels. My hair had become a very short, no-nonsense
buzz of pale blond. My mouth opened wide and its edges curled back from new hard
ridges inside.

My love was close now, rubbing his wet nose along my cheek. In his eyes I saw my own snarl
reflected. I had Teeth! Each one was like an ivory cone in a semicircular row. Below was a
matching row less pointed but meeting with the others like the edge of a blunt blade. Eyes
widening I reared back, startled.

He yanked me close, claws sinking into but not piercing my leathers. He snarled and without
words I could comprehend: Oh no, you don’t. Not one move away from me. Not ever.

Without even thinking about it I hissed, snarling wider. It made my popping eyes feel as if they
were lit like lanterns from behind. I spread my fingers as wide apart as they would go and felt
sharp finials hardening on the ends of each one. I dug them into the back of his jacket between
the chains and fringe. Wham wham, they hit, with a forcefulness he had never previously felt
from his bouncy Heidi. He growled in pleasure.

He licked the jacket away from my neck.

I threw my head back and howled. My throat was bared and my one leather covered leg rose up
along his and went around his waist. I tried weighing as much as I could, pulling us backward as
his teeth began to worry at my chest. Below, his loins thrust hard into mine with each grunt and
growl, hard and deep so I felt a breeze on my lower parts every time he withdrew to plunge in

He’d imagined himself so big that he didn’t even fit all the way inside. His furry balls were
swinging against my butt, seems the leather pants had no middle, but it was a far distance to
them and they hit with a slap.

Still I howled my approval, clenching with all of me, letting him tear open the front of my
leathers and use his fangs to carve reddish grooves in my breasts. He would pull away to the very
end of each and cover the streaks he’d made with his devouring tongue.

Then he clenched his claws hard into my shoulders, nearly hard enough to pop my arms out, and
simply thrust into me with his own head thrown back, panting, tongue drooling down upon his
red furred chest.

I snarled. I didn’t grow fur myself, but I felt as if my new loosened lips were inside out, and
breath hissed from my throat instead of my nostrils. I truly was a beast in this dream. It was a
powerful and solid feeling. My individuated talons sank deep into Rufus from behind, urging
him into me as far as he could go.

Suddenly he yanked me up by the shoulders and spun me, and fell onto the ground with me on
my belly under him in that dream place. His teeth nearly met as he buried them into the joining
of my neck and shoulder. I screamed and during my scream he thrust into me from behind, far
deeper than he could from the front.

I drew in a ragged breath, deep into my new fierce mouth, and screamed again as his jaws lifted
me back up into an arch away from the earth. He yelled and dropped me as his come shot into
me, all over inside me, seemed to weep out the pores of the ravaged skin of my front.

Then we lay still. It seemed as if the grasses grew taller all around us. Flowering plants bloomed
in the long grass; small trees sprang up.

And when at last we arose, we were Heidi and Rufus again.

Our leathers had worn thin during the time we’d laid there, turning back. And I was not the same
Heidi. My fingers and my mouth were new, more human. My mouth was still much tinier than
Rufy’s, but I could work the lips. From my own reflection in Rufy’s smiling blue eyes, they were
pinker than the rest of my face. I felt the way the teeth hinged together on either side, way in
back. I blinked at my reflection in his eyes, then focused my eyes out on him. They fluttered, the
lids! The other eyes up in my tiara couldn’t do that.

“Let’s see that mouth,” he said with a smile, and kissed me. When he pulled his tongue back
again, I wanted so much to follow it home with one of my own. But I didn’t have a tongue.
Instead that old inside out tube began to poke from between my shiny flexible new lips. I was
embarrassed and put my hand up to stick it back in.

“No; I like it,” said my man. “It’s your own invention.”

And to reassure me completely he grabbed me by my sagging shoulders and sucked it out into
his mouth. I began to squeal. That’s what I call the joyful noise I make anyhow, that sounds like
a balloon with a slow leak. Anyway, we kissed and practiced with my new dream mouth. I
wanted to know it very well so I could imagine it clearly when we woke up. It took a few days of
trying, but I did it. Steen said it was fetching.


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