Monday, June 20, 2016

I am releasing The Incredible Heidi Wasabi to the public! ADULTS ONLY chapter 18


Previously I have only shared a G-rated chapter as a stand alone short story.  The bulk of the tale is in fact explicit erotic menage contemporary paranormal fantasy. 
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED-- if it is illegal for persons your age in your location to read porn, stop now.


Chapter Eighteen
Sit On My Face

“—and tell me that you love me,” goes the song. It took quite some time before Rufus ever did,
even though he said he admired my inside-out mouth that I could use like a tongue to stick into
places. Steen was much quicker to take advantage of it, when he was visiting. In fact, he would
arrange the three of us all sorts of interesting ways. He even got me to stick my entire hand into
the places where my hand would never be allowed on Rufus. He even tried to swallow my hand

Just once. Rufus told him to stop when he got purple. He didn’t like the look of that one bit.

I don’t have that particular problem. I don’t have to gag, and I can certainly swallow, or anyway
contract my oral tube, around whatever Rufus or Steen or a guest fit into my face. It’s satisfying
to me. And I am not the only one that Rufus denies that pleasure of the other end of him.

I’ll tell you part of a secret. Rufus was trying to help me understand my dream about peeing, so
he let me watch him do it. Most of the time he stands there, aiming for the toilet and then
flushing it after he slams shut the lid. But one time he sat down on the seat and aimed straight
down between his own legs. He looked at me a bit quizzically and then said, Sit on my lap facing
me, doll. This is closer to how females have to do it. Us guys only sit down to shit, usually.
I knew what that was. Humans don’t have a litter pan but it’s the same as those creepy cats and
ferrets. Solids come out separately. For some reason humans prefer to do it into water. I think it
keeps the aromas from spreading as far. What I was not prepared for was all the grief Rufus went
through getting the solids out of him.

I am not going to share with you all the things that leaked from his mind to mine as I sat and held
him. He made me promise it would stay private. But let me tell you, it’s not easy for humans to
learn what to do with their shit. And it’s not easy to live with crazy people who hurt children for
having to shit. I am very thankful that I do not have to and I will never, ever, put my hands or
anything else where Rufus does not want them.

Heidi, I’m fucked up. I’m loony-tunes. I just can’t do that. Even for you. Even for Steen. He
looked the most shaken I have ever seen my Rufus, the scintillating rubicund dancer in the
spotlight with the flashing teeth and intimidating edges. But I don’t want him to do that if it
bothers him. He was feeling absolutely horrible and filthy even though the shit was out and the
fan was going and it was long down the sewer pipes and the shower was running to make
absolutely sure he was not a dirty filthy stinky—

All Heidi could do is what she did, okay? I bent myself double over that toilet and nearly stood
on my head with my face smashed up against the back tank and my toe buds waving at funny
angles to my knees. I mooned him backwards and said, Have some shitless, darling. He had to
laugh, and give me a great big slobbery butt kiss.

I followed him into the shower when he finally stood up for that. I kissed him everywhere with
all three of my mouths. I moved in between his cheeks and followed the water down. I swarmed
up from between his legs, fellatio on my mind, and sucked each ball with one hand and his dick
with my face. He didn’t have to sit. He didn’t have to spread, and everywhere I sparkled with my
hungry hands and bubbling surfaces of charge I kept repeating—no shit! And we chuckled

And when at last I rose up along him like a creeping vine of rainbow warmth mixing with the hot
spray, he kissed my mouth that had been everywhere.

Heidi, I’ve never let anyone else do that. And I never will. Then he shrank me until I was a
convenient four inches high and zipped me into his pants with him.

The end.


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