Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Review: what to expect from THE LONG WEEKEND

The Long Weekend & Other StoriesThe Long Weekend & Other Stories by Eva Hore

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

what to expect from THE LONG WEEKEND

chronology- contemporary

romantic pairing(s)- MF, MMF, FF, MFF

supernatural content- no

suspense level- varies

kink level- very high

These eleven spicy and sexy, life affirming glimpses into the erotic imagination of Australia's incomparable Eva Hore will leave you with a very warm feeling indeed, both in your heart and 'down under.'

Absolutely none of the stories in in this anthology are 'vanilla'. That means they are a marvelous collection of dark-roasted erotic treats precisely to the taste of our target audience. Each and every one is set in Australia, which affirmed to me that love is the same in any hemisphere. Whether in the suburbs, a ranch in the outback, the parking lot of a scenic beauty spot, the beach or in the middle of a crowd, our all too human urges to express our flamboyant erotic sides is celebrated to the utmost.

A complete story-by-story listing is available at the buy link.

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