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Chris Newman's Uprising Zombies Impress Romantic Reviewer...

Believe it or not, yessssssssss.....

Title: Uprising by Christopher C. Newman

Genre: Horror and Non Erotic Romance

November 2008

EBook Price: $7.99

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Publisher: Dark Roast Press ( )/

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Book Description:

Imagine a world where the undead have been conquered and are now just another resource to be utilized. You go into your local DMV to renew your drivers' license. The clerk asks, What do you want marked for your Undead Clause? A No answer means upon your reanimation a specialized government team will capture and terminate you. A Yes response directs them to transport you instead to a factory where you are prepared for entrance into the Reanimated Working Class. Due to the Outbreak of 2015, the United States population has sunk dangerously low and the illegal immigrants are gone. There just aren't enough people to do all the jobs that are necessary.

The average American hardly notices them--the red masked members of a new lower caste who walk rich people's dogs, collect errant grocery carts, pick up litter, and shove snow or rake leaves. They go about their mundane tasks faceless and with clamped jaws, apparently harmless to the general public. RWCS are just another humdrum fact of the aftermath of Supernatural Act of 2018.

But an RWC's existence isn't what most people think it is. How long can something so hungry - and angry-- be kept in check? With protest groups moving through the halls of Congress, these creatures have become a political hot topic. How far will these lobbyists go to see justice done and the dead interned into American soil? What would happen if they are finally freed to prove a point? They can only do what zombies do best...feed on human flesh.
Book Review:

It started off as an ordinary day for many of these characters. But for many, it would be their last. The calm these humans have felt will soon be history.

They soon realize that nothing last forever. This is not your usual good versus evil novel. Ordinary men and women will discover their inner strengths and fight to survive.

The ‘cages’ humans have place upon the undead ones called RWC’s will soon be let free. But will the cost of their freedom be too high for the human race.

Many of those who think that the undead ones still have a bit of their souls and humanity left inside of them. One of those people is Sandy Shelby. Sandy is in charge of one the biggest activists group called ICARE. She has many eating of the palm of her hand. Sandy is great at what she does. She’s willing do to whatever takes to get her agenda passed. What Sandy is willing to do make her one cold hearted bitch.

There are many other interesting characters like Chuck and Elaine. They are the heart of this novel. The fighting the humans have to do to survive is just tip of the iceberg of Uprising. Just when things calm down… then boom, all hell break loose.

Christopher C. Newman has written many books. Uprising is one that will keep readers anxious to discover his other books.

If you enjoy reading horror and zombie novels, then Uprising will be the blood that runs to your heart.

What I found thoroughly entertaining about Uprising is that the great background description that Mr. Newman wrote. He kept my mind on the story with each new page.

To tell you the truth, I was a bit nervous about reading Mr. Newman’s Uprising. It’s not my usual cup of tea. But I took chance and I am glad I did.

What I enjoy most about Uprising is that it wasn’t what I expected. It went beyond my imagination and loved almost every moment of Uprising.

There is one character that I love to hate and wished the author went another direction. If you want to know who I am referring, you will have to read Uprising by Christopher C. Newman.

Don’t let a little horror and zombies keep you from reading a great novel.

Zombies need some loving too.

Won’t you give those poor zombies some love? 
I give Uprising a rating of 4 Stars.

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