Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lookie at our four new titles!

Fireman Lucas Taylor and Paramedic Evan Singer are back in this sequel to Burnin' for You.
It's five months later and Lucas is nearly a full-fledged paramedic. But becoming a medic means no longer being able to work with Evan at Station 127 and giving up his chance at a promotion to Lieutenant. As graduation looms, will Lucas change his mind? Then add in a young man Lucas rescues from a fire that becomes an obsessed stalker, and Evan's altercation with a victim's husband that threatens his career, and things turn explosive at the FDNY.
M/M contemporary

Michael and Sarah, a normal married couple. Or are they? What happens when you fantasize? When fantasy and reality cross?
This couple finds out that pleasing each other with different scenarios might not be what they are really yearning for, and when Michael puts pen to paper he gets more than he bargained for when Sarah finds his hidden manuscript...

het erotic kink

The Dimenlien Chronicles" continues...

Past and present converge in this story of two mages, Razeal and Sevrin, who live out forbidden love and find that no matter where they escape to, or how many centuries they have remained hidden on Earth, they cannot escape forever the creature that wants Sevrin dead.
In this first installment: Razeal and Sevrin must remember what happened to them over five hundred years ago on another world in order to understand a threat that has found them on present day Earth.
(Guest appearance by Hampton from "Crimson Dawn".)
M/M paranormal mystery

Erin Calean, Aka Myst, works for the Scarlet Arm. A brothel for the wealthy and those pretending to be wealthy. But things aren't always what they seem, the girls at the Scarlet Arms are trained killers. Beautiful and deadly.
het Bdsm suspense

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There are exerpts to tantalize you!

Hopefully the recent #@#**# hackers of the buy site will be defeated utterly by our tech department and we will shortly be ready to help you acquire your very own editions of these jewels of the erotic imagination.

Patience, my dears.

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