Friday, March 25, 2011

Coming April 15--- HARMONY

I was privileged to be allowed to co-author this world-changing romantic fantasy of S M Bach.


The course planet Earth had taken led to utter devastation. Over half of the population was in third world poverty or dead already. Lucky for some of us, our one world government, known as Stratus, had a secret plan.

They had discovered years prior a habitable sister planet in our galaxy that they named Eden. In the last days before Earth’s final destruction Stratus allowed a few hundred of us to board the shuttle Eron and begin our journey to repopulate and thrive on Eden. Everything went according to plan, and I was grateful to have my family included in that plan.

Years of growth and construction allowed us to build a community in a town we named Bayou, until our fears were revived once more. The new sun that warmed us with prosperity now burnt those who stayed out in it for more than a few minutes. Life was turned upside-down in a flash. All hope was lost and hearts were drowning in despair as we faced an uncertain future yet again. All hearts but one; that of my own mother Annah.

She had found an ancient tablet in Eden’s fragile soil. The tablet spoke of the devastation and offered a solution to these unbearable days. A sacrifice had to be given and in return it promised restoration of the planet Eden. The problem was, Annah was making a deal with the being Harmony Serpantia, whom she knew nothing of.

The sacrifice was far worse than the townspeople could an She opened the doors to the other unknown realms, letting darkness into our lives. Lucky for us humans, living amongst us and watching over us were the Felac and Wolac, kind and magical creatures we never even dreamed existed. Faron was one of them, and the moment I met him I knew he would change my life forever.

I am Nadia Kilari and this is my tale.

Stay tuned...Dark Roast Press

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