Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Night Owl Reviews Hooked on the Uprising series?

Night Owl Reviews Hooked on the Uprising series?
Tales From the Uprising, Christopher Newman's collection of horror shorts from the Uprising series at Dark Roast Press, is a Night Owl Top Pick!

Here's a link to the entire review, where the reviewer Vicci confesses to being quite anxious for the next installment.


“Tales from the Uprising” by Christopher c. Newman is a collections of ghastly tales set during the zombie uprising from the novel “Uprising”. The novella documents individual tales of terror and pandemonium as the city of Youngstown falls under the weight of the uprising.

The novella’s approach to story-telling is similar in style to that of classic weekly television series “The Night Gallery” from back in the 1970’s. Each tale is a glimpse into the life of a few selected Youngstown’s townspeople as the zombie uprising escalates to a full blown outbreak. I loved that each story is full of irony and karma. They really put a meaning to be careful what you wish for, it just might happen.

If you want to ease your pain a little, Vicci, Chris is contributing a new Uprising short, 'Carnival Night', to our upcoming free read sampler collection, Barista's Choice 2 ~ look for it in April!

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